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Published on July 23, 2014

Author: siddhisoftsolutions



SIDDHI SOFT SOLUTIONS is Helps you to take a correct final year projects for you career.
IEEE Projects, Embedded Projects, Java Project,
DotNet Projects, and more live projects for both Arts and Engineering Students.
We Guide and provide platform for the Projects in the following specializations under
various domain but not limited to the following..
IEEE Projects on Networking,
IEEE Projects on Network Security,
IEEE Projects on Mobile Computing,
IEEE Projects on Data Mining,
IEEE Projects on Cloud Computing,
IEEE Projects on Information Forensics & Security,
IEEE Projects on Image Processing,
IEEE Projects on Software Engineering,
IEEE Projects on Cybernetics,
IEEE Projects on Wireless Communication,
IEEE Projects on Internet Computing,
IEEE Projects on Embbedded Systems,
IEEE Projects on Artifical Intelligence,
IEEE Projects on Audio and Video Processing,
IEEE Projects on Multimedia,

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SIDDHI SOFT SOLUTIONS S.NO TITLES 1 BestPeer++: A Peer-to-Peer Based Large-Scale Data Processing Platform 2 Authentication of k Nearest Neighbor Query on Road Networks 3 PrefDB: Supporting Preferences as First-Class Citizens in Relational Databases 4 LARS*: An Efficient and Scalable Location-Aware Recommender System 5 TrustedDB: A Trusted Hardware-Based Database with Privacy and Data Confidentiality 6 Secure Mining of Association Rules in Horizontally Distributed Databases 7 MultiComm: Finding Community Structure in Multi-Dimensional Networks 8 Efficient Ranking on Entity Graphs with Personalized Relationships 9 Efficient Ranking on Entity Graphs with Personalized Relationships 10 Accuracy-Constrained Privacy-Preserving Access Control Mechanism for Relational Data 11 Privacy-Preserving and Content-Protecting Location Based Queries 12 Using Incomplete Information for Complete Weight Annotation of Road Networks 13 Adaptation Regularization: A General Framework for Transfer Learning 14 Effective and Efficient Clustering Methods for Correlated Probabilistic Graphs 15 Mining Probabilistically Frequent Sequential Patterns in Large Uncertain Databases 16 A K-Main Routes Approach to Spatial Network Activity Summarization 17 Authenticating Location-Based Skyline Queries in Arbitrary Subspaces 18 Efficient Prediction of Difficult Keyword Queries over Databases 19 Trinity: On Using Trinary Trees for Unsupervised Web Data Extraction 20 Privacy-Preserving Enhanced Collaborative Tagging 21 Linkable Ring Signature with Unconditional Anonymity 22 A Cocktail Approach for Travel Package Recommendation 23 A Group Incremental Approach to Feature Selection Applying Rough Set Technique 24 Building Confidential and Efficient Query Services in the Cloud with RASP Data Perturbation 25 Identity Protection in Sequential Releases of Dynamic Networks 26 OCCT: A One-Class Clustering Tree for Implementing One-to-Many Data Linkage 27 E-Tree: An Efficient Indexing Structure for Ensemble Models on Data Streams 28 Privacy Policy Inference of User-Uploaded Images on Content Sharing Sites 29 Temporal Workload-Aware Replicated Partitioning for Social Networks 30 E-Tree: An Efficient Indexing Structure for Ensemble Models on Data Streams 31 An Unsupervised Feature Selection Framework for Social Media Data 32 Highly comparative feature-based time-series classification 33 NEIWalk: Community Discovery in Dynamic Content-based Networks 34 Privacy Preserving Delegated Access Control in Public Clouds 35 An Efficient Certificateless Encryption for Secure Data Sharing in Public Clouds 36 Task Trail: An Effective Segmentation of User Search Behavior 37 Approximate Shortest Distance Computing: A Query-Dependent Local Landmark Scheme 38 Supporting Privacy Protection in Personalized Web Search 39

SIDDHI SOFT SOLUTIONS S.No Titles 1 Cooperative Caching for Efficient Data Access in Disruption Tolerant Networks 2 Energy-Efficient Reliable Routing Considering Residual Energy in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks 3 Incentive Based Data Sharing in Delay Tolerant Mobile Networks 4 Privacy-Preserving and Truthful Detection of Packet Dropping Attacks in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks 5 A Study on False Channel Condition Reporting Attacks in Wireless Networks 6 A Novel Approach to Trust Management in Unattended Wireless Sensor Networks 7 Video Dissemination over Hybrid Cellular and Ad Hoc Networks 8 Energy-optimum Throughput and Carrier Sensing Rate in CSMA-based Wireless Networks 9 Cooperative Caching for Efficient Data Access in Disruption Tolerant Networks 10 Stochastic Model Based Opportunistic Channel Access in Dynamic Spectrum Access Networks 11 Exploiting Rateless Codes and Belief Propagation to Infer Identity of Polluters in MANET 12 A Novel Approach to Trust Management in Unattended Wireless Sensor Networks 13 Efficient Privacy-Preserving Authentication in Wireless Mobile Networks 14 Joint Optimization of User-Experience and Energy-Efficiency in Wireless Multimedia Broadcast 15 Mobile Node Localization Focusing on Stop-and-Go Behavior of Indoor Pedestrians 16 Multiple Mobile Data Offloading Through Disruption Tolerant Networks 17 Efficient Authentication for Mobile and Pervasive Computing 18 A Two-Phase Dispatch Heuristic to Schedulethe Movement of Multi-Attribute MobileSensors in a Hybrid Wireless Sensor Network 19 A QoS-Oriented Distributed Routing Protocol for Hybrid Wireless Networks 20 Energy-Efficient Reliable Routing Considering Residual Energy in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks 21 Uplink Scheduling in Wireless Networks with Successive Interference Cancellation 22 Fully Distributed Algorithms for Minimum Delay Routing Under Heavy Traffic 23 Energy-Optimum Throughput and Carrier Sensing Rate in CSMA-Based Wireless Networks 24 Fault Tolerant Localization and Tracking of Multiple Sources in WSNs Using Binary Data 25 Uplink Soft Frequency Reuse for Self-Coexistence of Cognitive Radio Networks 26 Optimal Multicast Capacity and DelayTradeoffs in MANETs

27 A System for Automatic Notification and Severity Estimation of Automotive Accidents 28 Detection of PUE Attacks in Cognitive Radio Networks Based on Signal Activity Pattern 29 Fully Distributed Algorithms for Minimum Delay Routing Under Heavy Traffic 30 Data Retrieval Scheduling for Multi-Item Requests in Multi-Channel WirelessBroadcast Environments 31 Efficient Rekeying Framework for SecureMulticast with Diverse-Subscription- Period Mobile Users 32 Minimum Latency Multiple Data MULETrajectory Planning in Wireless Sensor Networks 33 Achieving Maximum Throughput in Random Access Protocols with Multipacket Reception 34 SmartDC: Mobility Prediction-Based Adaptive Duty Cycling for Everyday Location Monitoring 35 Snapshot and Continuous Data Collection in Probabilistic Wireless Sensor Networks 36 Leveraging Social Networks for P2P Content-Based File Sharing in Disconnected MANETs 37 TurfCast: A Service for Controlling Information Dissemination in Wireless Networks 38 RBTP: Low-Power Mobile Discovery Protocol through Recursive Binary Time Partitioning 39 Optimal Distributed Malware Defense in Mobile Networks with Heterogeneous Devices 40 Novel Channel-Hopping Schemes for Cognitive Radio Networks 41 Energy-Aware Resource Allocation Strategies for LTE Uplink with Synchronous HARQ Constraints 42 Energy-Efficient Relaying via Store-Carry and Forward within the Cell SIDDHI SOFTSOLUTIONS #3 4TH FLOOR, LAKSHMI ARCADE, 11TH COROSS THILLAI NAGAR, TRICHY-620018. 9894888800,

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