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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: amandasiveyrodriguez


Goal Give kids the 5 steps to the writing process in an easy to understand way. I want it to be something that can hang on a classroom wall and actually help students. Audience 3rd through 5th grade students Message Using the writing steps will improve your writing.

Follow simple steps to better writing If you use the writing process, you will create a better piece of work. Using the process keeps your work focused, and helps you see it from many different angles. Not only will it help you get through the writing easier, it will make it better than you thought you could ever do! All with just five simple steps!

Change #1 After this first design, I felt lost! I decided to line up my information so that they had some proximity. The first slide just had 5 numbers with a block of text. I also changed my bock of text into short sentences. Each number then had a sub-heading with short chunks of information.

Change #2 After the first few designs, all of them had been vertically aligned. I wanted to try something different so I changed it to horizontal alignment. I also changed the chunks of information into bullet points so that it is easier to read. They still have subheadings.

Change #3 After I did a few designs with a horizontal alignment and bullet points, I wanted to have a new look all together. I changed my main message from “I can write” to a fun little saying that tied in the whole piece from top to bottom. I also took away the number pictures and simply had subheadings with short chunks of information. This next design looks much different than all the previous ones. It really helped me to start seeing different possibilities for my new designs.

Change #4 This last design was again, something very different! I wanted to do something bold and crazy, and I came up with a hand idea. There are 5 keys to writing, why not link them to something kids see everyday, and hand! I labeled each finger with one of the steps, and simply named it “write”. The farther I got with each design, the more simple I think they became. I started to see that less words can be much more effective that trying to “teach” with the sign!

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