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Published on March 8, 2014

Author: deawou


Final Design Portfolio By Danielle Ambrose

High Effort/Low Reward While there appears to be a title there is nothing to direct your eye further. It is hard to know where to start. There is too much going on in this design. It is hard to tell the purpose of this page. There is not enough white space which adds to cluttered feeling. The alignment is all over the place and there are too many images and too much text.

Low Effort/High Reward There is a simple graph like elements to help explain the products purpose. The title catches your eye and interest with it’s bold lettering and creative word choice. There is a label to tell us what the add is about. There is a nice use of white space to help emphasize the design.

Bad Use of Theme You can easily tell this brochure is about Salinas Valley California. However there are to many different forms and styles of text used in the headers. This creates an un-unified design. It doesn’t flow well and the design conflicts with itself. There are also to many text and background colors, creating further conflict within the design. There is nothing to tie it all together. No element repeats itself except the map (which is squished on one page and ok on the other).

Good Use of Theme The color pallet of white, light gray, light blue, and pink helps create a soft fresh feel. The images used throughout the design emphasize the fact this is a header for a fashion website.

Picture Words and Analogies The thumbs up smiley face sends a conflicting message from what, I’m sure, the text was suppose to convey. In this particular example the message is misinterpreted as a result of bad translation, however when designing signs for multiple languages it is a good idea to make sure the interpretation is correct. It might just have dangerous consequences.

Picture Words and Analogies Here’s a good example of using an analogy to convey a message. The text graphic paints a picture to help the viewer understand which version of the product they might need.

Audience The purpose of the brochure appears to have been lost. While there might be good information here it is unclear who the designer is trying to reach. While this brochure is clearly about Salinas Valley, California what isn’t clear is who this brochure was designed for… is it for tourists?... a prospective resident? Is it for informational purposes only?...

Audience This add is clearly geared towards smokers and/or those who wish to quit smoking. The image and text provide a strong visual message correlating life expectancy with the effects of smoking.

Embellishment The colorful backgrounds act as embellishments rather and do not enhance the design in any way. On the contrary they distract from the message. The images and some of the text do not relate to the message other than they might be images of the valley. They do not add to the design and are thus embellishment and aren’t necessary. Some of them appear to be used to fill space.

Embodiment It is clear from this header this website is about fashion. The icons embody the idea of fashion as well as the pages they are linked to.

Enhancement/Embodiment The image embodies the message in this advertisement. The correlation of the numbers and the burning of the cigarette further enhance the message of the advertisement.

Bad use of Proximity The images and prices are grouped so close together and so randomly it is hard to tell what price goes with what image.

Good Use of Proximity Number to associate image with link at bottom of blog post. It overlaps the image, clearly identifying this idea as #4. A short explanation overlapping the image so you can tell this description goes with this image. This is a clip from a blog I follow. The post was demonstrating different ways of using fresh flowers to decorate your home. Each image was accompanied with a short explanation and a number to associate it with a link at the bottom of the post.

Bad Use of Alignment The alignment is not consistent making it look cluttered and messy. The justification changes throughout and is inconsistent. Towards the bottom changing from both left and right justified to centered. In some other areas you can’t tell. It looks sloppy and off balance.

Good Use of Alignment The body of text is aligned to both right and left justification giving a clean look. The bottom of the “K” lines up with the top of the second paragraph which helps unify the design. The body of text is slightly inside the title width helping to emphasize the title. This image is from a design series by Charlie of the blog Plus 5 to Design at

Bad Use of Repetition Repetition of leaf shape to emphasize the season, however some of them conflict with text and there are too many of them which makes it feel cluttered.

Good Use of Repetition Repetition of the circle shape to tie the text graphic to the image. Repetition of the color red to help bring it all together. This image is from the Oh, Happy Day blog. It was from a series of images depicting a list of party ideas.

Bad Use of Contrast There is not enough contrast in font sizes between the titles and the text to make them stand out. They are too close in font size, and appear to be the same size font.

Good Use of Contrast There is clear contrast in the font sizes and styles for the reader to clearly identify the subject and title of this page.

Bad Use of Color There is too much color on this page it distracts from the design and the information is lost.

Good Use of Color In this design the color red is used to tie the design text to the image. The red circle behind the letter “A” plays off of the red in the hat and dress of the little girl.

Good Use of Color In this design the color pink is used to tie the design text to the image. The pink circle behind the word “FOUR” plays off of the pink flowers in the image helping to bring the design elements together.

No Clear Style There is no clear style in this design. There are too many different backgrounds, fonts, and alignments with nothing to ground the design. I can’t even tell if any of the fonts are the same. Even the titles are different word art options.

Consistent Style There are repeated elements to tie the design together. The pink lettering and white side bar do a nice job of creating unity between the pages. The image placement is consistent, adding another repeated element which helps to keep the style consistent throughout the pages. These images are from a design series by Charlie of the blog Plus 5 to Design at

Conflicting Type There are too many different types used in this design they are conflicting with each other and distracting from the message.

Contrasting Type The sans serif font used in the body of text and the script font used in the image help create interest and do not conflict with each other. The bold sans serif font used for the title catches your eye and works well to keep this design simple and clean. The script font is delicate but works well with the natural elements in the image. It doesn’t distract from the image but adds depth and interst.

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