Final Cut Pro X Weynand Certification Lesson 2

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Information about Final Cut Pro X Weynand Certification Lesson 2

Published on March 10, 2014

Author: sedsall



Final Cut Pro X Weynand Certification Lesson 2

Lesson 2: Importing Media Apple Pro Training Series Final Cut Pro X 2nd Edition Professor: Sam Edsall

Importing Media into FCP • Final Cut Pro can import media from a variety of devices and many media formats • SD & HD video formats • Still photos • Various audio formats including Wav, AIF, MP3 Loading Content • Select what you want to import • Select how you want to import it • Final Cut Pro works in the background to organize, repair, and optimize media Managing Content

Importing Media into an Event • Final Cut Pro collects imported media into an Event • Good habit to make a new Event when you start a new video editing project • You can choose to copy your video clips to your hard drive or have it reference to it from another storage device like your Thumb drive • Always better to copy content to your hard drive Loading Content

Import Media into a New Event If the Library is not visible, click the Library button beneath the Event Browser. In the Library, select the Macintosh HD icon for the new Event. Choose File > New Event, or press Option-N.

The New Event • The default Event name is the current date and highlighted awaiting a new name The Event • Select the disk where the new Event will be created • Select File > New Event Making an Event • Control-click (or right-clicking) the Event, and choose „Move Event to Trash‟ or press Command Delete Deleting an Event

Import Media into a New Event In the name field, enter Fairly Legal, and press Return.

Importing Content • Import from the button bar • Select Import Media from the Event Browser • File > Import Media… • Command I • Control-click (or right- click) the Event in the Event Library A couple of ways

Import Media into a New Event With Fairly Legal selected in the Event Browser, click the Import Media button. -- The Media Import window opens

Import Dialogue Box Sources Favorites Preview Selected Source Selected Clip

Import Media into a New Event Select the APTS FCP X disk on the left Navigate to FCPX Book Files > Fairly Legal. Press Command A to select all the clips in this folder Select Import All - A new dialogue box appears…

Importing Options • Menu of importing options that copy, organize, optimiz e, analyze, and fix media files as they‟re imported • After selecting the files to import, Final Cut Pro needs to confirm which Event will store the clips Options

Import Options Make sure „Add to existing Event‟ is selected and Fairly Legal is selected in the pop- up menu. In the Organizing section, make sure that „Copy files into Mac HD’s Projects‟ is selected. Select „Create optimized media’

To Copy or Not to Copy? • When you copy files, the original files are duplicated to the Mac HD. • When deselected, Final Cut Pro only references to the files for this Event where the original files are stored • Always copy – editing is faster and more responsive That is the question

Import Folders as Keyword Collections • If your media is already sorted into folders before you import it into FCP, you can keep it that way • Each folder and the media inside them will be imported as a Keyword Collection (Event sub-folder) inside the Event Sort it out

More Import Options There are other options before you import like analyzing your video and audio. - if you have the option to optimize, do it. - up to you if you want to analyze for color and audio For now, only check „Create optimized media‟ and press „Import‟ on the bottom right.

How Copied Media is Managed on your Disk • Movies > Macintosh HD‟s projects and events One big folder • Right click and choose „Show Package Contents to see all the events currently saved Have a look inside

Check Out Your Media on the Hard Drive 1. Click the Finder icon and navigate to Movies > Mac HD‟s projects and events. 2. Right click and choose „Show Package Contents‟ 3. Open Fairly Legal folder and the Original Media folder to see the copied media.

Spring Cleaning? • This is probably the reason • Throw out Events you no longer need Hard drive running out of space?

Keyword Collections • Allows you to sort similar clips into their own collection in the Event • When you select a Keyword Collection in an Event, only the clips tagged with that keyword appear in the Event Browser Sorting it out Keyword Collections

How Keyword Collections are Made • If your media is already sorted into folders before importing and you choose „Import folders as Keyword Collections‟ option Automatically • Assign keywords to clips after you import them • Like „interviews‟ „b-roll‟ „interior‟ „exterior‟ etc. Manually

Make the FCPX Book Files Folder a Favorite Click the Import button. Under Devices, select the APTS FCP X drive. From the File list, drag the FCPX Book Files folder on top of the Favorites category on the left. -when you see the + sign, release.

Import Folders as Keyword Collections Select your new FCPX Book Files favorite on the left. In the Files folder, navigate to the Zero to Hero folder. Select the Interviews subfolder.

Import Folders as Keyword Collections With the Interviews folder selected, click Import Selected 1. Select „Create new Event‟ 2. Enter Zero to Hero in the new Event field. 3. Create optimized media 4. Import folders as keyword collections 5. Click Import.

Keyword Collections • Blue Key icon in the Event Library under the Event • Blue line across each clip in the Event Browser that has a Key word attached to it What you see

Import Another Folder as a Keyword Collection Control-click the Zero to Hero Event in the Event Library and, from the shortcut menu, choose Import Files. In the Import dialog, navigate to FCPX Book Files > Zero to Hero > B-Roll, and select that folder.

Import Another Folder as a Keyword Collection Use the same settings as last time by adding it to the Zero to Hero Event, copy files, and Import folders as Keyword Collections and Import.

Looking Around • See all the clips in your Event in the Event Browser Select an Event • See only the clips in the Event Browser that share that keyword Select a Keyword Collection

Looking Around Click on the Zero to Hero Event to see all the files in the Event. Click on each keyword collection to see the different subset of clips within the Event.

Analyzing and Correcting Imported Clips • FCP can recognize common problems such as camera shake, color balance, shutter roll, audio hum, and background noise • Can also determine the type of shot • Number of people • Close-up, wide shot, long shot, etc. • Auto-analysis can be performed during or after import. Auto Analysis

Analyzing and Correcting Imported Clips • Automatically finds errors in color balance of each clip by comparing the highlight and the shadow areas Analyze for Balance Color • Looks for the number of people within a clip and identifies the shot type or shot framing as a keyword Find People

Import with Auto Analysis In the Library, Control-click the Macintosh HD icon and choose New Event. Name the new Event I Think

Auto Analysis Click the Import button. In the FCPX Book Files folder select the “I Think” folder and then select Import Selected..

Import Options 1. Add to existing event „I Think‟ 2. Create optimized media 3. Analyze for balance color 4. Find people 5. Consolidate find people 6. Create Smart Collections 7. Press Import

Creating Smart Collections • FCP will now sort of your content into smart collections based on what you chose What happened? • Hold on – this takes some time • Folders will start to appear in your Event Library shortly “I don’t see anything yet”

Working in the Background • FCP analyzes and fixes the imported clips as a background task, allowing you to continue working • Process pauses if you move your mouse and resumes when there is no activity Background tasks • Click the Background Tasks button in the Dashboard above the Timeline, or press Command-9 What’s happening

Blue vs. Purple Lines • The clip is part of a keyword collection Blue line • The clip was was analyzed and in a smart collection Purple line • Clip can have both and be in both collection folders Blue and Purple?

The Analysis • During analysis, stabilizatio n and color balance effects are ready to It is, but is isn’t

Analysis In the I Think Event, skim through the extreme cu clip. -- notice the yellowish tint -- FCP analyzed the color balance, but it‟s not corrected (yet).

Analysis Below the Viewer in the toolbar, click the Inspector button. -- Inspector appears to the right of the Viewer. At the top of the Inspector, click the Video tab. Enable the color balance effect by selecting the box next to Balance.

Transcoding • Final Cut Pro can create media files optimized for better performance during both editing and rendering, and improved color quality for compositing • If your media is already optimized, the optimized option will be dimmed out What it is

Transcoding • Transcodes video to Apple ProRes 422 codec Create optimized media • Transcodes video to Apple ProRes 422 (Proxy), a lower- resolution and lower-quality format. • Smaller data rates and file sizes • Good for low memory or slower computers or large projects Create proxy media

Should I Optimize? • Less lag (spinning pinwheel of death) and faster response time • Optimized HD footage is easier to edit with Yes • Transcoding takes time, (but it‟s usually worth it.) • If you are editing SD footage, you normally don‟t need to. No

Do I need Proxy Media? • Large HD projects need lots of memory. • If your computer is still slow using optimized media, it will help to use proxy media for the time being • Edit in proxy, but don‟t forget to switch back to original media before you export Yes • If you have a fast processor and lots of memory • Your optimized media in the timeline works fine without delays No

Working with Proxy Media • Select the option in the dialogue box When you import • Select all your clips, right click and choose Transcode Media • Create Proxy media and OK After importing

Switching Back & Forth • In the Media section choose whether you wish to view and edit in Optimized/Original or Proxy • If you choose Proxy, any clips that were not transcoded will appear offline (red) in the Event Browser Viewer Options Pop- up Menu

Importing from a Camera • Built-in iSight • FireWire and USB connected cameras • Decks, hard drives, and flash cards Variety of sources • Compatibility check: How about my camera?

Importing from Tape • Connect the VTR to your computer with a Firewire Connect via Firewire • Select the VTR • Cue the tape you want to capture using the transport controls below the preview area • Click the Import button to capture that section of tape Open the Import Window

Importing from the Finder • Easy to do • Set import options first • Media management • Keyword Collections • Transcoding video • Auto-analysis & Smart Collections • Done through the Import tab of the Final Cut Pro Preferences window. Drag straight to an Event

Importing from a Camera In the Library, create a new Event on Macintosh HD and name it Camera Import. Select the Event and in the Event Browser, click the Import Media button. Deselect the “Close window after starting import” checkbox.

Importing from a Camera Press Command H to hide FCP. In the Finder, navigate to APTS > FCPX > FCPX Book Files > Imports folder and double-click the 201107_Flowers.dmg disk image file.

Importing from a Camera Return to FCP and select the camera mounted at the top of the sidebar. Click the Filmstrip view - the clips from the simulated SDHC card appear on the bottom

Importing from a Camera Skim through some clips to check them out. Press the Command key, then select Clip 7, Clip 11, and Clip 13. Click the Import Selected button.

Importing from a Camera Choose to add these clips to the existing Camera Import Event.

Choose a Portion of a Clip In Clip #2, drag the pointer from the beginning of the clip until the camera stops at the top of the flower. In Clip #4, drag the pointer from the beginning of the clip until the camera tilt-up has stopped.

Importing Portions of a Clip • If it‟s highlighted in yellow it will be imported Yellow • If it‟s highlighted in black, the selection is remembered, but will not be imported Black • Control click all the clip selection you wish to import Selecting your selections

Grab all your Selections Command-click within the marked range in Clip #2 to add it to the Clip #4 selection for import. Click the Imported Selected button, check that these clips will go to the Camera Import Event, and Import. Close the Import window.

Importing from the Finder Open the Final Cut Pro Preferences window. At the top of the Preferences window, click the Import button. Select Copy files to Final Cut Events folder, check Optimize and deselect everything else.

Importing from the Finder In the Library, create a new Event on Macintosh HD and name it Baja Press Command H to hide FCPX. In the Finder window, navigate to the APTS > FCPX > FCPX Book Files > Imports > Baja Whales

Importing from the Finder Drag the Baja Whales folder into the Baja Event. When the Event is highlighted with a white outline, and you see the green plus sign on the pointer, release the pointer.

Importing from other Applications • Drag media files from the windows of supported applications such as: • Aperture, iPhoto, iTunes • Simply drag the file from the application into an Event. • Final Cut Pro Import preferences are in effect when dragging files into Final Cut Pro. Works the same way

Homework Assignment: 1. Create a new Event on your Mac HD Library and name it Delicious Peace. 2. Import and copy all the Delicious Peace clips from the FCPX Book Files folder.

Homework Assignment: 3. Open the I Think People folder so all the smart collections can be seen. 4. Open the Zero to Hero event so the two Keyword Collections can be seen. 5. Select the new Delicious Peace Event so the clips can be seen in the Event Browser.

Homework Assignment: 5. Use the Grab utility in the Applications / Utility folder to take a snapshot of your Library and Events Browser. 6. Save the image to the desktop and name it (Your name) Week 4 HW. - (your name) Week 4

Homework Assignment: 7. Send an email to me at SH- with the picture attached. 8. Do not delete Delicious Peace, I Think, or Zero to Hero projects. We will use them again in Lesson 3. If you don‟t have these events yet in your Library, complete this lesson so you are ready for lesson3. 9. You can delete Baha. We are done with that Event.

Shortcuts • Create a new eventOption N • Select all items in the current folder or location Command A • Select a group of contiguous itemsShift click • Select a group of non-contiguous itemsCommand click • Open the Preferences windowCommand , (comma)

Shortcuts • Open and close the Background Tasks window Command 9 • Open and close the InspectorCommand 4 • Close an active windowCommand W • Import MediaCommand I

Lesson 2: Importing Media Apple Pro Training Series Final Cut Pro X 2nd Edition Professor: Sam Edsall

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