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Published on March 14, 2014

Author: bbmike95


Helping Hand : Helping Hand Michael Brouillette Helping Hand Helping Hand March 14th, 2014 Helping Hand Fitness Lifestyle Design Introduction: Introduction For this project I took the time to help my sister out with becoming more physically fit and active in her daily life and that had been completed through the actions of going to the gym and doing various activities throughout the community such as running, biking, and swimming. Engagement Activities: Engagement Activities I chose this activity because of the concern that I possessed for my sister and the lifestyle that she had been living. Engagement Activities Throughout the duration of this project I had taken my sister to the gym, basketball courts, and swimming pool to help her become more active in how she was living. Engagement Activities Each day my sister and I would go to the gym and partake in a variable of physical activities in order to help benefit the way in which she had been living and the health of her own being. Sportsmanship: Sportsmanship I define sportsmanship to be the extent in which people and or a group of people are taking part in being polite and supportive of one another in the time of prosperity and poverty whether it be one or the other I consider sportsmanship to be such. Sportsmanship I find myself to have partaken in good sportsmanship by encouraging my sister to go out and be active in a healthy way in order to help her out. I find this to be the way in which I took part in good sportsmanship. Sportsmanship During the time together during this project we had agreed to not partake in any negative attitudes irregardless of what may happen. Sports in other Cultures: Sports in other Cultures There are many different kinds of weightlifting and swimming all across the world. Sports in other Cultures There are many similarities such as the etiquette and political stance that comes with such a sport. Sports in other Cultures Other cultures also take part in swimming to become physically fit and more healthy in addition to the reasoning of why I and my sister had been taking part in such activities. Sports in other Cultures I found out that there had been an etiquette for such a sport which I had been unaware of. In-School Resources: In-School Resources The two activities of my choice which are swimming and running are both offered by my school at various times of the year. In-School Resources Other activities that are offered by my school that interest me would be weightlifting and track and field. Community Resource: Community Resource This activity is offered by our community YMCA which would be where I have taken part in such activities. Community Resource Other activities are also supported by the parks and recreation department in addition to the YMCA. Proof of Participation: Proof of Participation This form is attached to the file Final Thoughts & Reflections: Final Thoughts & Reflections I have found that throughout this project and duration of this course to have found a large importance of being physically active and being in shape. I discovered many things along the way that has opened my eyes in how I view fitness and how I feel about the physical capability of my loved ones as there health is just as important as mine is with respect to my concern for them wanting to be healthy and alive as oppose to unhealthy and disease stricken being unhealthy.

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