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Published on March 14, 2014

Author: AlexGuz


Final Course Project PowerPoint: Final Course Project PowerPoint Alex Guzhva 2-15-14 Fitness Lifestyle Design Introduction: Introduction For my course project, I played tennis. I also worked on my fitness there, mainly focusing on the core. I played at the Florida Tennis C enter, in Daytona Beach, FL. I play in the John Hudson Tennis Academy and play there every day. Engagement Activities: Engagement Activities I chose to play tennis for the course project because I normally play tennis every day. It is almost a duty for me in life, to play tennis every day for at least 2 hours. The types of activities I did included hitting drills, playing matches, and doing all types of exercises to help me get stronger and fitter. I did it every day with a bunch of the players in the John Hudson Tennis Academy. I fulfilled the project requirement from the beginning of the course to the end. I played daily, but sometimes didn’t on the weekends if I was recovering from tournaments. I prepare a bunch and do extra fitness when I have a big tournament coming up to get ready for it. Sportsmanship: Sportsmanship I believe that sportsmanship is when someone is respectful to the opponent or sometimes their teammates during any type of sport or activity. I use good sportsmanship because I shake my opponents hand whenever I finish a match and say good match, I never cheat and say good shot when they hit one, and I never say bad things to my opponent or my coach. My coach always says “Play hard, but respectful.” which means to try as hard as you can but don’t come to the point that you want to win so bad and start doing bad things like cheating. Sports in other Cultures: Sports in other Cultures In other cultures tennis is played the same, but they use many different types of courts and just coach differently. In the US, we like to do drills more than practice matches and stand on the baseline hitting hard, but in Europe all they do is play practice matches and stand 5 feet behind the baseline hitting deep and staying consistent. We want all of the same outcome in tennis, but not all of us do it in the same steps. The most interesting thing I found is that about 30 million people play tennis worldwide. In-School Resources: In-School Resources Because of middle school, the only sport we have is Basketball. It is during the spring, and lasts about 2 months. We also have clubs like fitness club, basketball club, soccer club, track and field club, etc. that boosts up fitness. I can participate in all of these clubs in the future if I wanted to. Community Resource: Community Resource In my community, there are 4 tennis courts that I play in regularly. Any type of coach can come here and play tennis. In my community, you can play many different types of sports. There is tennis, basketball, swimming, baseball, football, and even cricket! Proof of Participation: Proof of Participation Final Thoughts & Reflections: Final Thoughts & Reflections I believe it was important to participate in this project because it taught you a bunch about your sport and there is much more than just playing it. I plan on continuing tennis throughout high school and college and for my whole life, to stay fit and in shape. I learned that sportsmanship is a big part of tennis, and I do a lot of it. I saw that I actually thought about what I was doing, not just doing it with an empty brain. I would because this activity shows how many different types of things you can do with physical activities. I believe that this activity didn’t only help my fitness, but also my mind.

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