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Published on July 2, 2008

Author: leonb


Slide 1: DRINKWARE BPA FREE AND 100% RECYCLABLE Slide 2: 6/12/2008 CLASSIC SERIES SROLOC SERIES THE QUENCHER TRENDIES SERIES STAINLESS STEEL TRAVEL MUGS GREEN CANTEENS BPA FREE SPORTS BOTTLES BPA FREE SIPPERS THE OASIS MOTION-ACTIVATED LIGHT UP SIPPER BEVERAGE CONTAINERS FROM REGAL ENTERPRISES, LLC Slide 3: GREEN CANTEEN SERIES “RISK-FREE” STAINLESS STEEL WATER BOTTLES WHAT’S bpa ALL ABOUT? *BPA (Bisphenol A) a chemical originally developed as synthetic estrogen and now used in plastics for water bottles has been linked to breast and prostate cancer, diabetics, obesity and a wide variety of adverse hormonal behaviors in humans. It was recently banned in the European Union and Canada leading Wal-Mart and some other major U.S. retailers to ban it in all products beginning in 2009. Our 750 ml (25 oz) bottles comes in both Brushed stainless steel, blue or red painted. A carabiner is attached. Our screw in lid is made of non-bpa plastic. NO BPA* AND 100% RECYCLABLE Slide 4: Why choose stainless steel over aluminum sports bottles? Aluminum has been linked to Alzheimer’s Disease The National Library of Medicine has cited over 2000 references to aluminum having adverse effect on humans including a possible link to Alzheimer’s Disease. Aluminum bottles still requires the interior to be coated with an additional substance for safe use. We have more experience with safe use of Stainless Steel in food applications. 750 ML (25 OZ. STAINLESS STEEL BOTTLE) THE JURY IS STILL OUT ON ALUMINUM GREEN CANTEEN SERIES Slide 5: THE QUENCHER SERIES BPA FREE STAINLESS STEEL BOTTLES THE QUENCHER’S UNIQUE POP TOP EASY OPEN LIDTOP SELECT FROM FOUR COLORS INCLUDING BRUSHED STAINLESS STEEL As a non-porous metal stainless steel does not adsorb odors or release any chemical or toxic material into your drink ensuring that your drink maintains its original taste. It is durable and resistance to bacteria and is easily cleaned with a mild soap and water. NEW QUENCHER SERIES Slide 6: BPA FREE SERIES 28 OZ. BPA FREE COPOLYESTER PLASTIC Slide 7: 6/12/2008 ONE OF A KIND SIPPER MOTION-ACTIVATED The base of the sipper screws off. It contains a switch that allows you to have the motion sensors on or off. When the sensors are on. The cup starts to light the moment it is picked up and continues to light while in motion. Once placed on a solid surface it continues to flash for an additional 15 seconds. It repeats the pattern when it sensors movement of any kind. Includes 3 replaceable pen light batteries. LED LIGHT UP This sipper is fun for kids 3 to 13 years of age. 10 oz. thick acrylic material with facets cuts in both sipper wall and bottom to maximize light reflection. Curley straw coordinated to match the sipper cup. Lights thousands of times before batteries need changing. A one of a kind item only available from Regal Enterprises. BPA FREE ACRYLIC Slide 8: THE COMMON DENOMINATOR BEHIND ALL THESE GREAT BRANDS WE ARE THE ONLY MOTION-ACTIVATED LIGHT UP SIPPER IN THE MARKET TODAY Slide 9: ALL OUR MUGS COMES WITH OR WITHOUT A METAL BAND AROUND THE HAND GRIP AREA. THE ALUMINUM BAND MAKES YOUR MUG COMFORTABLE TO GRIP AND ADDS TO THE OVERALL SENSE OF VALUE. WE MAKE MUGS WITH AND WITHOUT THE ALUMINUM BAND. HOWEVER, WHILE THE MODEL WITH METAL IS MORE EXPENSIVE IT ALSO ADDS A MORE LUXURIOUS TOUCH TO THE PRODUCT AND BRINGS MORE SYNERGY TO THE DESIGN. WE INDENTED THE GRIP AREA SO THAT OUR MUGS ARE COMFORTABLE TO YOUR HANDS AT ALL TIMES. . LIDTOPS THE NEW STANDARD IN TRAVEL MUGS Slide 10: WHAT’S THE MOST IMPORTANT DIFFERENT ABOUT LIDTOPS? The answer is simple: We brought color to the top of the mug. This simple process of adding color gives our designs a more unified look. It also created additional space for messaging OR changing the material on the lid as you will see in our new trendies series where we feature bling on the lid. BEFORE LIDTOPS™ AFTER LIDTOPS™ L IDTOPS IS A NEW CONCEPT IN TRAVEL MUGS DESIGNED AND SOLD ONLY BY REGAL 100% RECYCLABLE AND BPA FREE Photo courtesy of Sroloc Slide 11: LIDTOPS MOVED AWAY FROM CONVENTION We use all FDA approved materials. Steel is 18/8 and all plastics are ABS. Our seals are made with silicone rubber. Metal bands are made of Aluminum. Eco-friendly All materials are 100% recyclable LIDTOPS MUGS ARE DESIGNED USING THREE PARTS RATHER THAN THE CONVENTIONAL TWO USED BY ALL OTHER INDUSTRY SUPPLIERS. OUR MUGS ARE ONE OF A KIND AND PATENTED TO ENSURE THAT YOU WILL BE OFFERING YOUR CUSTOMER A UNIQUE PRODUCT. Slide 12: LIDTOPS ARE CURRENT WITH HEATLH TRENDS A recent study conducted at Seoul National University with researchers in both Japan and Germany shows that smelling coffee powers up your brain. It reduces stress and improve antioxidant functions which helps the body fight disease. LIDTOPS has a series of vents on the top of the lid that allows you to both smell and taste your coffee for maximum enjoyment. WE ARE THE FIRST MUG THAT OFFERS A PROVEN HEALTH FEATURE. Slide 13: Never miss the drinking spout again with our patented “Raised Finger Register” No need to ever look down for the drinking spout while driving Easily reversible for both Left and right hand drinkers. Metal grip can also be used for imprinting. LIDTOPS™ Slide 14: TRANSLUCENT SNAP ON COVERS We offer 3 different types of snap on covers in a variety of colors Snap On Covers makes LIDTOPS uniquely different MORE GREAT COLORS FROM THE SROLOC SERIES SROLOC SERIES Slide 15: SOLID SNAP ON COVERS FEATURED WITH POPULAR COLORS FROM OUR “LIDTOPS CLASSIC SERIES” Slide 16: OUR CLASSIC SERIES WITH BOTH TRANSLUCENT AND SOLID SNAP ON COVERS CHOOSE A COLOR FROM OUR LIDTOPS “CLASSIC SERIES” LIDTOPS CLASSIC SERIES Slide 17: TRANSLUCENT AND SOLID SNAP ON COVERS FROM OUR “SROLOC SERIES” OF FASHION COLORS….. ELEVATED RUBBER BOTTOM All LIDTOPS mugs includes this feature to prevent damaging or scratching tabletops. Sroloc- colors spelled backwards Slide 18: BECAUSE OUR SNAP ON COVERS ARE INTERCHANGEABLE, OUR MUGS ARE EASILY CUSTOMIZED TO A CUSTOMER’S SPECIFICATIONS. OUR INTERCHANGEABLE FEATURE ALLOWS US TO MAKE OVER 1500 COLOR COMBINATIONS BY CHANGING LID COLORS OR SNAP ON COLOR OR TREATMENT. ONE OF OUR BLING DESIGNS LIDTOPS NEW “TRENDIES SERIES FEATURING “BLING” SNAP ON COVERS. Slide 19: NEW TRENDIES SERIES THE NEW DEFACTO STANDARD IN TRAVEL MUGS. TALK TO YOUR REPRESENTATIVE NOW ABOUT ADDING THIS NEW EXCITING PRODUCT TO YOUR ASSORTMENT. LIDTOPS™ TRENDIES FEATURES BLING OR CATCHY PHRASES Slide 20: 6/12/2008 REGAL ENTERPRISES, LLC BRINGING YOU HEALTHY AND FUN PRODUCTS OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY. LOOK TO US FOR INNOVATION AND A WORLD FILL WITH COLOR. DOWNLOAD ALL OUR PRODUCT IMAGES AND SPEC SHEETS AT ONE OF OUR WEBSITES LINKED BELOW OR CALL YOUR REGAL REPRESENTATIVE. HTTP://REGALPEOPLE.COM HTTP://LIDTOPS.COM HTTP://LIDTOPSWORLD.COM HTTP://SROLOC.COM

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