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Published on January 18, 2009

Author: yukat


Slide 1: “Paradise above, Suzhou and Hangzhou below.” Slide 2: Where is Suzhou? Slide 3: Where is Suzhou? Slide 4: P.R.CHINA JIANGSU SUZHOU COUNTRY PROVINCE CITY Where is Suzhou? Slide 5: Working Frame Slide 6: City Growth ( Archi and Cine-citta) 514B.C.-1979 Slide 7: ?? Archi-citta pre-Tang Dynasty 600 514B.C. King Helu of Wu established “The Great City of Helu”, the ancient name of Suzhou. 589A.D. The city name was changed to Suzhou. 209B.C. Xiang Yu staged his historical uprising here in 209 BC, which contributed to the overthrow of Qin. Archi-citta Slide 8: Cine-citta Tang Dynasty 700A.D. ? 589A.D. The city was renamed Suzhou 825A.D. During the Tang Dynasty, the great poet Bai Juyi constructed the Shantang Canal (called "Shantang Street" ) to connect the city with Huqiu for tourists. Archi-citta Slide 9: Cine-citta Song Dynasty 1000A.D. ? 1130A.D. In February 1130, the advancing Jin army from the north ransacked and massacred the city. 1275 A.D.-1367 A.D. This was followed by the Mongol invasion and destruction of the royal city (in the centre of the walled city) in the beginning of the Ming Dynasty. Many of the famous private gardens were constructed by the gentry of the Ming and Qing dynasties. Archi-citta Slide 10: ? Archi-citta 1229A.D. Road and canal was already built in this period. Slide 11: Cine-citta Shading of this diagramatic map of Suzhou indicates area within the city walls that experienced dramatic loss of canals 1848A.D. ? Slide 12: 1928A.D.-1930A.D. The main circulation roads were built in Suzhou. 1912A.D.-1949A.D. After Xinhai revolution, the economic structure of suzhou presented fews of layers, industry and manufactory became main domain. 1911A.D. After opium war, shanghai rose as one of the business pier, economy center moved to the east, Suzhou was no longer the economic center. ? Cine-citta Slide 13: 1936A.D. Suzhou railway was built, and the total length of road was 708.04km. Cine-citta Slide 14: Present topographical features around the city of Suzhou. The circumstance of Suzhou Slide 15: Han Tang Song Qing 206B.C. 618A.D. 960A.D. 1616A.D. ? ? ? ? The territory of Suzhou has diminished History of territory Slide 16: Conjectural diagrammatic plan of Helv Dacheng (Old name of Suzhou) WALL GATE MOAT The Oldest Suzhou plan Slide 17: A part of Suzhou’s Street plan, adapted from a picture map engraved on stone in 1229. Courtesy of the Committee of Suzhou Urban and Rural Construction. The Street plan Slide 18: Diagrammatic plan of the partitioning of urban space of Suzhou Three districts in Suzhou –Qing, Ming Dynasty- Slide 19: The city Walls Records of the construction of the city walls of Suzhou from Eastern Zhou dynasty to Qing dynasty The history of the city wall Slide 20: Section of the scroll Qingming shanghe tu depicting street at one of the gates of the capital of the Northern Song Bianliang The City gate Slide 21: The city Gates Section of the 1229 picture map of the city of Suzhou showing the details of Pan Gate during the southern Song period. Diagrammatic plan of Pan Gate as surveyed and drawn in 1983 The City gate Slide 22: Section of the 1759 scroll Shengshi zisheng tu depicting the compound of the provincial government office and its front street The social street Slide 23: Temple courtyard Temple courtyard Slide 24: Wars Slide 25: City Growth (Tele-citta) 1979-Present Slide 26: The Development of Suzhou Suzhou is originally famous for old type garden, but in these days, it is also famous as a commercial center also. From late 1990’s the city has been developing rapidly. Slide 27: Tele-citta Railroad was built 1936A.D. Railway National road Highway 1990A.D. The ring road outside of old city wall was contacted 1990s The highway were constructed. Slide 28: Tele-citta 1979A.D.-1985A.D. The preservation plan for old city core, the development plan for new city area. 1982 Slide 29: 1985 Tele-citta Suzhou was set up by the State Council as one of 14 Open Economic Area in the nation’s coastland. 1985A.D. Slide 30: 1988 Tele-citta The old city was devided by 54 street lanes. Renmin road from north to south became the main shopping street. 1986A.D.-1990A.D. Slide 31: 1992 Tele-citta Suzhou new area at the west of the canal was built in 1990.The longest road, Ganjiang road was built. The ring road outside of old city wall was contacted. A few of residential areas were built in order to satisfy the need for urban population. 1991A.D. Slide 32: 1996 Cine-citta The city’s domestic gross product(DGP),gross output value of industry and agriculture and revenue reached 72.09 billion RMB Yuan,250.537 billion Rmb yuan and 4.485 billion RMB yuan respectively, meaning an averagely annual increase of 21.5%,22.4% and 11.1% respectively based on the figures for 1978. 1994A.D. Slide 33: 1999 Tele-citta Classical gardens in Suzhou were added to the list of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1997 and 2000. It is possible to make a virtual tour at the UNESCO site in panorama through the wonderful Classical Gardens of Suzhou. 1997A.D.-2000A.D. Slide 34: Ganjiang road relates the new district (west), old city center (middle) and industry area (east). New urban extension spreads along the Renmin road from north to south. The pressure of the old city center was reduced by the cross road system in the city. The city center became a new development area for commerce, shopping mall and historical store. Guanqian area and Shilu area became the main part of large shopping area and public space. Lots of new residential area was built in suburb area, and people in urban area moved away from city center. City facility and infrastructure have been improved rapidly. Tele-citta 1 2 3 Urban Growth Activator Slide 35: Tele-citta Slide 36: Suzhou New District and Suzhou Industrial Park Tele-citta Slide 37: New Look of The City City Express Ro ad Overpass Key Construction Projects in 2004 1.Southwest part of city-circling expressway2.Suzhou part of Yangtze River alongshore expressway (Shanghai-Changshu-Jiangyin)3.Su-Yu-Zhang (Suzhou-Changshu-Zhangjiagang) Grade 1 highway4.2nd phase of the Century Boulevard in Suzhou New & High-tech Development Zone5.Navigation-route renovation of Chang-Hu-Shen Line(Changxing-Huzhou-Shanghai)6.2nd and 3rd phase construction of the environment-friendly Taicang Power Plant7.2nd phase project for preservation of ancient city circling landscape8.East and West city-circling elevated speedways9.1st phase construction project of Suzhou International Expo Center10.Suzhou Illness Recuperation and Prevention Control Center11.Suzhou Funeral Parlor Tele-citta Slide 38: 10 Projects to be Launched in 2004     Suzhou part of Hu-Su-Zhe (Shanghai-Suzhou-Huzhou) Expressway   Shazhou Power Plant    2nd phase of Huaneng Power Plant    Suzhou City Flood Prevention and Control Project    New Zone of Pingjiang District    New Zone of Canglang District    Westward Expansion Project of Tiger Hill Landscape Area    Landscape project of Jing-Hang (Beijing-Hangzhou) Grand Canal and Xujiang River    Nanmen Commercial Area Nanmen Commercial Area Tiger Hill Scenic Area New Zone of Jinchang District Changmen Gate Tele-citta Slide 39: The world’s 100 fastest-growing large cities, 1950–2000 Tele-citta Slide 41: Public Space Slide 43: Humble Administrator's Garden Public Space Slide 44: Zhong Wang Fu (Prince Zhong's mansion), located at Dongbei Street in Suzhou, is the most complete historic architectural complex of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom that has been preserved to the present in China. Since Three Kingdoms, the site of mansion was always the residence of famous persons. In Yuan Dynasty, it was turned into Dahong Temple. Wang Xianchen, a Ming official censor, resigned and lived in seclusion in 1509. He built a villa named Humble Administrator's Garden, on the base of the abandoned Dahong Temple. Since then, the owner of the Garden was changed several times. In 1738, the Garden was divided into two sections: the east belonging to Jiang Songxian was rebuilt and renamed as Fuyuan Garden and the west owned by Ye Shikuan was also rebuilt and became Shuyuan Garden. SUZHOU MUSEUM Public Space Slide 45: Xuan miao guan is originally built in 276A.D. and rebuilt in 1584 The oldest public space – Xuan miao guan- Slide 46: The oldest public space – Xuan miao guan- Slide 47: SHI QUAN STREET The oldest public space -SHI QUAN STREET– Slide 48: The main roads were fixed Dongzhongshi Baitarad Jingderd Guanquian Renmin Road Daoquin Road Ganjiang Road Shinquin jie Panmen Road Shangxu Road Guanguji Road The oldest public space -SHI QUAN STREET–

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