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Published on March 3, 2014

Author: KatieMould27



A2 Media Studies
Filming Call Sheet

Filming Call Sheet Time Date Location Who is Needed? What is being shot? 1:30pm 1/03/14 Grundy Park Chris and Nan Nan dropping shopping trolley. 2:15pm 1/03/14 Grundy Park Chris and Nan Shot of them passing each other in the park. 3:00pm 1/03/14 Grundy Park Chris and Nan Second scene of nan dropping shopping trolley. Dialogue filmed. 3:30pm 1/03/14 Outside Chris and Nan Entering Nan’s house. Nan’s House 3:45pm 1/03/14 Outside Chris Opening scene, finding Nan’s House note, looking distraught and throwing note. 4:30pm 1/03/14 Nan’s House Chris and Nan Laughing & drinking tea. 4:45pm 1/03/14 Nan’s House Chris and Nan Over the shoulder shot conversation. Conversation about their lives. 5:30pm 1/03/14 Nan’s House Chris and Nan In-depth conversation (no sound) 1:00pm 2/03/14 Nan’s House Nan Eating alone and lonely. 1:20pm 2/03/14 Nan’s House Nan Folding laundry. 1:45pm 2/03/14 Nan’s House Panning around the ground floor of Nan’s house. 7:00pm 4/03/14 My House Chris, Mum and Final shot, eating dinner Dad with family. Exiting house. 7:20pm 4/03/14 My House Mum and Dad Slow Motion close up looking shocked. 7:45pm 4/03/14 My House Chris Washing up. 2:00pm 5/03/14 Outside Chris Walking away from Nan’s House camera.

2:15pm 5/03/14 Nan’s House Chris 4:30pm 5/03/14 Chris My House Walking around and smiling. Doing laundry.

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