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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: joshsloane


Film trailer analysis: Film trailer analysis Josh sloane R.I.P.D: R.I.P.D The trailer opens up with an establishing long shot over the location of this sequence being a bridge, whilst we hear a pleonastic synchronous sound of the police helicopter flying over. This straight away signifies the genre of this film being a police action adventure. This is then followed by a series of cross cuts, this speeds up the action sequence, giving speed and drama to the content, heightening the entertainment value of this trailer. The first of the cross cuts is a low angle shot of a police truck, this gives the police a sense of authority, making them look big and important. From this the camera pans and zooms into a close up of the main character played by Ryan Reynolds, dressed in the appropriate bullet proof vest and holding the prop of a pistol, the close up shows his emotions before the raid, he appears calm and in control, stereotypical of a police officer, the casting of Ryan Reynolds in this trailer is key, as he is a very well known, international actor, therefore appeals to a much greater audience. Directly f ollowing this is an attack on what appears to be a drug plantation, the sequence contains a vast amount pleonastic ambient gun shots stereotypical of an action and adventure film, and having a strong amount of violent and exciting content in the first 25 seconds of the trailer, allows the audience to dive straight into the action, persuading them to go and watch the rest of the film in the cinemas. R.I.P.D: R.I.P.D At this point the trailer enters a stage of slow motion, as the actor Ryan Reynolds turns around to face his eventual murderer, the use of the slow motion conflicts dramatically with the previous use of the cross and fast paced cuts, and emphasises the inevitable death of this character. As the main character awakes from his death, the director uses a series of sting sounds, this is to build suspense in the film, as the character appears to float from the ground into the centre of a storm cloud, the director here uses a canted angle long shot to further distort the audience, in what appears to be a sequence inspired by the matrix. Following his induction to the R.I.P.D, Reynolds meets his partner, a stereotypical sheriff, with the cliché American sheriff accent and cowboy hat . The text in this trailer is also important to reinforce the action adventure genre, the font is a capital sans serif block font, written in a metallic grey font, having representations of metals, possibly relating to weaponry. White house down : White house down The film trailer opens up with a series of cross cuts at the white house in Washinton, America with a black fade transition, the idea of including such a globally famous landmark is to influence international audiences interested in American culture, and those who enjoy seeing political landmarks destroyed, to view the film. The cross cuts include a close up panning shot of police helicopters, synchronised with pleonastic helicopter sound effects and a voice over of the pilot on a radio, this is used to reinforce the action adventure genre, and signifies how we are building up to something that is of vast importance, something that requires vast police involvement, and the suspense in further built by the fast paced cross cuts which builds the pace of the sequence, and the fact that there is a very low key lighting, giving a creepier and more dramatic setting to the White House. Next, we are introduced to Channing Tatum's character, in the car with his daughter. The camera is placed at a close up shot reverse shot to cover their conversation, the sequence is accompanied with a slow, piano soundtrack, giving a loving nature to the conversation, highlighting the love and evident father – daughter bond. Following the first appearance of text in the trailer, which features a large sans serif ‘COLUMBIAN PICTURES PRESENTS’ written in a metal grey font, relating to the police force, the camera pans over an extreme long shot of the white house in daylight, giving the impression that everything is calm and gives an everyday feel to the trailer. In contrast what follows is a close up of a security pass, in a darker, low key blue filtered lighting which contrasts with the sunshine of Washington, it is that this point that the trailer reaches its enigma, the series of stings have built up to the point where the antagonist in the film, who keeps his face hidden at this point to keep the suspense in the film, blows up the White House through the directors use of pyrotechnics. This explosion sparks a sudden attack on the landmark . Elysium : Elysium The trailer opens up wit a low pitch sting, which accompanies a low key fade to black, from this a utopia is revealed from a black background, which is presented through a birds eye tracking shot, which leads to the first piece of text, which reads ‘the year 2154’ in a sans serif white font which reads well on the black background which the utopia fades too. From this, in high key lighting, the first character in the utopia is revealed, a well presented woman dressed in a white suit, suggesting purity which fits into the idea of the utopia. From this we fade to a long shot of the more stereotypical representation of a woman, who is dressed only in what appears to be a bikini, which could be included to appeal towards the male audience, she lays down into what is a cancer remover, which highlights the futuristic context of the film, and how the utopia has no sickness or illness. The next shot comes from a fade of a black background revealing an extreme close up of the character played by matt Damon, which fades to a birds eye tracking shot similar to earlier in the trailer, however this time presenting earth as a dystopia, the costume of the actors is very important in successfully portraying the dystopia, Matt Damon is dressed in dirty, muddy and dusty overalls, with a number etched onto his shoulder, the camera shots at this point are very effective to give the idea of chaos, because the director uses fast paced cross cuts, which adds pace and franticness to the trailer. This fades to a high angle shot of matt Damon, on a medical table with a low key lighting, in a graffiti covered workshop further showing the contrast between the two worlds. Here he is transformed using little medical equipment and power tools, into a part human and robot fighter. Thor 2 : Thor 2 To begin this film trailer, the director opens up with a birds eye view establishing long shot of a urban area, giving us the setting for the scene, this is synchronised with a low pitch sting, this then fades to black, which has connotations of death, darkness and evil, which automatically sets the tone for the film. From this we have a level shot of pigeons flying from a warehouse, pigeons have a connotation and are a symbol of peace, which is in complete contrast to one of the themes in the film which is war. The lighting in this scene is very low key indicating an evil character or scene approaching, the camera is at a low level as it tracks a character covered in a shadow, withholding his identity at this point, the camera then changes to reveal a young girl in a purple sweater , which symbolises creativity and also magic, which relates to the following shot which reveals a fire truck which appears to be floating. At this point we get a voiceover, the voice belongs to an elderly gentlemen, which straight away signifies wisdom, accompanying this is a low pitch orchestral soundtrack that gives the trailer dramatic and powerful feel. This soundtrack is synchronised with a low level mid shot of a persons lower leg, where leaves are shown to blow, the idea that the leaves are on the ground and the dark decayed colour of the leaves creates the idea that the nature all around the humans is dying, which is further emphasised by the following high angle long shot of what appears to be a university, being sliced by a large, black supernatural object, the black signifying evil and mystery. This then cuts to a mid level long shot within the university, where the object blows the windows away, with a synchronous breaking glass sound that accompanies the action. The scene then cuts to a black screen, from which thor is revealed, he is dressed in a suit of armour with a distinct red cape, the red has connotations of danger as well as love, which could give us a insight to his character having two sides to his personality, where he is both a threat, as well as having a soft loving and caring side. PowerPoint Presentation: From this the first use of text is used, on a black background, a metallic gold lettering is used to spell out ‘ THIS FALL’ in a sans serif font ,making it easier to read in a quick glance during the fast paced cuts used to add pace and drama to the sequence. The next shot is a birds eye view shot of thor and his partner walking through a set of golden stone doors, the high angle nature of the shot makes thor , despite his superhero nature, appear insignificant and small, the golden colour of the doors makes the setting appear grand and majestic, in contrast to the previous scene of destruction at the university. Finally the director uses a fast paced sequence of cuts to create the idea of chaos and drama in the warzone shown, the director uses a very low key lighting to give the battle a dark feel. The final shot of the sequence is a low level close up of Thors face, showing many cuts and scars, showing that he is able to bleed in the same way as a human, and the idea that he is on his knees, presents to the viewer that in this movie, Thor doesn’t control the entire battle, that there will be an equal or greater force that he has to face. 300: 300 After opening up with black screen, the first shot is a bids eye view with a canted angle, which slowly zooms towards a screen filled with dead Spartan soldiers. The camera then shifts to a low angle shot of a rival warrior on a black horse, the black horse also has connotations of evil and mystery, the warrior is carrying a gold axe, the gold symbolises wealth and power, which acoompanied with the low angle shot gives the viewer the idea that this man is in control. The camera then moves to a close up shot of men rowing ina ship, the camera focuses on the hands of the men, showing the deep cuts and deep dark red blood being drawn from them due to the shackles, which automatically gives the idea of slavery being a key them in this film. The shot is in a slow motion shot to give the impression that this work, seems to go on for eternity, also the shot is accompanied with a high pitched orchestral soundtrack, to add emotion and an angelic feel to the shot, which is slightly contrapuntal due to the poor conditions and bloodshed. The shot the shifts to a close up shot of a woman's face, who is giving an emotional and powerful speech to a group of warriors, which goes against the original woman stereotype of them being controlled by men. Which would go against the context of the Spartan time period where men are controlling. The following shots are a series of slow paced cuts, in which the camera is at a close up of men's hands carrying out jobs, including carpentry and sword sharpening, which goes with the context of the time period, of men carrying out what is believed to be a man only profession. At this point the lighting is especially low key, symbolising the dark time of war, and the orchestral score at this point has increased in volume, suggesting that these men are viewed upon as angels and hero's, for going to war and for fighting for the safety of others. PowerPoint Presentation: From this the camera moves to a close up of the face of a young girl, which symbolises innocence and vulnerability, which is in a complete contrast to the background, which is a blazing fire, which has connotations of death and destruction. As the score reaches its crescendo, the slow paced cuts change to a series of fast paced cuts, which contain gruesome scenes of what appears to be a dramatic battle, the director uses this to increase the pace of the war, before cutting to a scene of dark clouds shot through a blue filter, with a synchronous ambient lighting sound, revealing the title of the film, 300, which appears to be written in blood, to match the blood shed in the previous action.

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