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Published on March 13, 2014

Author: Sampinner96


Film title research: Film title research Other Film titles: Other Film titles Throughout my trailer research I come across twenty films with different genres, all of the film titles for the films gave the audience a clear idea of what the film is about. Comedy Films: Comedy Films Films like Just Go With It , You Again , Bridesmaids and The Other Woman all use the title of the film within the film, this adds humour to the film as the audience already has a rough idea of what the film is about. Grown Ups gives quite a clear impression of what the film is about as looking at the title of the film you would probably think it would be a serious drama, however as the genre is a comedy the audience gets the idea that the film will be about grown ups who have not grown up yet and are still young at heart. Thriller: Thriller Thriller films like The House at The End of the Street , The Purge , Paranormal Activity and Funny Games use the title of the film in their film and also it gives a rough understanding of what the film is about, for example when House at the End of the Street was first released people knew it was going to be about a haunted house, due to the genre of the film and the title. Whereas Funny Games and The Purge create a sense of ambiguity as the title does not give to much away about the film. Names in titles: Names in titles Films that have names in the titles like Maleficent and ‘The Great Gatsby ’ and Bridesmaids have the key theme in the film in the title, which makes it clear that this is what the film is going to be centred around. As when you hear the film Maleficent you automatically have an idea that the film is going to be about the Disney villain, and when you hear The Great Gatsby you know it is going to be about a man called Gatsby, which is similar to Bridesmaids as the audience knows that the film will be about planning a wedding or being about bridesmaids. reflection: reflection I have chosen my film title to be ‘REFLECTION' as I feel that it gives the audience a basic idea about what the film is going to involve, like the mirror as mirrors reflect things. Although as the genre of my film is a thriller it also relates to part of the plot in the film as well, as one of the characters gets paranoid and is forced to reflect on his life choices.

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