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Published on March 21, 2014

Author: Jannath12


The header keeps with the same theme with the magazine. It familiarise the audience with what they are reading. Other film reviews which may interest the audience. Caption to the picture (a griping still for the film) Image form the film. Introduces the main character(s). The image can be from a trailer which is seen by the audience already to not ruin the film. The title is done bold so it catches you’re eye first thing. The rating is shown below the title the create further interest in the reader. Catchy tagline Positive comments on the film is enlarged. This builds interest. The actual text doesn’t take up most of the page and is a short read. This makes it more likely to be read as it won’t take up too much of the reader’s time. An interest graph is shown to ‘promote’ the film which shows the film highest moments and events. The issue date is shown and the website is included to inform the readers about other reviews online.

Further information about the film and the crew Website information for readers to check out Main characters in a still to build interest . Information about the image. A final paragraph about the film which also acts as a summary on whether its worth watching It includes the release date and the director’s and cast’s names to remind the viewers, who is in it. Also informs about the rating of the film

An eye-catching still from the film and a caption which describes the image Lots of short reviews in a double which looks professional and busy however, it will also be very time consuming as writers so we don’t like this layout

By analysing these reviews, I now have a better understanding of the elements which our film review article needs in order to successfully create an eye-catching, innovative and gripping article in the style of existing reviews from film magazines which we are all familiar with and read on a daily basis.

Here are some draft layout ideas for our own film review: Release date and cast and crew names Image Title and rating T e x t Predicted curve Title Image Rating and verdict T e x t Image Title Rating and verdict T e x t

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