Film production: A Bollywood Experience

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Information about Film production: A Bollywood Experience

Published on February 1, 2014

Author: rampdwivedi



Bollywood, Film making, Media Studies

    Intermittent motion mechanism 24 frames/second Over(upto 40)/under (upto15) cracked Projection of the films @ 24 f/sec Retina retains an image for 1/10 seconds after disappearance i.e. persistence of vision (PoV) invented by D’arcy & Kricher in 1646AD

 Cinematograph-Lumiere Brothers Louis (1864-1948) and Auguste (1862-1954), French photographic manufacturers, inventors, and pioneer film-makers who invented an early picture camera in 1895 that also functioned as a projector and printer. They called their device the Cinématographe, from which the word “cinema” is derived..  Kinetoscope-Thomas Edison(1847-1931) The Kinetoscope, invented by Thomas Edison and William K. L. Dickson, is considered to be the first “movie machine”. It was in production in the early 1890s and quickly became popular in carnivals and sideshows. One of the first short films for the Kinetoscope was Fred Ott’s Sneeze. “Kinetoscope parlors,” with coinoperated machines, sprang up in New York in the late 1890s.

   One Shot Movie Magic & Movie Camera A trip to moon

Theatre & Cinema  Shadow puppet  Magic Lantern  Book  Cage & Pigeon  Photography & Cinema  1839 invent of camera  EDWARD MEBRIDGE Horse Race 1872 

       Movie Camera Film Studio Lightings Editing machines Projectors Theatres

Pre Production Research, Idea, Theme etc.  Production Shooting  Post Production Editing, Dubbing, FX 

    Search for Opportunity to meet Informal Discussion Reminder Fix appointment

   Present story before the director Emphasize on – beginning, treatment & climax What is new should be told

   Director/Producer go for search of a financer Marketability is discussed If necessary , story writer is asked to join for detail presentation of the idea.

Budget is estimated  Installments are discussed  Time frame is also discussed Big budget does not ensure success of a film. e.g. A Wednesday(Neeraj Pandey,2008) is a very small budget film but a hit 

   An opportunity for announcement promotion Clap-board an unique technique

    High Key Low Key Day/Night Outdoor/Indoor

 Back gr ou  nd Cos tum  es Mak e-up  s Prop s

  Costumes and makeup makes characterization vivid Age and Status is set by these two elements

        Various Special effects create authentic environment, It includessound(nats or artificial) Music Frame speed(fast for comedy, slow for tragedy) Animation Graphics Stock/Library shot Still photos/FREEZE etc

 Dr. R.P .Dwiv ed Deptt. O (Journ alism B.R.A m f Hind i i & Mas s Com be dka r Co l l ege Unive rsity o f Delh i Mobil e: 093122 76633 E-mai rampd l w ivedi@ gmail m.) .com

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