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Published on March 10, 2014

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Film Analysis

Film Poster Analysis Romeo and Juliet 1996

Purpose The purpose of the poster is mainly advertisement reasons; however it’s used to show those involved in the production such as the director and producers. It highlights the two main characters who are positioned at the bottom centre of the poster and also the many people who are involved in the poster. It also shows the viewers that this film will be of violence but will a romantic feel Key Image The two images are of a couple immersed with each other and the brutal gun fight of individuals on either side. We clearly come to the conclusion that the couple are Romeo and his lover Juliet due to the title; they have taken their role seriously as two bittersweet lovers with the intense kiss. However the overall image loses its positive aspects with the coinciding battle on either side, this indicates that those fighting are on the left side may be on Romeos side of the family whilst those on the right will be on Juliet’s. This incorporates William Shakespeares love story but with a modern twist

Background Colour The background has a psychedelic look with the purple and orange haze. The clouds do not come across calm or tranquil making it seem like something nerving will occur. The burning heart is actually the sacred heart which seems to fit in with whole concept of the poster as it’s a bittersweet image The poster has a very vintage look to it. The poster hasn’t got too much colours involved but mainly orange and bluish tones. The main colours can be seen within the background whilst those in the battle are in black and white or in a blue hue, this goes well with the colour scheme of the background. Romeo and Juliet are not in any overpowering or bold colours but are just in ordinary clothing which will portray ordinary colours. The title colour is just in plain white which is very simple. I really like the casts name text colour as it appears that it is burning with an orange glow coming out of it, it is very appealing and it goes with the backgrounds orange cloud-like image

Text Font The actual text style is quite plain in simple and ordinary sans serif type, however it does come across quite edgy as it has a very grunge like look to it with shattering effects within each letters this could be due to the edginess of the poster. The text of the heading and subtext is very large but not too overpowering were it will take our attention of the images, I really like the size as it is very clear Tag Line The tag line states “my only love sprung from my only hate”, this doesn’t give too much away but however tells the audience it’s a love story. Those who are familiar with the famous Shakespeare love story will be aware of the meaning to the tag line that it is indeed a love triangle story and that the feuding and disagreements have brought the couple together

Layout Straight away we see a great contrast within the poster, we can see the feuding sections on each side which comes across very negatively, then we see the loving couple who are immersed with one another and are not fazed by their surrounding. We can already come to the conclusion that the topic of the film will be around love and violence and feuding families. The fact that the battle are on each of the couples side suggests that each side are battling for each of the couple showing that they defend their family members, this is very mafia inspired. The battle seems to calm down a little with the sacred heart in the middle of the fight, this could be the extinguish of the battle showing that the negativity will not come in between the couples love for each other Target Audience A mature audience will be best suited for this film due to the genre. Young adults could be targeted due to the age of the two main couple, they seem to be rather young themselves so could appeal to that age group. Those who are interested in love and action films intertwined and also the original Romeo and Juliet story will be the target audience

Overall Opinion This poster is a great way to modernise an old love tragedy story written in the 1500s. I love how they outlined this with the use of weapons (from swords to guns) and the individuals’ attire which is a common indicator of the present. The poster tells us a lot about the film such as how violence can somehow bring a couple closer to one another; though it doesn’t give too much away so the audience know what they are looking forward too

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