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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: maheenkhan921


Film digital distribution, print and marketing

Film distributers  The key players in film distribution are the big companies which controls much of the industry, control the distribution of their own products, and of others  Films are loaned out to cinemas for a set amount of time  release dates are secured  a set number of screens and screen times

Release dates Things to consider Answer What is the aim of most films? Who releases them? When is it the best time to release films? How do they do it?

Release dates Things to consider Answer What is the aim of most films? To make the highest amount of money from the largest audience (at box office) Who releases them? Distribtors Film Distributors Association – oversee process 10 releases a week When is it the best time to release films for optimum success? Fridays/weekends (when people go out) Seasons (valentines, Halloween, Christmas) In relation to other released Near (before) Oscars How do they do it? Marketing/promotional campaigns (most expensive part!)

Marketing/promotion  Why is this important to the film industry?  To make return (money back which was invested for production)  To make return on distribution costs (prints)  A Hollywood blockbuster is released ‘wide’ with one or more prints sent to each multiplex. Typically 400-500 prints, each costing £1000. So, a significant investment  To make more income (profit) at box office and from merchandise  The wide release of a film depends on a blanket of promotional and advertising coverage for the first weekend (or more) to create a ‘buzz’ about the film.  Some big films are advertised months before release…..

Marketing  Think of all the ways films are marketed (a way to get people to consume/buy):  *consider above the line/below the line….

Above/below the line marketing/advertising  ‘Above the line’ advertising which will be funded as part of the project  Trailers  billboards  various other spin offs e.g. McDonalds happy meal toys and in house promotion of the film.  ‘Below the line’ publicity which is not paid for but generates mutual interest  an interview with a magazine or newspaper or reviews (any positive reviews will obviously help the promotion of the film although any bad publicity will obviously have an impact on the film

Life of marketing Remember that marketing isn’t just BEFORE the film is released  To sell DVD  To sell downloads  Often the selling points of these is the success in cinemas!  Re-release (Example – titanic)  To sell on iTunes (sales such as .99p ……or part of packages)  Reason to buy netflix/lovefilm etc.  Of course to sell merchandise too………….video games etc.

Prints  It is called ‘film’ because this used to be shot on FILM  Cameras have film reels  Prints were made to show in cinemas  Just recently, the industry has moved to digital distribution and digital projection/exhibition  However, prints still exist  To show in smaller towns/cities that don’t have digital capabilities  To show in traditional cinemas that still believe in and celebrate the old tradition of classic filmmaking  Financially, only massive films with massive budgets can afford to create prints (and digital) MAKE 35mm (the size of the actual film reel) COST £1000.00 per print HOW SHOWN Hired by exhibitor

Disadvantages of prints  What do you think?

Disadvantages of prints Disadvantages Expensive to make Expensive to store (very big) Expensive and difficult to transport Makes showing time longer (if only make 100 prints, only 100 cinemas can show it) Very fragile, easily damaged Wear and tear = get damage the more used/watched Wasteful (get thrown away to view)

Digital distribution & projection  It is likely the film is firstly shot on digital cameras and therefore editing in digital software programs (production)  Digital projection, especially when married to the increasing use digital formats in production, can now replicate - if not surpass - the image quality of conventional 35mm cinema presentation  The compressed and encrypted files sent directly to cinemas to be downloaded, de-encrypted (unlocked) and opened as files for screening with digital projection equipment.

Digital distribution & projection ADVANTAGES DISADVANTAGES Cheaper (no prints) Instant transportation as the files are sent electronically (not long like transferring prints) Piracy Able to make money faster Films are likely to be more commercial/mainstream (preventing the promotion of independent cinema) The shortened first-run period will allow distributors to release on DVD earlier

Digital Screen Network  DSN sites supports new facilities  in 211 screens across the country (out of a total of just over 3,300)  small but important step change towards full digital cinema

Homework: (marketing)  Chose one Hollywood film and describe how its distributor/institution carried out its marketing and distribution for a successful film output.

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