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Published on March 28, 2014

Author: liamgrantham96


PowerPoint Presentation: By Liam Grantham PowerPoint Presentation: In the opening scene the audience see a black screen with some credits in the center of the screens in a blue shadowed font. Diegetic sound of water rippling- creating an eerie tone. We then see mid close up shot of a man under water. This image then fades back to a black screen where the audience see the title SAW in the same shadowed font, which slightly zooms in. it then goes to an close up of a sinking necklace under water, which matches the previous sound of the rippling water. The way in which the necklace is sinking represents that there is no life indicating that this man is dead. So us the audience are then shocked when we hear the synchronous sound of him gasping for breath and coughing. The next shot shows us a high angle shot of him in the bath- the change between the close up of himself and the high angle reflects how he’s trapped and helpless, this is also presented with the low key lighting in the shot. The dimmed lighting highlights the blood on the tiles- reflecting the dangerous situation that the man is in, also the dirty conditions of the bathroom with the murky pipes and germ ridden toilet- showing this has never been a nice place. we see our man struggling getting out the bath also portrayed with a high angle. The rustling of the chains really break through the silent backing track. The Diegetic sound of him “Help Me, Someone there?” to which someone replies. The lights then come on we see a tracking shot moving along the ceiling then goes back to our man who’s blinded by the light he’s been neglected of. The man in the shot is wearing PJ’s emphasizing that he’s know villain or super hero just a normal guy- showing that this can happen to anyone. The Camera then goes to a POV shot the distorted view of him. We see a different man held up against a pipe Who’s drenched in more smart uniform (Shirt and trousers- a businessman not physical strong) the shirt is dressed in sweat showing his nerves of the situation. The camera then pans (shows their confusion of the matter), and the use of editing as the camera spirals (they’ve lost control of their mind by realising the reality of the situation) around a blood bath with a dead body on the middle of the two. PowerPoint Presentation: In the opening scene we see a low angle ( showing physical power and domain), edited black and white angle of two men with the mise en scene showing them wearing leather jackets and one with a crucifix around his neck this is interesting as it shows that deep down he's a good man and our protagonist who's seeking forgiveness. We then hear the synchronous sound of him say “lets Go for a ride”. The black and white image of the two then fades to a black screen. We then see a extreme close up of an exhaust with the fast flames coming from it- suggesting this is the start. The shot then quickly changes to a birds eye view of two cars racing against one another. The high angle shot then goes back to a close up of a speed perimeter, which is why all the cuts are fast paced matching the quick pace footage. The shot then jumps to a low angle of a car driving at us with a low angle showing a car driving at us then a wide shot of the car then driving past us.. Throughout this fast sequence the credits are scattered around the screen in a pure white impact type font. We see a lot of different low and high key lighting representing the bad and the god times portrayed in the story. This can bee seen with a high angle of man sitting in a car, effects have been added to portray an almost shadow effect on him and creating a negative response from the audience. This low key lighting is then changed with high coming into our view with the fast paced action of the mustang driving towards us. We see a pan shot of- the car getting close to us. The shot is in a high angle showing the dust being left behind (showing the past is behind them). We see a establishing wide shot of a car chase around the mountains, which would have been tracked in helicopter. CGI is used in the editing with the explosions to identify the dangerous situation that wouldn’t occur in every day life. A panning low angle then goes to one of the main protagonists looking out his car window. This takes all the attention of the dangerous activity's back to him. The high key lighting is frequently changing to low key emphasising the roller coaster ride of emotions which we see with death and struggle of a low angle of a bruised battered women. The next shot goes to two men wearing suits (mise en scene showing ready for action in a professional manner) running on the roof tops. A mid shot of a man holding a gun is in the next scene. Then switches of an extreme close up of a fired gun- hence the smoke.. This then jumps a high angle shot of all the previous cars parked outside a cemetery the high angle brings us back to the reality of death but by having there cars in the shot shows us that driving is a vital part of there life. Which compares to the bright vibrant colours of the flowers in the cemetery. The next shot shows our main protagonist looking down at the crucifix, this shot reflects back to the first image of him wearing it around his neck. Where he is now holding it shows us how he’s struggling to cope with the reality's of death but also is looking for god to save them. The last shot we see is a car driving into the sunset (low angle)- showing a new chapter In the story is beginning. The sun shows a natural light of hope being brought into our picture very comparative to the previous scene at the cemetery. PowerPoint Presentation: The non diegetic sound of holy church choir enters the opening scene showing a high angle long shot of a car driving in the exotic location in the desolate mountains- the horizon is in the distant showing a sense of ambition to our picture with a positive, straight thinking mood. The choir then connects the next shot of an establishing wide shot illustrating the scene in more detail. The remote countryside( trees etc.) shows us the calm nature of the fast paced drive we are on. The non diegetic music then goes into a violin solo- which connotates the complete opposite to the calm previous clip, with the funeral bases theme, emphasising death coming onto our screen. However alternate view of this shot is the deep thought with a lo9nng drive. A close up of the road, with the bright vibrant yellow lines centre of our screen.- showing the restrictions on the road but also in life. Yellow connotates a hazardous situation. This shot then pans upwards where we see the car going past these restrictions, this shot rises to an extent showing a powerful character who breaks the rules and restrictions. The next shot is a close up of the now present woman driving, in this shot we cant see her eyes, which reveals a hidden identity, a touch of mystery to her character- representing an Alfa female. Our view of her is blinded with the view of the precious pearls with a crucifix (goes to an extreme close up) in our eye line. The mise en scene of the women and pearls shows us the audience that she is a wealthy independent women but who also believes in a faith- going against the shot of her breaking the rules with the fast dangerous driving. The synchronous sound of her screeching her breaks overlaps the original opera sound track. Which matches the action of the close call she almost had when over taking opposing lorry, as we realise she makes it through the gap the original choir based soundtrack comes into the shop fading out the ambient sound. We then have a high angle of another lorry coming at her in the horizon- which shows a race type image of her trying to beat this lorry to the space in front of the other lorry she's trying to overtake- the high angle shows the uncomfortable close distance there is and the dangers that aren’t present to her hence the yellow road restrictions covered up by her car. The suspense then gets more evident with the music of the choir getting louder with tone and the tempo also rising. A canted angle is pit into our screen to show the un even mid set she has as the opposing lorry gets increasingly near. The synchronous sound of the bumped being smacked off rings into our ears over taking the past soothing choir soundtrack. We have an over the shoulder shot of her prospective of struggling to gain control of the car and situation. Editing is then put into the scene- with slow motion of the crash and car moving out of control to emphasize the shock nature of the occurrence of the crash The fast cut from this shot shows she know longer gains or hope as the crucifix is violently moving. The next shot is a mid shot of her now static in the car side ways on, looking at our screens. This shot is very powerful as this is the first real time we have her full face visible at us the audience, the shot shows her innocence, which is why this previously strong woman is now a damsel in distress. The shot then zooms into her which then the truck zooming into our camera showing the big crash is upon her. Another canted angle is presented with the lorry approaching her, this shot shows her shaken mind set. A high angle wide shot is shown as the synchronous sound of the collision- which emphasises the first image of the horizon in the opening shot, two parallel shots of calmness of life to the dangerous side of reality.

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