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Published on March 28, 2014

Author: liamgrantham96


PowerPoint Presentation: By Liam Grantham PowerPoint Presentation: Opening image in the shot is a group of teens sitting around a fire, the camera pans all the way around the circle. The camera then goes to a close up of a girl who's drinking a flirting with another boy where we see a reverse shot of them both giving the other one the eye. The scene then cuts and the next shot shows an establishing wide shot shows two running, the shot changes with the boy running into the camera so show his staggering, drunken nature. We see them running past a fence at a high angle. The f ence illustrates how they are breaking the rules of society which are there to keep them safe. The sky is very dim and cloudy with the sun rising- stating how late they are out, the dangers of night are almost over with sunrise among them. The mice en scene of the twos clothing are very basic jeans and jumper- showing us how they are ordinary people but also how it wasn’t seen as summer making the whole scene confusing. The ambient sound of the waves crashing is seen with the establishing wide shot showing the vast radius of the beach. The exchange of shots showing the view of the boy and girl is showed when the chase between the two and the synchronous sound of the dialogue of the boy saying wait up. We see a high angle of the girl jumping in to the water. Reflecting that she is vulnerable. As we compare her size to the oceans with a long shot of her swimming out far near a buoy, indicating that she isn’t out of her depth and is a strong swimmer. This long shot then goes into a low angle close up of the girl gasping for breath. The low angle shows our previous opinions of her being a strong swimmer whose in control. The sunrise in the background seems very close showing that there is no danger. Then the shot goes into a low angle shot from under water looking up at her twinkling her toes. The sound then goes into a calm harp (Non Diegetic) which creates a sense of calmness, but also an eerie feeling. We go back to her shaking her hair(Close up) to show a provocative side, the next shot is again the same view of looking under water (low angle) up at her feet. Showing that nothings changed since the last shot where she seemed in control. Then from the calm harp we hear. The infamous Don, Don. The shot starts to zoom in on her legs. The shot then goes back to her up right in the water. It’ a high angle as she gets pulled under. Which emphasises the speed of which she goes under and the fact she cant be in the water alone. The shot hold still then the low angle shit of bubbles coming to the surface and her struggling for breath. We hear the synchronous sound of her screaming. We then see a low angle wide shot of the buoy with nothing. Then the scream comes into the scene as the girl is dragged onto the buoy. The mise en scene and use of the buoy is to portray the distance travelled but also the main factor is to seek help by ring the bell which she doesn’t do creating a sense of irony. The next shot which follows the girl going under is a wide shot of the boy sleeping on the beach with the sun now hidden by the clouds showing that there is know light only dark, due to her death. This shot fades out to a final establishing wide shot which we aw at the beginning of the sequence of the buoy in the distance of the endless sea, foreshadowing how nothing happened and Know one else will know about what happened about the tragic incident due to her being alone when the event occurred. So as far as everyone else is concerned apart from the viewers nothing happened that night illustrating the vast speed and hidden horrors of the attack. PowerPoint Presentation: We see a low angle long shot in the opening scene showing a long dark hall way, with low key dimly lit lighting which suggests terror. As we travel through the hall way we have eerie music of violins and pianos in the background with a slow tempo. The shot then cuts to a spiral image of a staircase almost making an illusion, this represents a confused frame of mind. The credits are coming up in a red font which is almost mimicking the James Bind theme with the red corresponding with the numerous circles in the spiral motion. A jump cut then goes to a prison type door, with rain coming down from the ceiling creating horror picture in your head, as the eerie music is carried on throughout. A extreme close up of someone’s hand in in the shot when we jump from the prison door. The hands are pushing against a desk showing distress. With the lighting being increased in order to see the subjects shadow in the desk, which connotates a dark secret. We then go into day light although the saturation on the shot has been decreased slightly. We see a big high gate showing more advanced security in the opening prison type base. The black gates are opened by two guards showing that there is know returned which is really emphasised when we see another set of gates in the matter of seconds. Making us the viewer feel trapped. The canted angle shows a uncertainty as we enter the gates and see a low angle shot natural scenery of trees surrounding us which is unusual as the previous darker image was clear to the eye. We then go into a darkly lit room only lit by a fire- reflects danger. And then see a gun being kicked behind someone by there foot which is another extreme close up identifying the main focus on the gun being present in this secure unit as it shows the unusual nature of someone hiding a gun. We then see a blank shot of snow falling from the sky. Stating the cold nature of the place. A low angle wide shot of a cell showing chains reflects danger and aggression of the setting we are in by seeing the whole room shows us that there is nothing to hide. This shot fades into a close up of a wired fence emphasizing the idea of no return. A black screen is now present with the credits going distorted. Then we see a image of someone lighting a match- shows someone's trying to find there someone trying to escape from this place which we then see a establishing wide shot of a island showing there is no escape rout. The cold saturation makes the place seen harsh and which we see the title in red reflect of he black screen. Red connotating death. PowerPoint Presentation: The first image in the opening sequence is of the spiralling milky way, which how's an establishing wide shot, which the producers must had gathered from somewhere else or used CGI in order to gain this footage. The non-diegetic soundtrack of a hip/hop rap song is in the background, in the background we see the pure white title Relativity Media form with a flash of light signifying the combine of religious faith and science on either side of the milky way forage. This shot cuts to a faded extreme close up of the spiralling milky way, and the title Relativity Media presents appear again but this time in a lower saturated font which is now central to the now zoomed out image of a revolving sphere- showing the world, the circle conotates a never ending life Also the previous sound track states the lyrics “We Roll” backing up the movement of the sphere . Then a jump in the cut which shows is the different actors(Bradley Cooper, Robert Di Niro) in the film which are seen at different angles of the sphere which is representing the world describing all angles on the earth. The constant quick jumps from different cuts then goes to a black background which makes the new frequency image which an typical image which foreshadows the heart beat. This image then transforms with another fast paced cut, which shows numerous numbers which are increasing in value to show the certain image in the stock market. The central image returns to our screen of the rotating sphere, which the LIMILESS appears on our screens the image then fades out to a white pure screen which we hear banging and a distorted, aggressive foreign voice. Then we hear the diegetic sound of “Obviously I miss calculated a few things” running other the scene. This links in with the previous shot of the stock market type numbers. The white faded shot then jumps into a mid shot of zooming out of a silver safe which shows the security and in dangerous nature in the start of the film as the ambient synchronous sound of the thudding ringing into our ears. From this shot we see a variety of removal boxes highlighting this is a new environment . As the camera pans across the wrecked floor where a dolly has been used. We then finally se our man Bradley Cooper standing on a 10 story balcony. It shows a low angle close up shot to emphasise the bravery of himself by putting himself at risk, but also the close up shows that he also trapped in the picture. The clothing he is wearing is shown to bee very smarty but also seen as a successful rich man by the fact of a suit having a bad day seeing how his shirt is untucked and buttons un done, going completely against the first initial image we see. However the untidy effect shows that he is ready for action. Then the close up particularly on his eyes pans around his face showing there is nothing to hide about him. CGI is then used as we see a fast video race into the city, the editors have fast forward an every day situation in the heart of New York. Which identifies the fast paced city life that he must live. The camera then goes down looking at the publics feet. Not revealing there emotions through their faces stating that you are programmed like a robot whilst working in the city. A establishing wide shot comes into the scene when we see tilted high angle from a bar, representing someone's point of view as we follow there journey up the stairs, which represent the ladder to succeed, that combines as we then see Bradley Cooper standing on a bridge over looking the whole city though a long shot. Hear he is looking down at a stereo typical image of the yellow taxi which we associate the city with, then we see a much more relaxed but maybe confused Bradley Cooper- who is represented as living on the edge as every shot we see him in he is looking over something, the balcony to the bridge. The fast paced editing suggests to us the audience that we are perhaps going back through time and are going to see the events that occurred for him to get to this state. PowerPoint Presentation: We see a black screen with a red font flickering showing the nervy nature of the situation, This then dissolves into a tracking close up of a lamp, where we see more credits. T this point we see the constant sound bridge of the sound bridge of an eerie Non diegetic low pitch and tempo set tone- this is the first time we have an incling of the nature of the film. The light source of the lamp and credits with it then go into spirals made with the continuity editing of increasing the pace in the changing angles to show the confused look of the only present light source, suggesting the confused, un-even approach the producers are setting by making our vision of the scene blurred. The hanging light then tracks down where we see a high angle shot of a young boy ( this is evident with the bright colourful blanket- portraying the creative but yet innocent mind the younger generation have, also a teddy bear- a traditional comforter that is away from his stating the growing fact that our boy is vulnerable. The shadow of the bed creates a prison kind of feeling- showing the boy is trapped in even the most safe environment. We see this idea with the light coming in from the window- stating that it’s the early morning not night not reaching his room, suggesting there is a dark nature looming in with this boy given the low key lighting. We then go off into a tracking shot along his room on a dolly, in this shot we see no natural light only the light from a lava lamp foreshadowing the idea of a super natural image. The tracking then speeds up to the then slow paced shot of the kitchen where we see a zoom in shot of a shadow out side the window. The sound bridge of the music, then builds into a much more faster paced, heart pulling tone. The distinct sound then gets distorted as we see the shadow move. The tracking shot then eases as we go around the corner into a dark hall way. Where we see a slightly low angle long shot of a candle showing the only light in the hall way, which then the camera zooms in a even lower angle close up of a scary, pale white- corresponding with the black hallway and black clothing, the position of the women is looking down, not revealing all of her identity. This shot then fades out into a black background showing we are then lost once again. The faded shot then shows INSIDIOUS come up inn a flickering red font- showing the same font at the start of the credits. PowerPoint Presentation: In “The TERMINATOR” the opening scene we see a war stricken (due to the scrap metal and rubble) Los Angeles based in the future, the deselect image is set in a low key lighting to show the depressive tone and reality of war being a dark nature. Out if this low key lighting we see the vibrant blue flash of light (highlights the future with the sci fi based image) which is then followed by smoke rising into our screens, which shows us the destructive event which has occurred. We then are introduced to the diegetic sound of a futuristic air craft flying over the established wide shot of the war stricken land scape. This informs us the audience that something happening now especially when the blue and red flashes of laser beams flash onto our screens again but this time more frequently highlighting and backing up the futuristic stereotype war we are experiencing. We then CGI of a close up of the bright colors of light from the explosion. This diegetic sound is followed by the others including the guns and robotic sounds. The next shot shows a close up of a tank trampling over the mantle on the floor. Showing the destruction and danger in the situation. To which the quick cut to the next tracking dolly shot of a soldier running through the scene we then switch views with a slightly panned angle of him running towards us to- to show his disturbed thoughts of not knowing what to do with the fear of death on his shoulders. This image is represented with the bright colors showing his life being covered up by the dark, dull grey smoke from the ongoing explosions. A low angle establishing wide shot Is created when we see the tank based military vehicle rolls down the hill- this shows the us the chase that is on between the soldier alone and the destructive tank. The shot pauses to which we see white technical writing (also the non-diegetic sound the type writer) explaining what happened. The shot then fades out into a black screen to which the sound bridge of the drum beats softens to a windy tone- showing that we are going away from this scene. But then the non-diegetic sound of the previous sound track intervenes with a real deep echoing drum- showing the military nature of offence and also highlighting a quest with the faster pace intervening, which the black screen is then accompanied with a blue sci fi lines colliding into one another (almost looking like a microchip), showing various cast members and producers etc.. The microchip based image then Zooms out where we see the word Terminator appear to our screens with a ray of light running through it.

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