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Published on January 22, 2014

Author: liamgrantham96


PowerPoint Presentation: By Liam Grantham PowerPoint Presentation: In the opening shot we see and hear the synchronous sound of police cars/ ambulances racing down a highway. The shot is at a low angle and a establishing wide shot. We have the non diegetic sound of a drum beat and piano as the backing music overlapping the synchronous sound (acting as a sound bridge). The credits are in a yellow bold font- matches Rocky's shorts from the previous film. We then go into a extreme long shot of a city at night- hence the night life of lights repelling against the dark sky. To which we see the title Rocky II. As the title comers up we have a tracking shot, which must of used a dolly in the process- acting As if we are on a journey around the city and on journey with Rocky. The non diegetic sound then changes into a marching band fashion with trumpets playing as more credits appear. We then go back to the low angle but now slightly canned angle close up of the ambulance van. Then we see a POV of the tracking showing where the ambulance is going. We then go back to a wide shot of the ambulance driving into of shot and then past (A panoramic shot). Then we go into a high angle shot of the ambulance pulling over, then another mid shot of the ambulance coming into our shot. The prop of an ambulance makes us realise the dangerous nature of film but as we follow it we ask our self who's in the am balance and where is it going. PowerPoint Presentation: We see a zooming extreme close up of a meteor racing through space which is matched with the synchronous sound of “whoosh” creating a super natural feeling of out of this world footage. This then matched with the non diegetic sound of a low drum beat (earthquake type)- creating suspense. An establishing wide shot of the shooting star in space, matches this unreal footage type of feeling. The sound bridge of a radio presenter illustrating the world exclusive news is played throughout. The establishing wide shot then cuts into an extreme close up of the bright lights (CGI editing)- the bright lights connotate the feeling of a saviour. Another shot is then added in of home footage of the meteor being filmed coming into earth. This shot is then continued to a shot of YouTube playing the shot- the two different shot show how everyone can see this meteor so it does apply to everyone and is their issue. The radio sound bridge then states an Alien sighting to which the shot then shows a stereo typical crop field with the sun set in the distance (establishing wide shot), a positive mood. An extreme close up of sporting trophy's which the camera tracks along suggesting this person is a born winner of great physical strength. The tracking then goes onto a news paper justifying the previous image “ Marvel Athlete of a boy”. The next jump shot is of the boys name “Clark Kent” on one of the trophies. The sound bridge then says the sky's the limit- which is matched with the establishing wide shot of a city at sunrise ( a parallel of the two different locations one city the other countryside). This high angle is then opposed with the low angle on a street of the same city the shot shows a man fly into our shot. The next shot shows another parole with a newspaper with the same picture but the same format of the one of the marvel athlete boy. In the newspaper text, we have an extreme close up tracking the text “Superhuman Exists” this close up then cuts to another close up of someone reading the article on a i -pad with the shot zooming into the figure 2203 comments- stating how everyone is aware of this big news. Making us the audience want to know who and where is this human that we’ve seen glimpses of? We the go to a low angle of someone's feet which then track up the body where we see the figure of an S on our screens. The shot is then finished with a over the shoulder shot of a man flying looking down over the city- showing control and dominance. This is his city. PowerPoint Presentation: We hear the synchronous sound of 50’s style music playing from a black (acting as a sound bridge throughout). The black screen then goes a long shot slightly low angle of someone's drive way where we see some credits appear. The shot then begins to zoom out emphasising how the person doesn’t belong there or might be intruding. At this point the camera has a hand held type of feel to it showing this man is not In the right frame of mind or a weird situation. We then go to a over the shoulder shot of a man sat in a old retro 50’s car matching the music. The camera then pans around hi- we get a clear view of him nothings hidden. The diegetic sound of grass hoppers ring into our ears- connotating an agitated mind, overlapping what was the main frame of thought of the 50’s music. We see him reach in to the glove compartment, pulling out a glove wrapped in cloth ( this shows us that our mans not particular proud of what he's about to do and not a professional, he's ashamed of himself as he has to hide the gun away from himself. The shot shows him wearing a suit- indicating a academic not physical minded man. As he unwraps the cloth wee see the bullets ad revolver separate- meaning that he wasn’t prepared to do this act, a last ditch attempt. The shot then cuts to a mid shot of our man drinking liquor from a bottle- other evidence he's not in the right frame of mind and isn’t particular planning this in a professional manner. As he has to take a swig for courage- also stating he is unfamiliar territory in the situation. The non diegetic music goes from a high ‘twinkle’ tone down to a low drum type tone- illustrating the uneven heart beat and mind-set. A sound bridge is then made with someone's voice in court overlapping the dissolving scene which evaporates into a court room without man standing behind the American flag- emphasising the patriotic, honourable and clean cut man that he is. Making us the audience ask a question did he really kill someone, we question our own interpretation of the character we see in front of out screens.

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