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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: lovephileo3



Ngayon, Samantalahin ang Pagkakataong Ito !
Nais mo Bang Maibalik Ang Mga Panahon o Oras na Nakalipas Sa Pamamagitan Lamang ng Ilang Tabletas ?

Seize this Moment! ! Nais mo Bang Maibalik Ang Panahon o na Nakalipas?

/Edgardo Gonzalez

2 Ngayon, Samantalahin ang Pagkakataong Ito ! Nais mo Bang Maibalik Ang Mga Panahon o Oras na Nakalipas Sa Pamamagitan Lamang ng Ilang Tabletas ?

ABC Primetime Video Oxidative Stress The LifeVantage Story Protandim and True Science Health and Wealth 3

4 Tagalog Video sub-titles ( double-Click icon on Normal View)


PROTANDIM®  Ang isang review ng klinikal na pag-aaral na isinagawa sa 2004 at 2005 ay nagpakita na matapos makagamit ngProtandim ® sa 30 magkakasunod na araw, ang antas ng nagpapalipat-lipat o TBARS, isang laboratoryo marker para sa oxidative stress sa katawan ng tao, nabawasan sa pamamagitan ng isang average ng 40%, sa antas ng tipikal ng isang 20-taon gulang.  Ang Protandim ® ay nilalabanan ang oxidative stress sa pamamagitan ng pagtaas ng natural na proteksyon antioxidant ng katawan sa genetic na antas. Ang natatanging timpla ng phytonutrients sa Protandim ® say nag signal ng activation ng Nrf2 upang madagdagan ang produksyon ng antioxidant enzymes at iba pang mga kaugnay na stress-related gene na produkto. 6

Bakit ang Protandim ® ay epektibo? 7 • Protandim ® ay naglalaman ng isang natatanging kumbinasyon ng mga phytochemicals na sumisignal sa katawan ng tao upang makabuo ng sarili nitong antioxidant enzymes. Ito natural na proseso n gumagawa ng enzymes Milyun-milyong beses na mas mabisa kaysa sa konbentyonal (Direct) mga pinagmumulan ng antioxidants, mula sa pagkain o supplement.

8 Isang (1 ) pill sa isang araw ay magbabawas ng “oxidative stress” by up to 40%.

 Oxidative stress ay DELIKADO sa bawat cell ng tao.  Ito ay nangyayari kapag mayroong isang imbalance sa pagitan ng free radicals at antioxidant defense na sistema ng ating katawan. Mga resulta ng kawalan ng timbang na ito sa damaging cell mutations ay pagiging abnormal ng mga normal na selula 9







Ang Resulta… Pagtanda at Ito’y Nagaganap Sa Atin • Ang mga siyentipiko ay sumasang ayun na ang pagtanda ay pinaka-nakamamatay na sakit, direktang resulta ng pagkasira ng cellular , dahil sa mapanira molecules, na tinatawag na free- radicals. Ito ay literal na parehong proseso na nagiging sanhi ng kalawang. Sa isang banda, ang pagtanda ay ang iyong paraan ng pagkalawang mula sa loob at labas 16

Sino ang nangangailangan ng protandim? 17

 Ang isang kumpanya na nakatuon sa pagtulong sa mga tao makamit ang malusog na buhay na scientifically napatunayan sa mga produkto.  Pagkatapos ng 2 taon ng pananaliksik at pag-unlad, ang Protandim ay inilunsad para sa pagbebenta sa 2005 magsimula sa online na pamamahagi.  Ay walang pamamahagi, pagbenta o koponan sa marketing hanggang naisahimpapawid sa ABC sa primetime na Ulat. 18


LFVN STOCK JUNE, 2005 20 From $0.65 to $20.12


Dr. Sanjay Gupta Chief Medical Correspondant, CNN NY Times Best Selling Author

More than 20 additional independent, Univer sity funded studies are currently underway! • 40% - 70% Decrease in Oxidative Stress. • 300% Increase in Glutathione. • Overall, induction of antioxidant enzymes by Protandim, may serve as a practical and potent approach for Cancer prevention.* *April 10, 2009 LSU Skin Cancer Study. 24

Online Retail Network Distribution DISTRIBUTION MODEL • Retail outlets such as GNC, Vitamin Shoppe were selling ½ a bottle per store per month for four years. • David Brown hired as CEO end of 2008… “There is a giant story here that needs to be told.” Launched network distribution model in of May 2009.

475,000 people join Globally each week. 175,000 people join in the U.S. each week.

PROJECTED GROWTH Wall Street sales projections for Fiscal Year 2013: $250M 27 1st Fiscal Quarter of 2013 : $54 Million

Sold in the United States, Japan, Australia, Philippines and Mexico through a network of independent distributors, and to preferred and retail customers. Products also sold directly to consumers located in Canada for personal consumption. 28

 Healthcare is the next Trillion dollar industry.  Senior nutrition and nutraceuticals is a leading driver of innovation as they are over represented among buyers of all products with health benefits.  Baby Boomers  76 Million born from 1946 – 1964.  Strongest economic demographic group.  Control over 2/3 of every dollar spent in U.S.  Retirement/Financial Future anxieties 29

30 The Good, the Bad and The Ugly LifeVantage story gets misinterpreted and skewed by internet bloggers regarding original developer and formulators. Attempts are made to discredit Protandim, the science team and the science. Paul Myhill, who concieved the idea of using herbs to induce Nrf2, tries to set the record straight on how Protandim was developed in conjunction with Dr. Joe McCord, the science team and LifeVantage. Unfortunately, misinformation is still out there. Even sources like Wikipedia are deemed to be partial and non-objective.

JUST THE FACTS PLEASE! THE STUDIES Sampling of Peer Reviewed Published Articles  2011, Nrf2 Activation Study University of Denver Colorado  2011, Skin Cancer and MnSOD Study Louisiana State University  2010, Bypass Graft Study The Ohio State University  2010, Chemo Preventive Skin Carcinogenis Study Louisiana State University  2009, Skin Cancer Study Louisiana State University  2009, Heart Disease Study National Institute of Health  2008, Glutathione and Ingredient Study University of Colorado Denver  2006, Oxidative Stress Study University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. 31

There are over 100,000 peer reviewed studies on Oxidative Stress at the U.S. Library of Medicine National Institute of Health Website,, concerning how damaging oxidation stress is for our cellular health. 32

PROTANDIM Protandim is comprised of five botanicals used in ancient India and China for thousands of years – ingredients selected because they provide 18 times greater synergy working in tandem together than what they’re able to achieve on their own, hence the name – Protandim. 33 Plant Based Ingredients

MILK THISTLE SEED A flowering plant of the daisy family, native to Mediterranean regions of Europe, North America, and the Middle East. It’s seeds have been used for 2000 years to treat chronic liver disease and to protect the liver against toxins. 34

35 (Rhizome): Turmeric has always been an important part of Chinese herbal medicine and has also been used in India for 2,500 years. It possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, and it’s anti-oxidant power is so effective it actually helps preserve the shelf life of the food it is in. This natural food is believed by many to support liver health, to help prevent bad cholesterol and it is currently being studied for it’s ability to prevent and block the growth of tumors, Alzheimer’s Disease, memory deficits, arthritis, cancer, and diabetes. TURMERIC

GREEN TEA 36 (Leaf): Originates from China and is associated with many cultures in Asia and the Middle East. It is a known metabolism booster and super antioxidant. It has been the subject of many scientific and medical studies to determine the extent of its long purported health benefits. It is a common belief that green tea helps lower the chance of heart disease and developing certain types of cancer.

BACOPA 37 (Aerial Parts) : The Bacopa herb commonly grows in marshy areas thoughout India and has been touted for cognitive enhancing effects for centuries. It possesses strong antioxidant properties, protects mental function and helps improve learning skills.

ASHWAGANDHA 38 (Root): An herb of the ages from the traditional medicine in India. It is considered an “adaptogen”, a term used to describe herbs that improve physical energy and athletic ability, increase immunity to colds, infections, and increase sexual capacity as well as fertility. Ashwagandha root helps boost the immune system, helps alleviate stress, and is also used to treat inflammation, improve memory and provide a rich source of antioxidants.

DIRECT Antioxidant Supplements and Antioxidant rich foods are everywhere and promoted heavily to neutralize free radicals… 39

40 Carbonated sodas are directly related to diabetes, obesity and many other health challenges. Adding antioxidants will not change that fact!

But do they make a difference in the 130,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Free-Radicals your body produces, every day? 41


Our cells produce special indirect antioxidant enzymes. 43 • Indirect antioxidant enzymes that our body produces are "catalytic," which means they are not used up when they fight free radicals. • SOD (superoxide dismutase) and CAT (catalase) can neutralize up to 1:1 Million free radicals.

THE ANTIOXIDANT TRUTH: Protandim’s Ratio of Benefit is 1:1,000,000 (ONE Antioxidant, neutralizes ONE MILLION Free-Radicals) 44

You can consume LARGE amounts of Direct Antioxidants, take your chances and possibly make matters worse. OR You can take the World’s Only - Indirect Antioxidant, once per day and experience a truly Revolutionary Scientific Breakthrough in Health. 45

1st Patent No. 7,241,461 2nd Patent No. 7,384,655 3rd Patent No. 7,579,026 4th Patent No. 7,923,045 5th Patent No. 8,221,805 46

HEALTH: Become a “Preferred Customer” Save with Autoship at Wholesale Prices. Protandim $40 (Retail $50) True Science $70 (Retail $80) 47 Or

Vantage Pack : $630 $550 in wholesale products- includes Protandim and True Science Website plus $80 Starter Kit with marketing materials Monthly Training Series and so much more!

Earn back the money you invested in your Vantage Pack. Do both and you’ve made $1,270 MAXIMIZE BENEFITS: QUICK RETURN ON INVESTMENT 49

MAXIMIZING BENEFITS AS A DISTRIBUTOR Qualify for 40% Commission and All Monthly Bonuses:  $200 Worth of purchases through your website Distributor must buy one bottle/month of Protandim for $40 And have 4 Personal Customers spend total of $160 (combination of Protandim and/or TrueScience) Monthly Sales Volume = $200 50

COMPENSATION PLAN: UNLIMITED INCOME POTENTIAL 51 1. Fast Start Bonus 2. Infinite Fast Start Bonus 3. Fast Start Bonus Pool 4. Royalty Commission 5. Generational Matching Bonus 6. Elite Pool

1. FAST START BONUS 52 Earn 40% on all Distributors and 30% on all Preferred Customers


3. FAST START BONUS POOL 54 • Paid Monthly • Enroll 5 Customers or Distributors whose cumulative volume is $500 or more.

4. ROYALTY COMMISSIONS Level % # of Distributors PV AMT Ex. Compensation 1. 2% 5 200 $20 2. 5% 25 200 $250 3. 9% 125 200 $2,250 4. 5% 625 200 $6,250 5. 5% 3,125 200 $31,250 6. 5% 15,625 200 $156,250 7. 5% 78,125 200 $781,250 8. 5% 390,625 200 $3,906,250 9. 2% 1,953,125 200 $7,812,500 55 *Minimum of 10% must come from each of the 3 leg equivalents. Residual Income opportunity

RANK QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS Rank: OV Requirement: Min # of legs: Max% of legs: Pro 1 1,000 OV 1 100% Pro 2 2,500 OV 1 100% Pro 3 5,000 OV 2 80% Pro 4 10,000 OV 2 80% Pro 5 20,000 OV 2 70% Pro 6 50,000 OV 2 70% Pro 7 100,000 OV 3 60/30/10* Pro 8 200,000 OV 3 60/30/10* Pro 9 500,000 OV 3 60/30/10* Pro 10 1,000,000 OV 3 40/40/10* 56 OV = Organization Volume per Month

5. Generational Matching Bonus 57 • Paid Monthly. • Earn 10% match on all Royalty Checks of your personal enrollments. • Earn additional 5% on next 4 generations of personal enrollments.

6. ELITE POOL  Paid Monthly.  4% of total global commissionable sales are put into a pool and are paid to qualified Elite Pro 7 through Master Pro 10 distributors.  You share in worldwide sales. 58

ARE YOU READY TO GET STARTED BUILDING YOUR FINANCIAL FREEDOM TODAY? LifeVantage is Available in the Philippines. As distributor, you can sponsor prospect in any country we are in ! Shoot me an email : egonzalez@elitegloballeadership My Skype id: egonzalezxyngular Website : Facebook: Twitter : # 1-5123820848 59

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