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Published on November 24, 2007

Author: Sabatini


Slide1:  Commercialization of Bacillus thuringiensis Insecticides in China Yang Ziwen Hubei Bt Research & Development Center Slide2:  Conventional Crop Protection Market 2000 Herbicides 50.8% Insecticides 25.5% Fungicides 20.2% Others 3.5% Total = $27,830 million Slide3:  Global Crop Protection Market Performance 1995-2000-2005 Forecast Sales Sales Real Growth 2005 2005/2000 1995 2000 2000/95 Forecast Forecast ($m) ($m) (%p.a.) (2000 $m) (%p.a.) Herbicides 13807 14140 0.7 13928 0.3 Insecticides 7530 7090 -1.0 7318 0.6 Fungicides 5700 5620 -0.1 5900 1.0 Others 1353 980 -6.1 990 0.2 Total Conventional Products 28390 27830 -0.2 28136 0.2 Slide4:  Insecticide Market by Chemical Sector 2000 Organophosphates 33.1% Pyrethroids 19.7% Others 4.7% Natural Products 7.0% Total = $7090 million Carbamates 14.5% Neonicotinoids 8.5% Acaricides 6.1% Benzoylureas 2.8% Organochlorines 2.0% Other IGRs 1.6% Slide5:  Natural Products 2000 Emamectin 3.1% Total = $495 million Global Market Share 1.8% Bensultap 3.0% Thiocyclam 2.0% Abamectin 32.3% Bacillus thuringiensis 30.3% Milbemectin 8.1% Spinosad 21.2% Slide6:  Natural Products Five Year Sales Performance $m Slide7:  Leading Natural Products Performance Active Sales Launch Growth Ingredient ($m) Date 2000/95 (%p.a.) Abamectin 160 1985 7.8 Bacillus thuringiensis 150 1970 0.0 Spinosad 105 1995 80.3 Milbemectin 40 1991 32.0 Bensultap <30 1986 8.4 Emamectin benzoate <30 1998 n.a. Thiocyclam <10 1979 14.9 Total 495 11.3 Slide8:  Total Market of Pesticides in China: $2500million. Five high toxic OP account to 70% among insecticides. The lost of export value of agro-products due to high toxic residue content was up to 7 billion USD The Use of Pesticides in China Slide9:  Five high toxic OPs Methamidophos Parathion Parathion-methyl Monocrotophos Phosphamidon The Use of Pesticides in China Slide10:  Promotion the use of environmental friendly biopesticides in China has been listed in China 21st Agenda with priority. The production and R&D of biopesticides are the hottest part among agrochemical field. The Use of Biopesticides in China Slide11:  The Use of Microbial Pesticides in China Total output : 100000 tons in 2000. Agro-antibiotics : 5-60000 tons Bts: 3-40000 tons Others : less than 10000 tons Slide12:  The Use of Microbial Pesticides in China Effective compounds: 77(13.4% of total agrochemicals) Formulations: 691(7.1% of total agrochemicals) Producers: 200 (15.8% of total agrochemicals) Treated area: 30 million hectares in 2000 Slide13:  The Use of Agro-antibiotics in China Jinggongmycin. (Validamycin) produced by Streptomyces hygroscopicus var. Jinggangensis Yen for control of Thanatephorus cucumeris in paddy field. Slide14:  The Use of Agro-antibiotics in China Avermectin produced by Streptomyces avermictills nov.SP. Slide15:  The Use of Insect Viruses in China Slide16:  The Use of Entomopathogenic Fungi in China Slide17:  Bacillus thuringiensis var. aizawai var. kurstaki var. israelensis Bacillus sphaericus Ts-1, Bs-10, C3-41 The Use of Bacteria Insecticides in China Slide18:  Sporulated culture Crystal Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) Slide19:  China is ... one of the biggest agricultural countries insecticides represent about 70% of total pesiticides market great potential market for Bts China is ... a developing country local production should be developed to produce good quality Bt products at low cost The Local Bt Production in China Slide20:  The Progress of Local Bt Production in China 1964: First Bt workshop established at Wuhan 1970’s: “Village” manufacturers produced Bts in semi- solid fermentations 1980’s: Few manufacturers produced Bt liquid formulations in submers fermentations 1990’s: More than 40 manufacturers produce liquid + wettable powder formulations 2000’s Less than 10 companies produce varies formulations Slide21:  The Origin of Bt Strains Used in China before 1970’s: - Introduced Bt strains from foreign countries (e.g. Bt galleriae,) 1970’s - 1980’s: - Screened Bt strains isolated from local samples and introduced Bt strains (e.g. Bt HD-1 , Bt 8010) 1990’s: - Bt strains isolated from local samples (e.g.MP-342, Bt Ken-AG, Bt yBt-1520) - Improvement of strains by genetic methods Slide22:  7’000 l 20’000 l 30’000 l 40’000 l Late 1980’s Early 1990’s Mid 1990’s Fermentor volume increasing ... model - 150 model - 450 model - 2’000 2002 Spray dryer capacity increasing... 80T-100T The Bt Production Scales in China(1980’s-2002) Slide23:  Inoculate slant seed production fermentor centrifuge sludge The Bt Production Process for Formulations Slide24:  storage tank spray-dryer micromiller blender Powder Formulation Liquid Formulation sludge The Bt Production Process for Formulations Slide25:  Formulation Capabilities at BtRDC 2 Formulation Lines Liquid formulation Wettable Powder low cost ease of use stable easy to transport Advantages 2’000 IU / ul 4’000 IU / ul 8’000 IU / ul one year stability 8000 IU/ mg 16’000 IU / mg 32’000 IU / mg 50’000 IU / mg two years stability Standard concentrations Slide26:  WDG Oil suspension Granule Floating granule Other Formulations Slide27:  The Used of Bt Among Different Crops forest Vegetables Rice Cotton Corn Mosquitoes Others Slide28:  Major Targets in Agriculture DBM Cotton Bollworm Beet armworm Slide29:  Major Targets in Forest Slide30:  Adult Egg New hatched larvae 4th instar larvae Pupae use for Bt testing Test on artificial diet Calculate LC 50 Check mortality Insect life-cycle The Bt Bioassay Standard Procedures Toxin Protein Quantification Standard Procedure:  Gel- electrophoresis + Toxin Protein Quantification Standard Procedure The Future Challenge of Bt Isecticide :  Bt Insecticide Agricultural Biotechnology Bt Insecticide Other Natural Products eg. Avermectin,Spinosad Bt Insecticide Chemicals The Future Challenge of Bt Isecticide Slide33:  Global Crop Protection Market Performance 1995-2000-2005 Forecast Sales Sales Real Growth 2005 2005/2000 1995 2000 2000/95 Forecast Forecast ($m) ($m) (%p.a.) (2000 $m) (%p.a.) Herbicides 13807 14140 0.7 13928 0.3 Insecticides 7530 7090 -1.0 7318 0.6 Fungicides 5700 5620 -0.1 5900 1.0 Others 1353 980 -6.1 990 0.2 Total Conventional Products 28390 27830 -0.2 28136 0.2 Biotechnology 75 2665 104.8 5076 16.5 Overall Total 28465 30495 1.6 33212 1.7 Slide34:  Agricultural Biotechnology Market by Sector 2000 Herbicide Tolerant Seed 66.1% Insect Resistant Seed 21.3% Stacked Gene Varieties 12.6% Total = $2,665 million Slide35:  Soybean 50.1% Maize 30.2% Cotton 16.0% Canola 3.3% Total = $2,665 million Potato 0.4% Agricultural Biotechnology Market by Crop 2000 Slide36:  Bt Maize 81.0% Bt Cotton 16.9% Bt Potato 2.1% Total = $570 million Global Market of Insect Tolerant Crops 2000 Slide37:  USA 81.7% Latin America 13.0% Canada 3.9% East Asia 1.4% Total = $2,665 million Agricultural Biotechnology Market by Geography 2000 Slide38:  Beijing Shanghai Wuhan Bt RDC Hong Kong Bt Research and Development Center (BtRDC) at Wuhan China Slide39:  Hubei Bt Research & Development Center Slide40:  Hubei Bt Research & Development Center Chair the national project on microbial pesticides. Chair the publication of four national standards of Bt insecticides and provide standard reference. Leading in fermentation and formulation technology. Biggest producer of Bt insecticide in China (40%). AA grade greenfood production insecticides. Slide41:  Hubei Bt Research & Development Center Greenguard -- National Brandname Greenguard – Top Ten Brandname in Agrochemical R&D science and technology progress have been awarded eight times since 1986 Slide42:  Sales Composition in BtRDC Brand Sales Domestic Sales of TP Export of TP Slide43:  Specific formulations for different crops Rice Vegetables Cotton Corn Forest Tea tree Tobacco Mosquito Slide44:  The Third International Training Course Slide45:  The Forth International Training Course Slide46:  The Fifth International Training Course Slide47:  The International Symposium Hosted by BtRDC Slide48:  湖北康欣农用药业有限责任公司 Website: Email:

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