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Published on March 13, 2014

Author: EvaVovka



Jolanta made a presentation how the world will change in 50 years

Jolanta Zeile and Ļubova Fomina

In the future the world, will be totally technological. People will not do manual work, all will be done by robots and they will do it faster. For example, if I wanted pasta, my PC would have ordered my breakfast by the time I wake up. Robots will do everything: homework, laundry, cleaning, etc. Airplanes will be faster that now. They will reach speed of 3000km/h.This will be fantastic because I could get to Paris in 20 minutes. Our cars will be similar to small airplanes which will be able to fly.They will work on wind and sun energy. If i wish to drive not fly, i could use water for oil. Tehnologies

People will not get energy form oil and coal. We will study better how to get energy from sun, wind and water. Now our energy is also sun, wind and water but we can not use this energy for cars. Energy

My eyes will be my passport and my middle finger will be a wallet. My hands will be a remote control of technologies in my house-phone, tv, computer, microwave, fridge and other. Our chip will be in our veins. If i want to know how many illnesses I have, I will go to doctor, put my finger on his laptop and it will say if I have a headache or backache or others illnesses. If i brake my leg, I will not feel pain, just my chip will inform me to put a plaster. Our body will be more easier cured with chip. Our body.

Now it is 2064. My children go to school with pc, mobile phone.They don’t have books, pencils. If they go on field trips or excursions, they can take photo with their IPhone 20S and the internet supplies with the information about this place.They don’t need a guide. School and education

Now we think about life on other planets.The most suitable for life is Mars and Moon. I think if people now wante to go to Moon on excursions, later they would like to live on Moon. But now builders and some companies make plans about hotels or houses on Moon. I don’t like ideas about life on Moon, because the Earth is or planet, not Moon. Life on moon.

Thank you for your attention

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