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Published on December 10, 2008

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Slide 1: FIFE CURLING TRUST           FIFE CURLING CENTRE CUPAR. Slide 2: PROJECT BRIEF.   ·  Create an organisation to construct and manage the new facility. This organisation’s objective is to promote and develop curling and related activities within the Fife community.   ·        Construct a new facility (Fife Curling Centre) with ice dedicated to curling.   ·        Aspire to provide the best possible facilities within a realistic budget.   ·        The facility should be sited in a strategic, central location.   ·        Identify partners that can ensure the facility is fully utilised throughout the year.   ·    Site and partners to be identified that will maximise the opportunities for grant funding.   ·  The facility should be designed and managed by the curlers, ice technicians & project partners to ensure all aspects of the facility meets the members / user’s needs.   The facility should be used to promote healthy recreation and in particular Curling to the wider local community e.g. – Schools, Colleges, Universities, Community Groups. Slide 3: FIFE CURLING TRUST Fife Curling Trust has been registered as a company limited by Guarantee and has also been registered as a Scottish Charity. This will bring many benefits in regards to tax status, gift aid donations, Rates relief benefits, VAT status, access to charitable trusts, lottery grants etc. The Fife Curling Trust will be a non-profit distributing company.   The Charitable Purposes of the Fife Curling Trust are as follows: -   ·       To provide, organise or assist in the provision and organisation of recreational facilities with the object of improving the conditions of life for the public generally.   ·  To encourage and actively promote public participation in sport and curling in particular.   ·   To provide training, coaching and education not only to those participating in sport, but to the public generally, about sport generally and curling in particular.   To promote the health and fitness benefits of community participation in healthy recreation, in particular by playing the sport of Curling. Slide 4: PROPOSED LOCATION OF FACILITY. Slide 5: PROPOSED LOCATION FOR NEW CURLING RINK FACILITY.   The chosen location in terms of local curling provision is critical for the success of the project. We require the facility to be strategically sited in relation to other curling rinks, as the Trust was anxious not to prejudice the other good quality curling facilities within reasonable travelling distance.   The chosen location has to have the potential to increase participation in curling thus increasing club membership and there should be good roads and public transport links to the chosen location.   The new facility would have be central enough that no club would be further than 20-30 minutes travel from a good curling rink. As one of our main targets for development is Schools, Colleges and Universities, it was also necessary to take account of their requirements in relation to travel etc to get to any new facility. The facility will not only meet the current needs of the curling community but will be sited for the maximum development of the sport.   The location should also enable us to create a strong mutually beneficial partnership with other stakeholders, Fife Council, schools etc in order to maximise the chances of a successful grant application and other funding.   The Trust also had to look for a site that provided opportunities and partnerships that would ensure the long-term feasibility of the project through additional & diversified income streams to the facility. Slide 6: Relationship of the catchment areas of Current facility at Kinross and proposed facility at Cupar. Slide 7: NATIONAL CURLING ACADEMY – KINROSS Currently Kinross is running at 80% capacity overall – 90% at peak times. (3 evening sessions) Propose a new 6 Sheet rink. RCCC requires 540 sheets for NCA. Reducing to 2 evening sessions from 3 – same amount of peak time evening ice available as present. Kinross will still run at 90% capacity at peak times but overall will drop to 70% capacity due to more daytime ice. Kinross hope to grow the business by natural growth and development of the sport. Slide 8: All curling clubs in Fife were invited to complete a questionnaire about current and future ice usage (new facilities being postulated at Cupar and Glenrothes). The results from the 35 club responses showed a general preference for a rink in the Cupar area, with very strong responses from clubs in East Fife & Cupar Provinces. All 26 of East Fife & Cupar province clubs with a total of 721 members are within 20-25 minute radius of Cupar. (Kirkcaldy clubs with a membership of 167 curlers are also only 25 – 30 minutes from Cupar). This location provides the opportunity to enter into a mutually beneficial partnership with Elmwood College, Fife Council & Fife Education. Bell Baxter is one of the largest schools in Scotland with 1900 pupils and alone has a catchment area that encompasses 9 Cupar province curling clubs. Bell Baxter School already utilises sports facilities and coaches at Elmwood College and Duffus Park. All the other High Schools (Madras, Waid, Kirkland, Buckhaven, 3 Glenrothes Schools) serving the catchments of the remaining Cupar Province & East Fife clubs are within a maximum of 30 minutes of Cupar. (Likewise all the schools serving the catchments of West Fife province clubs would be within 30 minutes of their nearest curling facility). Slide 9: The Cupar location has huge potential to increase participation in Curling. The rink would be adjacent to the campus of Elmwood College which has 850 full time students and a further 3600 part time enrolments. It also employs 400 full and part time staff. The college has a Sports Education Department and runs courses in sports development and sports coaching as well as internationally renowned golf related courses. The college would also possibly include curling in their sports curriculum. St Andrews University with 6800 students (potential participants) and excellent facilities for athlete support would be only 10 miles away. There are ongoing aspirations for a new redeveloped joint Community Sports Centre with Fife Leisure Trust (Council) and Elmwood College being the main partners. Cupar has a minimum of 25,000 young people in Secondary & Further education within 20-30 minutes of the location. The rink would hopefully also be on the same campus and a very short distance from Cupar Swimming Pool, Cupar Sports Centre, Howe Rugby, Cricket, Tennis & Bowls Clubs and Duffus Park playing fields which might encourage crossover between sports. Slide 10: FIFE COUNCIL SUPPORT.   Fife council has worked closely with the Fife Curling Trust since the inception of our project in developing plans for new Curling Facilities in Fife.   In both locations in Cupar & Glenrothes, Fife Council has offered the option of sites based on long-term lease on “Peppercorn Rents”. Given current development land prices in Fife, this would be a sizable contribution to the Fife Curling Centre project and a measure of their commitment given current budgetary constraints on the Local Authority.   We are also actively negotiating with them on provision of shared services such as parking provision, access, and services for the facility, possibly as part of a wider redevelopment of sports provision in Cupar.   Fife Council has pledged in principle to support the Fife Curling Trust and provide if possible a suitable site in the Trust’s favoured locality of Cupar.   Fife Council is fully committed to helping realise the aspirations of the Fife Curling Trust in providing a new Curling Facility for Fife and has outlined its support in the new “Sports Facilities Strategy for Fife”. Slide 11: FIFE CURLING TRUST & CURLING DEVELOPMENT           Fife Curling Trust is a Scottish Guarantee Company (Company No. 333510) Recognised as a Scottish Charity under Scottish Charity No. SC038935 Registered Office: J & H Mitchell W.S, 51 Atholl Road, Pitlochry, Perthshire PH16 5BU. Slide 12: FUTURE DEVELOPMENT OF CURLING IN FIFE. Junior Curlers – Enjoying the game. Slide 13: FUTURE DEVELOPMENT OF CURLING IN FIFE. The major part of this proposal is the future development of the sport in Fife leading to increased participation in curling and the many benefits this will bring, to not only the local curling community but the wider local community also. Due to the increasing age profile of the sport, increasing participation from younger age groups will be a main objective of Fife Curling Trust. A rink situated in Cupar will be well placed to do this. The Fife Curling Trust will establish a Curling Development Group & employ (in partnership with the RCCC and Fife Council) a full-time coach / development officer to work with: Schools, Colleges, Universities, Curling Clubs and the Wider Community. An extensive sports development program will be created to expose the general public to the sport of curling and subsequently increase participation in the sport. Slide 14: DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMMES FOR CURLING    Fife Curling Trust propose to implement the following schemes to develop the sport throughout the region: - The employment of a dynamic and committed Curling Co-ordinator / Development Officer to establish and oversee the development and coaching programmes that Fife Curling Trust wish to put into place. The introduction of the RCCC “Curling’s Cool” programme for primary age children. This programme currently coaches over 5000 children a year across Scotland. The provision of free/subsidised ice for secondary schools and the introduction of a curriculum based programme for this age group. We will work with Fife Council sports development staff and Active Schools co-ordinators to promote the sport throughout the Fife education system. The introduction of After-School clubs to meet the development needs of those children and young people who wish to progress further in the sport and encourage them to take up the sport as an active past-time. Slide 15: Frank Duffy: Past World Champion, Paralympic Silver Medallist, Fife Curler. Slide 16: The establishment of a Junior Club providing the necessary training and support for those children and young people wishing to compete in the sport at a higher level as well as encouraging children wishing to curl as a fun activity. Provide suitable facilities and support to develop disabled curling in the region, including wheelchair and visually impaired curling. Provide coaching and development programs for new participants of all ages, including subsidised/free ice and proactive work in the local community to encourage uptake of the sport. Provide ice and allied support specifically for the development of curling for senior citizens. Establish club development programmes for the local Curling Clubs to encourage increased membership and participation for them. Working with the clubs to increase participation is essential. The introduction of various competitions aimed at the local curling community and would include beginners, schools, seniors, disabled, ladies, gents, and mixed competitions. The introduction of a limited number of competitions aimed at elite curlers including juniors. Slide 17: David Murdoch: 2006 World Champion, Olympic Bronze Medallist. Slide 18: ICE RINK DESIGN & REFRIGERATION SYSTEMS. Slide 19: ICE RINK CONCEPT & DESIGN.   The Fife Curling Trust have carried out detailed investigations into the capital costs of constructing a new dedicated curling facility which have ranged from £800,000 to £2.4 million according to size of ice pad (4-6 sheets), ancillary accommodation, type of site, refrigeration and method of construction. The Trust believes that a 4-sheet facility built to a standard of Regional Training Centre requirements would cost approx £1 million. The Trust committee since the inception of the project have been extremely focussed on both the capital cost of a new facility and the subsequent running costs it will incur when operational. It is our belief that it is essential that the facility provides the basic requirements of the Curling Rink (Insulated structure, good ice, changing rooms, bar/lounge/meeting area, office) as cost effectively as possible. These basics have to be simple, functional and comfortable at a cost effective price. Slide 20: OPERATIONAL COSTS Fife Curling Trust is extremely aware that future operational costs must be minimised to ensure the profitability and viability of the rink for many years into the future. We have been looking closely at building design, technology and systems that will reduce operational costs and increase the efficiency of the rink. We have been willing to examine and investigate these innovative technologies and think outside the standard ice rink methodology in the operation and design of the building As energy use is the single largest operational cost of a rink, energy efficient technology will be used in the construction to safeguard the profitability of the rink in future years. The construction of the building will hopefully use GEOTHERMAL energy to freeze the ice, dehumidify the rink area and heat the building. Building design and superior insulation will also minimise heat loss / heat gain within the facility to ensure that the building is as energy efficient as possible. Slide 21: GEOTHERMAL ENERGY. FIFE CURLING CENTRE WILL BE THE FIRST RINK IN EUROPE TO USE THIS TECHNOLOGY. IT WILL SAVE UP TO 60% IN ENERGY COSTS. IT WILL REDUCE CARBON EMMISSIONS BY 70% IT WILL COST THE SAME AS STANDARD REFRIGERATION. SUBSTANTIAL GRANT FUNDING IS AVAILABLE. Slide 22: Why Conventional Geothermal Systems Work HOW DOES GEOTHERMAL WORK? Slide 23: REDUCING ENERGY USE BY 60% Slide 26: COST OF FACILITY COST OF BUILDING & FITTINGS - £620,000 COST OF GEOTHERMAL PLANT & ICE RINK FLOOR - £230,000 EQUIPMENT FOR RINK - £ 85,000 CONTINGENCY - £ 65,000 TOTAL £1,000,000 BUILDING READY TO GO TO INDICATIVE TENDER. Slide 27: FUNDING SOURCES – 3 MAIN AVENUES SPORTSCOTLAND – “Building For Sport” facilities grant. £500,000 for a facility that meets regional development standards. CHARITABLE TRUSTS / COMMERCIAL BORROWING – Target £250,000 - range of funding from Charitable Trusts and grants for community projects, health & inclusion projects and installation of energy efficient technology. Deficit made up with soft loans from trusts / commercial borrowing. CURLER FUNDING / FUNDRAISING – Target £250,000 – Needs to be 25% of total cost. Slide 29: THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE GIVE YOUR SUPPORT AS YOU WILL GIVE CURLING A HOME IN FIFE FOR THE NEXT 50 YEARS

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