FIDSD: Fisheries Marketing & Promotion Plans and Programs for 2014

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Information about FIDSD: Fisheries Marketing & Promotion Plans and Programs for 2014

Published on March 10, 2014

Author: marygracecagay


Projects, Plans & Strategies for Implementation CY 2014

Price Monitoring Participation to Agri-Aqua Trade Fairs & Exhibits Organization of Agri-Aqua Trade Fair & Exhibits Market Assistance thru Market-Matching mgsc/FIDSD/Planning/FIDSDWFP2014

RATIONALE: The rise and fall of prices of fresh fish and fishery commodities is basically the function of supply and demand. In fisheries, the demand is increasing yet the supply is maintained if not decreasing. High demand for fish and fishery products is brought about by the following: 1.Fresh fish and fishery products markets has expanded globally, brought about by globalization 2.Consumers preference for fish and fishery products over meat & poultry products for health reasons 3.Increasing institutional buyers mgsc/FIDSD/Planning/FIDSDWFP2014

Cont’d. 4. Building of malls 5. Fish producers operate stalls in wet markets and sell fish and fishery products directly to consumers 6. Booming tourism in the country 7. Industrialization of the Philippine economy Low supply of fish and fishery products due to: 1. Decreasing fishery resources 2. Underproductive and abandoned fish ponds 3. Fish producers diversified into other business ventures mgsc/Planning/FIDSDWFP2014

Cont’d. 4. Low catch and production brought about by climate change 5. Reduction of fish production in lakes and seas due to fish kills 6. Lack of investments available 7. Lack of assistance and interventions for increased fish production mgsc/FIDSD/Planning/FIDSDWFP2014

OBSERVATIONS: FIDSD has observed that in the present marketing of fish and fishery products: (1) fish producers sell directly to buyers, and (2) buyers buy directly to producers. Thus traditional market layers are eliminated. But this does not lower the price of fish and fishery products… Rather, the rise and fall of prices of fish and fishery products is observably dictated by external market forces- prevailing market price mgsc/FIDSD/Planning/FIDSDWFP2014

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Fish price trend is important especially in projecting the supply and demand of fish and fishery products. As part of the Fisheries Marketing & Promotions program, a continuous monitoring of prices of fresh fish commodities in selected fish landing sites/ports, wet markets and supermarkets will be conducted to come up with actual and updated information on the prices of fresh fish commodities. Regional price data will be collected in coordination with the designated focal persons. mgsc/FIDSD/Planning/FIDSDWFP2014

METHODOLOGY OF IMPLEMENTATION: The project will provide information services on the price trend of fresh fish commodities in the market. This is in coordination with all BFAR Regional Offices thru Focal Persons and the LGUs in Metro Manila. Considering also the need to get the wholesale prices of fish, landing fish port areas will also be monitored. A quarterly consultation meeting for regional enumerators will also be conducted: April 2014, June 2014, September 2014, December 2014 mgsc/FIDSD/Planning/FIDSDWFP2014

Cont’d. Commodities to be monitored will be specific and categorized as to fresh, live and/or dried (refer to monitoring form). The regions will have to submit monitored prices weekly through emails. Daily prices (from CO enumerators) will be consolidated and submitted to the Director. This will then be compared and analyzed through a graphical data form and written report projecting the supply and demand of each commodity Send PM reports to: Email: Fax: (02) 453-8530 mgsc/FIDSD/Planning/FIDSDWFP2014



ACTIVITIES: 1. Seminar-Workshop on Price Monitoring Collection, Analysis & Reporting Venue: BFAR Central Office Venue Date: April 2014 Date Participants: BFAR C.O. Price Enumerators Participants Objectives: Data Regional Price Enumerators Regional Focal Persons on Marketing 1. To update and harmonize BFAR price monitoring activities (central and regional). 2. To be able to come-up with a standardized BFAR price monitoring form based on Top 20 fresh fishery commodities in terms of market volume, value and demand.

Objectives: 3. To be able to identify fresh fishery commodities in wet markets and fish ports (species and sizes). 4. To understand and prepare consolidated price monitoring reports and analyses. Expected Output: 1. Updated and harmonized BFAR price monitoring activities (FOO re: regional marketing focal persons and price enumerators) 2. Standardized BFAR price monitoring form, price analyses (charts and graphs) and price reports 3. Identification of fresh fishery commodities (including species and sizes)

OBJECTIVES: 1. To assist fish producers find (good) market for their fish and fishery products 2. To continuously develop strategies for effective and efficient fisheries promotion thru trade fairs & exhibits mgsc/FIDSD/Planning/FIDSDWFP2014

LIST OF LOCAL TRADE FAIRS: 1. National Food Fair 2014 – March 2014 2. Philippine Society of Agricultural Engineers Convention cum Exhibit – April 2014 3. Farmers & Fisherfolks’ Month – May 2014 4. Philippine Food Expo – May 2014 5. International Food Exposition (IFEX) – May 2014 6. Manila Food & Beverage Expo (MAFBEX) – June 2014 7. BFAR 67th Anniversary “Aqua Fair” – July 2014 8. World Food Expo (WOFEX) – August 2014 9. 9th Technology Forum & Product Exhibition – August 2014 10. Food & Drinks Asia – September 2014 11. Kabisig Gov’t. Expo & Trade Fair – September 2014 12. Agrilink/Foodlink/Aqualink – October 2014 13. 51st Fish Conservation Week “Fish is Life” – October 2014 mgsc/FIDSD/Planning/FIDSDWFP2014

LIST OF INTERNATIONAL TRADE SHOWS: 1. International Boston Seafood Show – March 2014 2. Shanghai International Fisheries & Seafood Expo (SIFSE) – October 2014 3. Asian Seafood Exposition (Hongkong) – April 2014 4. Seafood Expo – Seafood Processing Expo (Dubai) – September 2014 5. Seafood Expo Global/ Seafood Processing Global (Brussels) – June to August 2014 6. Fish International (Germany) – September 2014 mgsc/FIDSD/Planning/FIDSDWFP2014


WHICH TRADE FAIRS/SHOWS SHOULD YOU ATTEND? Bear in mind that not all trade fairs and exhibits may be worthy of time & resources. It’s important of course for your ROI to surpass expenditures, and having specific, measurable goals for each show that will help you keep on track. Not all shows will necessarily prove productive, in which case you may want to rethink future participation. mgsc/FIDSD/Marketing/Exhibits/Facts

TYPES OF TRADE FAIRS & EXHIBITIONS: 1. Commercial Exhibition – event organized by and for a representative number of companies and addressed to a specific target group of clients. 2. Private Exhibition – a display of products or services of one supplier targeted to a selected clientele, i.e. product launching. 3. Buyers’ Fair – organized to promote businesses and facilitate contacts between suppliers pertaining to a homogenous range of products and invited buyers. 4. Trade Mart – indicates a sizable and fixed commercial establishment made of many showrooms to promote and sell products and services on a continuous basis. 5. Conference Fair – main content of the event are conferences and seminars mgsc/FIDSD/Marketing/Exhibits/Facts

DRIVING MOTIVATIONS FOR EXHIBITORS/PARTICIPANTS:  Showcase its products or services and reach a targeted audience;  Create or reinforce the visibility and raise the awareness and interest about its supply capacity;  Attend to inquiries and disseminate information;  Identify new potential customers or strengthen relations with the existing ones;  Establish backward and forward business linkages;  Identify agents;  Negotiate offers which may result in actual orders;  Develop the relationship network;  Meet potential partners that can lead to business alliances. mgsc/FIDSD/Marketing/Exhibits/Facts

Cont’d.  Exploring the market & observing the trends;  Exchanging experiences;  Gathering information e.g.: -Keeping abreast of product and industry innovations; -Knowing what competitors do; -Learning latest sales and promotion techniques.  Comparing quality, price, and marketing mix performance;  Attending technical sessions/conferences/symposia and other similar functions organized within the trade fair as side events;  Visiting local industry;  Having the opportunity for some tourism. mgsc/FIDSD/Marketing/Exhibits/Facts

“A trade fair is a service whose customers are exhibitors and visitors. The two are fundamental. Determining the right targets within these categories and the matching point of their interests is a key marketing factor.” Source: Basics for Organizing Trade Fairs- A Guide to Developing Countries Technical Paper. International Trade Center mgsc/FIDSD/Marketing/Exhibits/Facts

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: FIDSD has come up with a component service under the Fisheries Marketing & Promotions through the conduct of Market-Matching events. Services will be provided to diverse market audience and establish linkages with different agencies and institutions. This project will be in coordination with other BFAR Regional Offices. mgsc/FIDSD/Planning/FIDSDWFP2014

METHODOLOGY OF IMPLEMENTATION: Market-Matching will be conducted to assist fish producers in finding good market for their products. This implies the need for globally competitive products. FIDSD Marketing Staff will gather baseline data from seafood traders and suppliers (first phase) Metro Manila on their market requirements/market demand. Meeting with seafood traders, suppliers and buyers will follow. mgsc/FIDSD/Planning/FIDSDWFP2014

Cont’d: Meeting of producers and buyers will be through market-matching fora and consultation-meetings. Participants will bring products needing market for actual presentation. These events will highlight the signing of Memorandum of Agreements between producers/suppliers and buyers. Attendance/Participation to various congress/ conferences (tuna, shrimp, seaweeds, bangus, etc.) is necessary to update status of various fish and and fishery products in the fisheries industry (local and international scenario). mgsc/FIDSD/Planning/FIDSDWFP2014

Market-matching between buyers and suppliers (consultations/meetings with focal persons and concerned regions - Luzon area 1st Quarter of 2014 - Visayas area 2nd Quarter of 2014 - Mindanao area 3rd Quarter of 2014 mgsc/FIDSD/Planning/FIDSDWFP2014




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