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Published on January 9, 2008

Author: Candelora

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Slide1:  Wetlands Subcommittee of the Federal Geographic Data Committee Slide2:  Federal Geographic Data Committee Federal forum to promote the development, use, and sharing of digital spatial data. Chaired by the Department of the Interior Members from 19 departments and independent agencies Collaborating partners from 10 non-federal associations, consortiums, and councils Slide3:  FGDC Goals Increase the Nation’s ability to resolve complex issues…using digital spatial data Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Federal programs…using GIS Increase the Nation’s ability to compete more efficiently in the world marketplace Slide4:  Promote development of a national digital spatial data infrastructure. Reduce duplication and waste. Promote sharing of digital spatial data. Promote wise use of spatial data technologies. FGDC Objectives Slide5:  National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) Slide6:  National Spatial Data Themes Base (e.g. map elevations) Boundary (e.g. Federal Ownership) Cultural (e.g. Buildings and Facilities) Climate and Hazards (e.g. flood maps) Thematic (e.g. wetlands) Slide7:  Ensure activities support national security, national defense, and emergency preparedness programs. Interact with other existing Federal coordinating mechanisms. Publish periodic technical and management articles and report annually to OMB. Provide staff support to OMB on major initiatives. Tasks of the FGDC Slide8:  Steering Committee Coordination Group Subcommittees Working Groups FGDC Structure Slide9:  Functions Identify standards of accuracy, content, and format for spatial data categories. Facilitate information exchange and data transfer. Coordinate data collection. FGDC Subcommittees Slide10:  Chaired by Fish and Wildlife Service Scope includes wetlands, deepwater habitats and riparian habitats Official representatives assigned by 18 agencies Wetlands Subcommittee Slide11:  Facilitate the coordination of agencies’ activities and the exchange of wetland data, by formal and informal means. Responsibilities of Wetlands Subcommittee Responsibilities of Wetlands Subcommittee:  Responsibilities of Wetlands Subcommittee Establish national priorities for digital wetland data production, and facilitate and coordinate partnerships. Slide13:  Establish and publish standards and specifications for the wetlands and related habitat data. Responsibilities of Wetlands Subcommittee Slide14:  Promote government-wide use of defined and published digital wetland data standards. Responsibilities of Wetlands Subcommittee Wetlands Subcommittee Immediate Tasks :  Wetlands Subcommittee Immediate Tasks Solicit “Official” Agency Representatives and Alternates Review and Revise Exhibit (Charter) Submit by August 1, 2005:   Revised Exhibit Work Plan for FY 06 Wetlands Subcommittee:  Wetlands Subcommittee Will meet at least quarterly Will report annually by December 31 May create work groups to carry out specific activities Wetlands Subcommittee:  Wetlands Subcommittee Summary The Service is re-chartering and will lead this interagency technical group. The goal of this effort will be to foster collaborative updating, production, and sharing of digital wetlands data. Ensure wetlands data consistent with federal standards for integration into the NSDI.

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