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Published on November 5, 2007

Author: Berenger

Source: authorstream.com

Festivals:  Festivals BY Christine Hsieh Outline:  Outline Picture Identification Starting Questions Festivals in Taiwan & in the West Sample Conversation Vocabulary Useful Expression Example: Rembrandt Festival in Netherlands Discussion Questions Reference What are these festivals? :  What are these festivals? Starting Questions:  Starting Questions What is/are your favorite festival(s)? Why? What do people usually do on the date(s) of the festival(s)? Is there any special rituals (儀式) for it/them? What do people usually eat on the date(s) of the festival(s)? Festivals in Taiwan & in the West:  Festivals in Taiwan & in the West Christmas 耶誕節 Halloween 萬聖節 Easter 復活節 Valentines’ Day 情人節 Independence Day 美國獨立紀念日 Thanksgiving 感恩節 Others: Beer Festival in Germany 啤酒節 Chinese New Year 農曆新年 Dragon Boat Festival 端午節 Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋節 National Day (Double Tenth Day) 雙十國慶 Lovers’ Day 七夕情人節 What dates are the festivals? Sample Conversation:  Sample Conversation A: What’s up, Grace? B: I feel excited, you know Double Tenth Day is coming. A: Tell me about it. I can’t wait for it! It’s a consecutive holiday. How would you like to spend the holiday? B: I am going to the fireworks show with my friends. A: Sounds cool. Wish I could come with you guys. B: Then come with us. A: I am afraid I can’t. I still have some schoolwork to catch up with on that day. B: Oh, come on, no school stuff on holidays. A: I’ll try to keep that in mind. And what are you going to do on the last day of the holiday? It’s Mid-Autumn Festival, a big day for us Chinese. B: I haven’t decided yet. My family usually has a party at home. But I guess I can’t make it home this year because of the traffic jam. So, we will see. A: That’s just what I think. The traffic during consecutive holidays is really heavy. B: You bet. So I could be all by myself in the dorm at this family reunion time. A: Hey, don’t you forget me. My family is having a barbecue on our balcony. Would you like to join us? B: Really? I’d love to. A: Of course. I am sure that we will have a wonderful time. A: No doubt about that. I will take some fantastic moon cakes for you. Vocabulary:  Vocabulary Double Tenth Day 雙十節 consecutive holiday 連續假期 firework show 煙火秀 barbecue / BBQ 烤肉 balcony 陽台 Useful Expressions:  Useful Expressions Tell me about it. 那還用說嘛。(表贊同) I can’t wait for it! 等不及了! I’ll keep it in mind. 我會將此銘記在心。 That’s just what I think. 那正如我所想的。 No doubt about that. 那是當然的囉! e.g. Rembrandt Festival in Netherlands:  e.g. Rembrandt Festival in Netherlands Rembrandt – a famous painter in the 17th century. Time – July 15th Celebration – people wear traditional costumes onto the street. Source --http://tw.myblog.yahoo.com/cat_been/article?mid=2883&prev=2966&l=a&fid=7 Discussion Questions:  Discussion Questions Do you have any unforgettable (永難忘懷的) memory about any festival? Is it good or bad? Could you share with us? Being a student in a Catholic university, do you feel joyful having more festivals, such as Good Friday (耶穌受難日)? Reference:  Reference Yeldham, Michael. English Conversation in Taiwan. Taipei, 文鶴書局. April 2003. http://www.festivals.com/

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