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Published on June 28, 2014

Author: mikefess

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The Novels of Michael Don Fess

FessBooks.comFessBooks.com PresentsPresents The Novels ofThe Novels of Michael Don FessMichael Don Fess

Meet the Author From Magnolia, Lives in Little Rock, Arkansas Michael Don Fess •Married almost sixty years, has four children and fourteen grandchildren. •Physics degree from Centenary College •Artist, Musician, Real Estate Developer •A writer for over twenty-five years •Published writings for over ten years •eBooks available from Amazon, Smashwords •Print books available from FessBooks.com

A Three Book Mystery SeriesA Three Book Mystery Series Louisiana 1964Louisiana 1964 Book 1 Book 2 Book 3Book 1 Book 2 Book 3

A Four Book Mystery SeriesA Four Book Mystery Series In the CaribbeanIn the Caribbean The first story required a sequelThe first story required a sequel

Several Characters Continue inSeveral Characters Continue in The Next Two NovelsThe Next Two Novels Caribbean Mysteries are TantalizingCaribbean Mysteries are Tantalizing Murder Intrigue Suspense History

A Kinky Mystery set in Arkansas From rags to riches with a diamond found at the Crater of Diamonds, now an Arkansas State Park. Silas Smithton tells of his rise to power using leverage, murder, and politics. He does this in spite of his playboy brother’s notorious kinky erotic antics. Silas hands his most precious possession to his brother’s son, a cryptic map showing the diamond’s location.

An Arkansas OriginalAn Arkansas Original A NovellaA Novella Imagine going to a state park for a weekend to camp out and the weather changes. Snow covers everything with a six inch blanket while law officers are trying to catch a murderer before he kills again. Would you get involved to attempt to learn why this killer is guarding a sector of the park, especially since he shot at you?

Is There More to Life?Is There More to Life? A Mind-StretchingA Mind-Stretching NovellaNovella Take a trip with the author through our Milky Way Galaxy to consider new concept. Our minds are too amazing to waste !

Poker Tournaments and Slot Machine SkimsPoker Tournaments and Slot Machine Skims Many gamblers are always looking forMany gamblers are always looking for some method to shift the odds in theirsome method to shift the odds in their favor and the scams they create couldfavor and the scams they create could fill several books.fill several books. This story uses the author's ownThis story uses the author's own experiences in poker tournaments toexperiences in poker tournaments to illustrate some of the things that canillustrate some of the things that can happen during the contest.happen during the contest.

A Mental Challenge - Non-FictionA Mental Challenge - Non-Fiction What Do We Know AboutWhat Do We Know About Time?Time? We have many sayings about time, such as “Time is Valuable” and “Time Marches On.” Our entire lives revolve around time as we know it. Time governs our eating habits, our sleeping habits, and our aging process. Have you ever wondered why a day is divided into twenty-four time segments called hours? Time on earth, as we know it, seems to be arbitrarily divided into illogical segments.

A Non-fiction Learning CurveA Non-fiction Learning Curve  Learn about fallacies that haveLearn about fallacies that have evolved in political systems andevolved in political systems and some possible corrections.some possible corrections.  Learn about the coming energyLearn about the coming energy crunch and inflation.crunch and inflation.  Learn about shrinking populationsLearn about shrinking populations in several surprising countries.in several surprising countries.  Was the prediction of MalthusWas the prediction of Malthus wrong ?wrong ?  Dare we question many of theDare we question many of the beliefs we take for granted ?beliefs we take for granted ? A QUICK READ . . .A QUICK READ . . . MUCH TO PONDERMUCH TO PONDER

A Groundbreaking Novel The Mystery Left Behind by the Ancients Researchers can now store amazing data in DNA Who would conceal the true history of the Universe Murder and intrigue haunt the research team Can the FBI protect them from the Assassin

Ten Years of PublishingTen Years of Publishing On Location researching facts forOn Location researching facts for ““Mystery on Elbow Cay”Mystery on Elbow Cay” I believe that good fiction should contain enough facts to make the story seem real. The story should have at least one character that is ‘larger than life’ and is memorable. Keep the action moving so the reader will keep turning pages. The story should have unexpected twists and turns so the reader can’t anticipate what happens next. The story should have several sub- plots woven into the main plot to make it more interesting.

All of This and MORE atAll of This and MORE at FessBooks.comFessBooks.com Unique Characters and Interesting PlacesUnique Characters and Interesting Places Novels Easy to Read, Full of ActionNovels Easy to Read, Full of Action eBooks are available from websiteeBooks are available from website Author is available for book signing appearances Printed books can be ordered from website His eBooks can supplied by major retailers Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, iTunes, etc.

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