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Published on February 15, 2014

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He was born in Milan, on the fall of the century XIV, by Giovanni Ferrari, a member of the College of Physicians in Milan.

FERRARI DA GRADO (de Ferrariis de Grado , a former Ferrariis de gradibus Ferrarius de Gradu , Ferrari d'Agrate ) , Giovanni Matteo Source: Translated by: Google Translator, 2014 He was born in Milan, on the fall of the century. XIV, by Giovanni Ferrari , a member of the College of Physicians in Milan. Some historians have believed that the name " Grado " derived from the place of his birth : in fact it refers not to a place but to the name of an ancient family , already mentioned in the chronicles of Milan thirteenth and fourteenth centuries . An uncle of F., remembered as " Iohannes de Ferrariis " , was abbot of the Abbey of Morimondo at the time of Pope Martin V (1417-1431) , while another uncle , whose name was Antonio , he was professor of medicine at Pavia. We know nothing of childhood and the first studies of F. , who, around 1425 , he moved to Pavia to enroll in medical school . Here took place the entire course of his university studies and definitely took academic degrees , such as a decree of July 1412 the Duke of Milan , Filippo Maria Visconti , requiring all citizens of the Duchy . In this same city on F. he also began his long teaching university : in Rotuli professors of the University of Pavia find his name, for the first time in the academic year 1432-33 , in charge "to lecturam Loyce " , with a salary to be determined, while its F. colleague Pelacani received , for the same job , 80 florins. To the chair of logic was the following year with a salary of 40 guilders , which was later increased to 10 in 1434 by decree of Duke. In the academic year 1436-37 still occupied the chair of logic , while in 1439 we find him "to lecturam extraordinariam Practice " with the salary of 130 florins. In July of 1440 F. brought a lawsuit against the College of Doctors in arts and medicine that had not accepted its application for accession as a numerary member after the death of his colleague L. Bellocchi . To resolve this dispute was appointed referee Peter Gabriel from Oltrona doctor in canon and civil law , who carefully examined his credentials , he decided on his own. please. In the academic year 1441-42 F. still held the extraordinary reading of medicine, but with a higher salary of 180 florins , and at the same time was too busy "to lecturam Philosophiae moralis " with the same salary . In the same year we find him among the examiners to graduate in arts Biraghi Ambrose of Milan and the licentiate and doctorate in medicine from Paul Ozeno . In the academic year 1443-44 F. lectura took the morning of medicine, with the salary of 250 florins, and was among the examiners to graduate in medicine of G. Rates of Pavia. The April 28 1444 hosted in their home , located in Pavia, Lodi at the door in the "parish of St. Martin, some students who underwrote a protest against an illegal election of the rector of artists and doctors , and in the same year went to the chair of the F. theoretical medicine , forced to move away frequently to treat family members or friends of the Duke , as evidenced by a letter dated May 12, 1445 , with which it was arranged that he be paid the full salary , however , despite numerous absences. During the academic year 1445 - 46 F. was back to the chair of medicine de mane with the salary of 250 florins , a position he held during the following two academic years with salaries of 300 and 380 florins. Meanwhile he continued to pursue his work in the service of the Duke of Milan treat his friends , including the Archbishop of Bologna Parentucelli Thomas , the future pope Page 1 of 3

under the name of Nicholas V , as evidenced by the letters of January 7 , 8 and 20 g . 1446 which once again was willing to pay in favor of F. entire salary , despite the absences. How can we infer from the letters , the F. was almost always in Pavia , even in moments of the greatest difficulties in dealing with the academic environment of Ticino and despite calls from other universities that offered excellent accommodation . You know, in fact, that both the University of Siena is one of Bologna made contact with him through the Lodrisio colleague , who wrote several letters to Ferrara . The F. did not accept the fact of such calls , perhaps only out of respect for the Duke of Milan , his lord and protector , since, in that year , he was the subject of a further attack by the academic authorities who , without telling the duke , had suppressed his chair , forcing him to give private lessons in her home. That same year he was also an outbreak of plague and it seems that on the occasion of his lectures F. exhorted his disciples to get away from the city to repair to safer places . This is apparent from a letter that he sent the Duke of Milan , April 21 1451, in which he was urged to moderate its actions on the plague for reasons that could be called " political expediency " , fearing that his exhortations to leave the city they went to the detriment of the prestige of it and did a suspicion that politics health conducted there were insufficient. Probably , F. ottemperò the invitation of the Duke , because they lost no opportunity to reward , by approaching the academic authorities to ensure that the chair was returned abolished. The F. But now he did not get the chair and was forced to ask for a second and stronger intervention of the Duke and to intercede on his behalf also his other influential friends. The help of the duke , possibly granted , did not fail this time to produce the desired effect : in a letter to the chancellor of the university these , in fact, ordered that were paid to F. 200 florins salary lost up to that date. The duke also worked actively to ensure that, vacancy the prestigious chair of ordinary medicine de mane , I was called the friend doctor 's salary and privileges attached to it for the year 1452 for the next one. This was certainly the era of the great fortune of F. at the Lords of Milan. In a letter of July 1452 testifies to its inclusion in the secret council of the duke . Despite the support of the Duke , the attacks on the F. by the university continued and sometimes expressed in acts of blatant injustice , as when , for no reason, he was reduced by 50 florins salary , or when it was determined that he had paid for each examination , an amount less than the forint, and that is less than other colleagues . The letters , full of sixty letters, only partially published by H. M. Ferrari (pp. 293-331 ) , provides , along with two of his works, and the Practice Consilia , other details about the life of a doctor from Milan . We know that the F. some married Elizabeth de Veliate by whom he had three children: they speak of himself in Practice , when he recalls the case of a wrong diagnosis that concerned his own where his Moghe and reconstructs the events that led him to diagnose, together with other colleagues called to consultation, a non-existent pregnancy , and that was interpreted with an ardent desire for his wife to have another child , after the early death of the first two and the third son of lightning at the age of seven years. With accents moved F. recalls the painful fact that he had brought his wife to the brink of insanity and produced in her the symptoms of a new pregnancy , a mechanism that compassionate nature had devised , he said , to help the unhappy woman to bear a pain so excruciating . Most of the letters cited by Ferrari obviously relate to the activities of a doctor of F. and present him at the height of his fame , when his work was required in various cities of Italy , and even abroad , to customers of the highest rank is the case , for example, the Duke of Mantua , which called for a Page 2 of 3

to Milan permission to start the F. in order to have the services . On another occasion he was the ambassador of France, who turned to the Milanese court to obtain from F. intervention in favor of Louis XI hemorrhoid sufferer , to whom the F. he said, in 1466 , with a consultation remained famous . The F. took place not only functions as a doctor, seeing the person of the Duke and the other members of his family ( remember the services rendered to the Duchess Bianca Maria , who had in great esteem ), but he also assumed duties of a public nature . We know that he exercised , together with his colleague G. Marliani , the health service of Pavia , as shown by a letter to the Duke of June 18, 1468 , in which he denounced the behavior of some corrupt employees who wanted to issue permits for certain payments due. In those years, the F. also put forth his will , which was signed by him on Jan. 4 . 1465 and confirmed March 14, 1466 , and supplemented by a codicil on Jan. 5 . 1472. It is very interesting, because it allows us to know that the library F. had collected in his long career as a physician and professor , a library, remarkable for the time , that he is leaving in part to her grandchildren and partly at St. Matteo of Pavia. It was rebuilt by Gasparrini Leporace . The last days of the life of F. were spent in finalizing of his works and in their printing. He died at Pavia December 30 1472. Page 3 of 3

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