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Published on March 3, 2014

Author: laurencekirwan

Source: slideshare.net

Dr Laurence Kirwan in female First: Cosmetic surgery does give you a boost of self confidence Would you every consider a face lift? You might also like : by Taryn Davies | 28 August 2013 Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery is there to help you feel that little bit better about yourself, you're potentially trying to fix something that you don't like about yourself. If you're considering going under the knife, you may be happy to know taht new research actually reveals that cosmetic surgery does boost self confidence. While Ponce de Leon may not have ever found the Fountain of Youth, Liverpool-born Plastic Surgeon Professor Laurence Kirwan says that one of the keys to feeling young again is the psychological benefits that accompany certain cosmetic procedures. A study conducted by the Center for Human Appearance at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine found that 87 per cent of patients felt satisfied following Cosmetic Surgery, with the added benefits of improvements in their overall body image and with the part of their body that was transformed. These women also felt less negative about their body image in both work and social situations. During a particularly poor economy, Dr. Kirwan went on to say that this increased confidence could prolong the time a person works, especially when retirement is becoming a less realistic option. “Another important point worth mentioning is that modern technology has drastically reduced the number of complications arising from traditional forms of some of the most popular procedures,” Dr. Kirwan noted. Face-lift surgeries such as the SMAS procedure, in which deep facial tissues are tightened and the Skin is re-draped over the face, are generally recognized as being some of the safer plastic surgery options. With over 30 years of experience as a surgeon, Dr. Kirwan approaches cosmetic surgery with a scientific eye and an artistic sensibility which strives for perfection and transcendent beauty. “beauty is hard to define but it is instantly recognizable,” he surmised. “A plastic surgeon works from within; changing the framework and re-draping the surface mantle to create beauty.” However, Dr. Kirwan warned that those who have unrealistic expectations or underlying psychological issues unrelated to their appearance, may experience poor outcomes and disatisfaction. “Plastic surgery helps you feel better about yourself. It may also change the way people respond to you in a social setting. it doesn’t transform you into someone else,”

he noted. by Taryn Davies for www.femalefirst.co.uk find me on and follow me on Read more: http://www.femalefirst.co.uk/lifestylefashion/stylebeauty/Cosmetic+Surgery-247888.html? utm_content=buffer2c8a4&utm_source=buffer&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign= Buffer#ixzz2utACEPjM harry gent • 4 days ago We all look down at surgeons who do the so called "cosmetic operations" like Dr Laurence Kirwan, but whilst the bread and butter might be giving a boost to some raddled old hag, the same Dr Kirwan might well spend time using those very same skills to put together a small child burned badly or recreating a nose from someone who had a cancer removed. Dr Laurence Kirwan 's wikipedia page is very informative and quiet impressive, about the charity projects he has been involved in. Other “cosmetic surgeons” surely have Dr Kirwan's ethics. Something we should keep in mind.... ruth lake • 10 days ago After reading a few articles about cosmetic surgery and Dr Laurence Kirwan, I would say that the pressure on how women look is relentless. Women in adverts are so photoshopped now, how they look is completely out of reach even with surgery, dieticians, facialists etc. It's not real. Dr Laurence Kirwan seems to have a reasonable approach of cosmetic surgery, with a real philosophy of life that sustains his practice... Mr West • a month ago I found your article in my wife's library. The study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania, seems to be done only on women and for body cosmetic surgery. As Dr Laurence Kirwan gives his point of view,I remembered the great amount of press articles, mentionning his breast reduction procedures on K.W and U. J, famous UK actress and TV presenter, who seemed to be over the moon. Nothing about men'sprocedures and satisfaction ! Dr Kirwan also points out poor economy, and new retirement issues. As a man in his late fifties, I can tell that my concerns are not about my body, but I would rather consider eyelift, face and necklifts. Another article on internet, mentioned Dr Laurence Kirwan and his face-shaping procedure, beeing the next step. Difficult to find the right way, when, on top of that, one find another article with Dr Kirwan being interviewed about a non invasive treatment called Thermage. kymM • a month ago What Dr Laurence Kirwan says about new technology and complications makes a lot of sense. I had a neck and jaw line lift with him, with a very good and natural result. I don't really see how Dr Kirwan would haveachieved such a good look 20 years ago. I understand SMAS procedure works for the jawline, neck and cheeks, rather than the forehead. Dr Kirwan surely adapts the procedure to every patient, because, even ifI had a face-lift with him, and I am perfectly happy, I personally would think twice before going for an old fashion full facelift, simply because I have seen too many scary famous surgery faces. I would rather talk with Dr Laurence Kirwan, before having such a drastic surgery..

diane45 • a month ago Thanks for your article !. Dr Laurence Kirwan is right about people with unrealistic expectations. I wasgoing through a very painfull divorce, and I thought plastic surgery could fix everything, and even bring my husband back. I was only 39, but my surgeon agreed with that, and advised me to go through quite a few procedures, like eyelift, facelift, cheeks implants, lipsaugmentation, skin peel.. I wish I had known Dr Kirwan by that time, he would have prevented me from making those mistakes. It was much too much. After undergoing the above mentionned operations, I could not recognize myself. I looked fresher and somehow younger, but it was not me anymore. I had a deep depression, and my husband ran away even faster. After a long while, I met someone who did not knowmy face before, and liked the new me. Reading your article, it seems that Dr Laurence Kirwan is a plastic surgeon with some ethics. I am not sure there are many like him. My conclusion would be; plastic surgery can give you a new look, and you can seduce better with it, but you surely not can get your husband or lover back, when love is gone. clareW • a month ago I told Dr Laurence Kirwan that for years, I hated my breasts. But now I am delighted with my cleavage after undergoing a breast reduction and uplift with him, and I have decided to share my feelings on my decision to undergo surgery with Dr Laurence Kirwan, and my reaction to the results.Words cannot describe how much I hated (the breasts) Mother Nature had given me, especially when four children had finished with them. Frankly they revolted me. That's why, two years ago, at the age of 46, I finally decide to go under the knife with Dr Kirwan.I am happy with the size, the shape and the scars on my new breast. Dr Kirwan was very supportive and kind through the whole process. Angela Pierson • 4 months ago Dr Laurence Kirwan is my surgeon, I had a breast reduction3 years ago , he is always very pleasant, discreet and professional. I amusually quite shy so i had major issues when looking into having a breastreduction, Dr Laurence Kirwan was the only surgeon I felt comfortable with. I would have takenout a bank loan if I'd had to. It's been one of the two best things I ever didin my life. Even the op wasn't as bad as I'd feared. I only wish I'd got up thecourage to do it in my 30s instead of my 50s. To those considering it I'd say:
find that money my any mean. This is a procedure that no one regrets. Even 3years later, I still well up when I think what I owe to Dr Kirwan. Dr Kirwanis an excellent surgeon, this is his profession, this is public knowledge.

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