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Published on March 7, 2013

Author: adrianmanyathelo

Source: slideshare.net


The feeling of lack. How would you describe it? I know there are different types of lack but there is one lack I know how it feels. The lack of money. Now I love spending money and I believe between me and my wife, I would fit the description of a great spender. The only thing that disturbs me is when I go to my bank and find that there is no money. My tummy literally churns and I would feel sick.

Feelings Of Lackby Adrian | on March 5, 2013The feeling of lack. How would you describe it? I know there are different types of lack but thereis one lack I know how it feels. The lack of money. Now I love spending money and I believebetween me and my wife, I would fit the description of a great spender. The only thing thatdisturbs me is when I go to my bank and find that there is no money. My tummy literally churnsand I would feel sickFor many years I did not know why but now I know why. I believe these churning of the tummy isnatures way of telling me and telling us as humanity that we were not born to lack.

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