Feb 2014 R&D Workshop Follow-Up for WIP-5

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Information about Feb 2014 R&D Workshop Follow-Up for WIP-5

Published on February 21, 2014

Author: djharland

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This is the presentation used to guide our discussions at a teacher professional development workshop for teachers who have spent the last year implementing student research into their curriculum. Teachers used the "STEM Student Research Handbook" as a student text and have been developing unit and lesson plans to guide their students through the process.

Implementing Research and Development into the High School Classroom Welcome back… As you come in, log into the computer and go to our wiki: http://RandDforHS.wikispaces.com February 22, 2013 Illinois State University WIP-5 Grant

Today & Tomorrow  Sharing time  Grant Refresher  To-do List for Spring Semester  Finishing Research Projects  E-Journal (One for each day)  Retooling Research Teaching Process

Sharing Time


Grant Review

Grant Overview E-Fast Illinois Data Portal Formative Assessment State Documentation • Peer Observation (ISU course) Dr. Ryan Brown Wiki Darci’s site: posting our lessons, units, & resources. Darci • Student/Teacher Assessment Dr. Ryan Brown Cool Hub Where online modules for state will be posted TBA

Spring Grant To-Do List Available for download on our wiki (Doc 4 page)

Finishing Research Project

Papers, Poster, and Presentations Where are you at in the process? How can we help you?

Feedback on Papers Supportive and Encouraging Find positive things to say/write.

Grading Final Products

Papers, Poster, and Presentations Remember to collect student “evidence”

ISU High School Research Symposium

April 25, 2014 CeMaST Website: Note changes • Students don’t have to be judged • New model of judging • Electronic posters acceptable

Why Judge Anyway? http://www.stemmom.org/2012/05/why-do-we-judge-studentresearch-events.html

Lesson Ideas What activities could prepare students for presenting? Peer Presentations Pseudo Poster Symposium

Presentation Tips Confidence Refer to Graphs Connect IV & DV Connect Intro to your experiment http://www.stemmom.org/2012/03/tis-season-for-sciencefairs.html

Presentations Scavenger Hunts Student Awards Note Sheets http://www.stemmom.org/2012/05/emphasize-student-interaction-at.htm


E-Journal Our Wiki E-Journal: Its spring semester, and you and your students are in the throws of student research. How do you feel about your mentoring capabilities this year working along side your student researchers? How do you feel about the process your students have experienced?

Evaluate Implementation Process

Google Doc Brain Dump Go to wiki…Doc 4 page Google Links For Brainstorming Brain Dump for Implementation Discussion

So what can we do for Teachers?

What’s a module?

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