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Published on March 10, 2008

Author: prpoint

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Feb 2008 issue of PR-e-Sense carries exclusive interviews with Dr Abdul Kalam (Former President of India) and Dr Y S Rajan, duo of India Vision 2020 document

India’s first Corporate ezine Issue N o 24 – Feb 2008 Published by Prime Point Foundation PR-e-FACE: From the desk of Editor in Chief “After two years …. our journey continues“ Theme of this issue Your ezine enters its third year, against all Change odds. (Second Anniversary Special Issue) In just two years of publication, your ezine has gone on to win the coveted 'Gold Award' Guest Editor from ABCI in January 2008. We were able to Dr Y S Rajan increase our credibility and reach with the participation of eminent professionals. We managed to associate with reputed International In this Issue: organisations, as a Media Partner. From the next issue onwards, I take pride in informing you that we will be Exclusive interview straddling the globe. with Dr A P J Abdul If Indians chant the 'Vision 2020' mantra today, with pride Kalam and hope, it is because of the enigmatic duo of Dr Abdul Guest Editorial and Kalam and Dr Y S Rajan. We are greatly honoured by the duo's exclusive contribution in this, our second exclusive interview anniversary, issue. with Dr. Y S Rajan We thank our readers and contributors for their sustained Speech by Mr Lee guidance and cooperation. We have been publishing this Kuan Yew at ezine since its inception without any form of sponsorship to Singapore support it. There have been numerous requests to permit sponsorship, thanks to the reach and content of this Views by Mr Suresh ezine. After deep thought, we have decided to accept Kamath and Mr M.R. sponsorships from the next issue onwards. Our journey Chandurkar continues, in the spirit of social entrepreneurship. Contact www.corporatezine.in prpoint@gmail.com

PR-e-FACE: From the desk of Guest Editor “Continual change is the unchanging reality “ The Guest Editor of this issue is Mr Y. S. Rajan , Principal Advisor to Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). He has also co-authored the book ‘India 2020’ along with Dr Abdul Kalam. Significantly, the first issue of this ezine PR-e-Sense was launched by him in March 2006. I am glad to note that In the IT sector, the whole business is still Corporate ezine PR-e- dependent on the orders from foreign sense which just countries. This has helped India to grow rapidly a large middle class consumer started two years ago market on which other sectors are is going forward from growing. IT sector is also venturing into strength to strength. It some takeover abroad. But the change is but natural it got the coveted ‘Gold’ they have to explore as an additional award from the Association of Business avenue is to rapidly increase domestic Communicators. This magazine is consumption through Govt. and private experimenting with changes and is sector applications of IT for domestic changes. This will help Indians and also experiencing novelty. These processes stabilise Indian IT business from growing accelerate its progressive evolution. competitors from Eastern Europe, Mexico, China etc. Beyond this, they need to learn Same is happening to a number of to create new software products, new corporates in India. I would like to point algorithms, embedded hardware systems, out some crucial trends. In the large value adding tasks. It is not easy. manufacturing sector and infrastructure They need to deal with more creative R&D sector, bulk of the personnel and growth and innovation “Those who can foresee designers. Earlier are due to the large managerial methods scale induction of changes and arm will have to foreign technology and themselves win, continue change. know how. Indian strength is in to win” As far smaller and managing them. These medium sectors in both of the above sectors are sustained by large domestic sectors, the change is to learning to focus consumption and growing rate of exports. on a few super-specialisations and build Manufacturing groups are also foraying specific internal core strengths. It is these into foreign countries with large scale take core strengths and capabilities which will over. All these items will saturate within a take them through the constant tsunami decade. Therefore, they have to learn to that takes place in global markets. Big venture into a new path – creating their businesses will need their strengths to own intellectual products, which means face the world. R&D, innovation, design and ability to conceive new systems. Are we all ready for changes? Those who can foresee changes and arm themselves What I said above includes the rapidly win, continue to win. growing communication sector, as well.

PR-exclusive “Enhance the innovation and invest in R & D “ PR-e-Sense is greatly honoured and privileged to get an exclusive podcast interview with Former Indian President Dr A P J Abdul Kalam on the “Role of Indian Industries in realising Vision 2020”. Excerpts : Prime Point Srinivasan… my greetings to Technology and Innovation. Indian all of you, particularly for the e-magazine Industry has to build International which you have started. I am glad that it Competitiveness. There is a direct relation is doing very between well. Today, India ranks 48 in the Innovation Index Global Competitiveness Index and and Now the topic is Competitiveness the role of Indian 23 in Innovation Index. index. industry in realising India Vision 2020. Today, India ranks 48th in the Global Competitiveness Index and 23 in National economic development is Innovation Index. The Indian Industry powered by competitiveness. The has to work to achieve below 10 in the Competitiveness in turn is powered by

Global Competitiveness Index. That is my PURA Complexes and develop PURA view. Enterprises to local talents. This is very important. This will ensure faster This will need enhancing the innovation development of the whole Nation. and also investing in Research and Development to generate Technology Another aspect is fulfilling Corporate locally. Social Responsibility (CSR). Two major areas of CSR are : Another aspect is “Profit with Integrity”. Profit with Integrity • Providing quality should become the education to all “Corporates can consider eligible candidates motto of the Corporates, which is providing quality with employment scheme; and essential for employment to ‘differently • Providing health sustainable growth. care to all the abled persons’ by citizens. We have now achieved imparting quality training GDP growth rate of In addition to the two 9%, which has to be and skills” major areas, increased to beyond Corporates can 10% per annum. consider providing quality employment to ‘differently abled This should sustain over a period of a persons’ by imparting quality training and decade to become fully developed Nation. skills. The Corporates should contribute for bridging rural – urban divide and also When we grow, we have to look for harmonious working of three sectors, inclusive growth. To spread the growth to namely, Agriculture, Manufacturing and rural sector, we have to create nearly Service Sectors. 7000 PURA (Providing Urban amenities to Rural Areas) Complexes covering about Emphasis in those areas, which I have 6,00,000 villages, where 70% of the suggested will enable faster development of the country leading to equity, people live. Creation of PURA Complexes prosperity and justice to all the citizens of will need active support of Corporate the country. India. The Corporates should adopt few Please listen to the podcast interview of Dr A P J Abdul Kalam and Dr Y S Rajan in the following link http://tinyurl.com/2y5lse

PR-eXCLUSIVE “Continual change is the unchanging reality “ In addition to the Guest Editorial, Dr Y S Rajan was also kind enough to give as an exclusive podcast interview on the “Role of Indian Industries in realising Vision 2020”. Excerpts ‘Change’ is the different types of the school drop outs, essence. India is etc. If this system continues, every year, going through a very and if they are not changed, we will not rapid change, have bottom of the pyramid, but will have especially after 1997. only tip of the pyramid. This 90% should This is a rapid change. be converted in the interest of industry, Many do not realise. consumers and every body. Go to any part of India, whether Bangalore or Gurgaon or Second important aspect is that we need Kolkata or Lucknow, there is a change. to realise the agricultural reality. We hear These changes should have taken place more about the suicide of farmers. We 20 years back. Because world is changing should realise that agriculture can extend fast, technology, business and consumer only upto some point. We may get Rs. 2 pattern are changing very fast. Though, to 2.5 lakhs income per hectare, if there is we realised little late, we are doing well. a good monsoon and if there is no attack from pests. We have to learn to reduce One major change we all need in India is the number of people dependent on the “change of mindset”. We all think agriculture. We need to siphon them of to India is a great super power. If some other areas. We need to learn to create people want India to become Super some form of activity, to accommodate Power, it is fine. I the people see not as a Super siphoned off from Power. I want Every year, under each age agriculture. Within every Indian to agriculture, have very good group, we are adding 18 million irrigation and income to live. unprepared children for infrastructure need That should be the to be improved. It goal. We need the modern economy. All is a collective job. change of Later on we have mindset. Many Corporate and every citizen to move into hi- people think we should do something for this. tech agriculture are great. We are which would mean not great. The much lesser people people and the country have got potential but greater income and also much greater to become great. We need to achieve it national wealth creation. and others will then say we are great. Third important aspect is major ‘domestic Firstly, most important thing that is facing consumption of IT and IT enabled the country is “demographic dilemma”. services’. Today, bulk of the Indian IT This will be realised after 10 years and not industry is dependent on orders from now. There are 20 million children in each foreign countries like US, UK and other age group. 2% of the children get countries. How much we do for our own professional education; 8% get ordinary e-governance and for our own industries higher education; the other 90% are using IT? If it is done, it will generate

employment opportunities in this country. develop ancillary industries to help the The young boys and girls, who have displaced SME’s employees. This will help studied upto 10th standard, can be the small people to thrive. We cannot employed for collecting the various data. leave these people to market forces. The IT industry which is dependent on foreign countries may get into problem. I don’t say that big players are not Hence, we have to increase the internal needed. They are needed for mopping up domestic consumption of IT. huge funds. At the same time, they should also do much more than usual I am aware that Indian Science and Corporate Social Responsibility. They Technology and R & D do not reach the should create lot of ancillary industries, industries. Many of the R & D systems throughout the country, so that chain gets are ‘stand alone’. We may do satellite and formed. all. That is fine. People have to learn how to inject newness in the industry. Our R&D Also new industries can go to second and systems have to third tier be geared to smaller towns. make India Today, bulk of the Indian IT It will be succeed in global difficult in the markets. There industry is dependent on orders beginning. should be public from foreign countries like US, UK Now the opinion to create communication more and more and other countries. How much system has industries. There we do for our own e-governance improved, due may be to mobile objections from and for our own industries phones. If various sides, including using IT? they go there, they will have environmentalists all necessary . We need to create more industries of resources cost effectively. They will also major mass production in our villages and find that the people working there are other areas. This will help to deploy the more ethical and want to prove surplus manpower from the agricultural themselves. By this, we can also take industry. care of the ‘inclusive growth’ It is good that numbers reserved for small Yes the Agenda before India is the change scale sector have gone down. Now the in all the above sectors to be effected bigger sectors can enter. Bigger rapidly. Then India will become a force to industries, who take over the market of be counted in the world. these small industries, should also Listen to the podcast on this ezine – how eminent persons perceive? http://tinyurl.com/2epo6x Do you want to subscribe to this ezine? Please click http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/PResense_ezine/join

PR-eSTIGE “Change : building global city at Singapore “ Mr Lee Kuan Yew, the Former Prime Minister of Singapore is considered as Father figure at Singapore. He is the ‘Architect of Modern Singapore’. He is presently the Minister Mentor with the Singapore Government, guiding the development of their Nation. We are happy to publish the excerpt from his speech at The Tanjong Pagar Chinese New Year Dinner on 11th February, 2008 at Park Primary School. (article and photo contributed by Ms K Bhavani, Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts, Singapore) several years: S$20 billion in new MRT Economists of the Singapore government lines and another S$8 billion in a new and also of banks and financial institutions North-South Expressway, mostly have forecast that Singapore will still underground, two integrated resorts, each make growth of between 4 and 6%. This S$4 to 5 billion worth, and petrochemical is quite remarkable for it will be the first projects by ExxonMobil and Shell costing time that when the American economy well over S$10 billion combined. We are slows down and reduce imports from Asia, also attracting significant investments in Asia will not go into recession. The reason new growth sectors. is the dynamics of the domestic growth momentum in China and in India. Our Foreign investors are confident of neighbours are doing Singapore’s future, well and Singapore our security, is in the centre of the Only through training and stability, safety, world’s highest education can our people predictability, growth region. efficiency and take up the high value-added industrial peace The rise in food and jobs in a knowledge-based between labour and energy prices, and economy. management, and the widening income the wide support of gap between high people for sound and low earners is policies. These huge cause for concern. We can mitigate these investments need decades, not the next problems. But we must press ahead and few years, to make returns worthwhile. maximise our chances to break through in the coming 5 to 10 years to reach a Our tourist and hospitality industry is higher quality of development. Singapore going to bloom. Formula One night racing is into a period of steady growth and will be held this September in our city transformation. centre. This will add to the liveliness of Singapore’s night life. We now have high Massive investments in infrastructure will arts and entertainment from Theatres by keep our construction industry busy for

the Bay to al fresco dining along the We will not leave our heartlands behind. Singapore River and Marina. All new towns will be upgraded and beautified. The massive new investments Singapore is undergoing a in infrastructure and beautification, plus a transformation. The Marina Barrage is steadily growing economy, with higher completed. From next year 2009, saline incomes, will keep property values going water will be drained out and we will have up. a fresh water lake. PUB will make sure that the lake is free of debris and Our young can improve themselves pollution. All streams, canals and through education, from kindergarten, monsoon primary drains will school, become the secondary recreation school, waterways junior and be colleges, greened up ITEs and fitted (institutes with board of water. This education), requires polytechnics complex and engineering universities. task and For those also needs who missed the the normal cooperation career path, of our there will be people to keep our drains and waterways part-time degrees and diplomas. free of plastic and other waste. Only through training and education can By 2011, the Marina Bay Area will be our people take up the high value-added splendid, especially a water plaza, jobs in a knowledge-based economy. surrounded by a promenade fronting financial centres, integrated resorts, Together we have made it. Together we residential condominiums, food and will go forward to build a global city in the beverages outlets, an enchanting sight to tropics. behold. It will be a unique city centre. There have been numerous requests to permit sponsorship, thanks to the reach and content of this ezine. After deep thought, we have decided to accept sponsorships from the next issue onwards. For details contact prpoint@gmail.com

PR-eSTIGE “Consumer education is important for economic growth “ Mr. M. R. Chandurkar (68) is the Managing Director of IPCA Laboratories Limited, a pharmaceutical company in bulk drugs. Starting his career as a sales representative of Nav Bharat, a Hindi daily, he has become one of the top ‘Billionaires’ of India, through his hard work and strategic planning. medicines would not give desired results Nation Building is a collective effort. Of- in terms of recovery of a patient and then course, we need a guiding and a driving companies producing drug are blamed. force in terms of socio-political leadership for this process. National growth or In the process of economic growth, the economic growth is depending upon key factor is education and literacy of the development in key areas like Agriculture, consumer or the end user. Most of the Core Sector, Infrastructure & Industry. Pharma companies are into Corporate When we talk of Industry, there are many Social Responsibility running various sectors within programmes. I must Industries like appreciate at this Steel, Automobile, Healthy People with healthy moment, the efforts Power, Telecom and mind only can speed-up and taken by the the foremost is Government to bring Pharmaceutical or sustain the economic growth awareness on Pharma. of the nation. various diseases through its social Pharma Industry is campaigns. a key Industry and also a sensitive Industry. Not too many people have an in- As a representative of a Pharma Industry, depth knowledge of this Industry and I feel that the biggest challenge for the therefore, we need to first educate our entire Industry is to produce medicines at own employees so that they can become an affordable price. After all if we have to the Ambassador of the Industry. This develop nation, we have to create thereafter needs a high level of literacy Healthy People with Healthy Mind rate. Many times it has happened that which can speed-up and sustain the because of low level of literacy rate, a economic growth of the nation. patient is not given dosage as per prescription by the attendant, hence Marcus evans organizes ‘Proactive Rural Marketing Strategies’ programme to be held at Mumbai on 8th and 9th May 2008. Special rebates for subscribers/members of PR-e-Sense when registering with Ms. Kelly Lee. For more information, delegates registration or event brochure, please contact Ms. Kelly Lee at +603 2723 6798 or KellyL@marcusevanskl.com

PR-eSTIGE “Innovate to become globally competitive” After passing out from Indian Institute of Technolog (IIT), Mr B Suresh Kamath was offered many foreign jobs. With the passion to create employment opportunity for ‘differently abled persons’ in India, he started his own banking software product development company, Laser Soft Infosystems Limited. He is also the recipient of ‘Distinguished Alumnus’ Award’ from IIT and National Award from President of India for his unique HR policy. Indian Corporates have done very well in makes Indian companies make solutions the last decade. The software industry, and products to suit the US market needs. automobile industry, steel industry, communications industry, power Copying the US syndrome, reduces generation industry, financial services innovation in our companies. We need to industry, retail segment corporates have innovate and become market leaders in all done exceedingly well and taken the order to be globally competitive. The Indian flag high up in the global scenario. world is facing newer and bigger Indian companies will face stiffer challenges every passing day and only challenges in the innovative and fast coming years, as reacting companies they have some Corporates should learn to can survive in the inherent explore the ‘extraordinary’ coming years. weaknesses. Some of these talents in the ‘ordinary’ people Corporate Social weaknesses are : Responsibility has only become a buzzword with most of the 1. Over dependence on the US corporates not doing anything substantial 2. Copying the US syndrome with towards this cause. For example, the negligible innovation differently abled people make up only 3. Over dependency on services 0.01% of the employees in the software 4. Using cream of the man power in industry. Most of the companies employ services highly qualified people and that too select 5. Not focusing on value creation the cream from this section. India’s 6. No integration of Corporate Social requirement is to create employment for Responsibilities into core businesses ordinary people and corporates can do better if they employ so called ordinary The US undoubtedly, has been a very people, who can be much more committed large market for Indian Companies. But and can contribute better to them in the this dependence makes Indian companies long run. Corporates should learn to vulnerable whenever US goes into explore the ‘extraordinary’ talents in the recession or the US Dollar depreciates ‘ordinary’ people. against the Rupee. This dependence also

PR eTTY - Change your attitude towards your family? A man came home from work late, tired quot;Are you asleep, son?quot; He asked. and irritated, to find his 5-year old son quot;No daddy, I'm awake,quot; replied the boy. waiting for him at the door. quot;I've been thinking, maybe I was too hard on you earlierquot; said the man. SON: quot;Daddy, may I ask you a quot;It's been a long day and I took out my question?quot; aggravation on you. Here's the zmk 2500 DAD: quot;Yeah sure, what it is?quot; replied the you asked for.quot; man. SON: quot;Daddy, how much do you make The little boy sat straight up, smiling. quot;Oh, an hour?quot; thank you daddy!quot; He yelled. Then, DAD: quot;That's none of your business. Why reaching under his pillow he pulled out do you ask such a thing?quot; the man said some crumpled up bills. The man saw that angrily. the boy already had money, started to get SON: quot;I just want to know. Please tell angry again. The little boy slowly counted me, how much do you make an hour?quot; out his money, and then looked up at his DAD: quot;If you must know, I make zmk father. quot;Why do you want more money if 5000 an hour.quot; you already have some?quot; the father SON: quot;Oh,quot; the grumbled. quot;Because little boy replied, Do you want your son to hire I didn't have with his head down. you for spending time? enough, but now I SON: quot;Daddy, may do,quot; the little boy I please borrow zmk replied. quot;Daddy, I 2500?quot; have zmk 5000 now. Can I buy an hour of your time? Please come home early The father was furious, quot;If the only reason tomorrow. I would like to have dinner with you asked that is so you can borrow some you.quot; The father was crushed. He put his money to buy a silly toy or some other arms around his little son, and he begged nonsense, then you march yourself for his forgiveness. It's just a short straight to your room and go to bed. Think reminder to all of you working so hard in about why you are being so selfish.quot; life. We should not let time slip through our fingers without having spent some The little boy quietly went to his room and time with those who really matter to us, shut the door. The man sat down and those close to our hearts. started to get even angrier about the little boy's questions. How dare he ask such Do remember to share that zmk 5000 questions only to get some money? worth of your time with someone you love. If we die tomorrow, the company After about an hour or so, the man had that we are working for could easily calmed down, and started to think: Maybe replace us in a matter of days. But the there was something he really needed to family & friends we leave behind will feel buy with that zmk 2500 and he really the loss for the rest of their lives. And didn't ask for money very often. The man come to think of it, we pour ourselves went to the door of the little boy's room more into work than to our family. and opened the door. Source: Unknown

PResenters of PReSENSE Dr Y S Rajan, K. Srinivasan Tushar Panchal P A Narrendiran Veena Vinod Guest Editor Editor in Chief Strategic Editor Content Editor Podcast Editor & PodJockey Shvetha Sridhar K. Bhavani Subha Ganesh Deon Binneman Podcast Editor & International Editor International Editor International Editor Pod Jockey (South Asia) (Europe), (South Africa) Singapore London Johannesburg Publisher and Chief Editor K. Srinivasan (Prime Point Foundation) Feedback and contributions to: ezinepresense@gmail.com All the earlier issues may be downloaded from www.primepointfoundation.org or http://www.corporatezine.in Listen to India’s first pod-magazine www.poduniversal.com one stop shop for podcasts on all subjects Do you want to subscribe to this ezine. Please click http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/PResense_ezine/join

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