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Information about Featureban & Metrics Game at Agile South Coast

Published on July 13, 2016

Author: andycarmichaeluk

Source: slideshare.net

1. ©2016ANDYCARMICHAEL&JOHNCOLEMANALLRIGHTSRESERVEDAGILESOUTHCOAST 1 Using Metrics in Scrum & Kanban systems A “Learn Kanban Faster” workshop using Featureban© Dr Andy Carmichael – KANBAN & AGILE SPECIALIST – @andycarmich ac@openxprocess.com Dr Helen Carmichael – LEARNING & TEACHING SPECIALIST – @helencarm helen.carmichael@OXPconsulting.com Twitter: @AgileSouthCoast (# or @) @andycarmich @helencarm With thanks to Mike Burrows (agendashift.com) for inventing the Featureban game, and John Coleman & Andy Carmichael for co-designing this variant and the accompanying spreadsheet.



4. ©2016ANDYCARMICHAEL&JOHNCOLEMANALLRIGHTSRESERVEDAGILESOUTHCOAST 4 The Game: Simulating Scrum or Kanban product development Image courtesy of Clearvision Southampton

5. ©2016ANDYCARMICHAEL&JOHNCOLEMANALLRIGHTSRESERVEDAGILESOUTHCOAST 5 1 Stories Board • 4 columns: Selected, Build, Test, Done 21 white Story Cards • #101 to #407 7 Coins, Pencils/Pens 1 page each: Roles, Rules & Policies 1 Calendar 2-4 Laptops / Tablets • plus URL for your team’s spreadsheet The SET-UP:

6. ©2016ANDYCARMICHAEL&JOHNCOLEMANALLRIGHTSRESERVEDAGILESOUTHCOAST 6 Possible Learning Outcomes 1. Appreciate that our work is a flow system (implications?) 2. Know how to gather simple data from flow systems 3. Know how to use standard diagrams to reveal what’s happening • Scatter plots • Cumulative Flow Diagrams • Run Charts • Distribution histograms 4. Understand the role of Cost of Delay in selecting next work items 5. Experience PollEverywhere.Com and F4P surveys 6. Recognise simulation games can be fun and inspire learning

7. ©2016ANDYCARMICHAEL&JOHNCOLEMANALLRIGHTSRESERVEDAGILESOUTHCOAST 7 One Metrics Recorder (with laptop) • enters the date when items move columns • records interesting events/discussion One Product Owner (Service Request Manager) • selects next Feature(s) to work on • calls start of day & moves on the calendar • checks dates have been entered on moved cards Five to Seven Dev Team members • start, move, block/unblock and complete “stories” • enter initials on started items and dates each time they move It’s a team game. Collaborate and help one another! The ROLES:

8. ©2016ANDYCARMICHAEL&JOHNCOLEMANALLRIGHTSRESERVEDAGILESOUTHCOAST 8 Appoint a Metrics Recorder & Product Owner Product Owner • Turn Calendar to Day 1 • Place all the stories in the first two Features in the “Selected” column - i.e. #101 - #306 • Write “1” in the Selected box on each card (not initials) Metrics Recorder • Open the spreadsheet at the “Stories YOUR DATA –” tab • Put “1” (the day number) in the selected column of the stories that the PO has selected • (Add to comments if discussion points arise)

9. ©2016ANDYCARMICHAEL&JOHNCOLEMANALLRIGHTSRESERVEDAGILESOUTHCOAST 9 The RULES (these don’t change): At start of the “day” each Dev Team Member tosses a coin (or justflipacoin.com) TAILS: (do both of the following) Block one of your in-progress items, if any – don’t block items of other people’s items (add “B” to card) and Start an item, if policies allow (add start date and initials) HEADS: (do one of the following – policies may suggest which one) Unblock an item (strike through the “B” on card) or Move an in-progress item to next column , if policies allow (record day) or Start an item, if policies allow (add start date and initials)

10. ©2016ANDYCARMICHAEL&JOHNCOLEMANALLRIGHTSRESERVEDAGILESOUTHCOAST 10 The POLICIES (these might change or be added to): Replenishment: Product Owner adds stories only at the start of an “iteration” (after every 3rd day) Work: Devs work on (or unblock) stories with their initials on, or if none start new work Pull: If there's a choice of which story to advance, they pull the "oldest" one (FIFO) Improvement: Review/Retrospective (after every 3rd day)

11. ©2016ANDYCARMICHAEL&JOHNCOLEMANALLRIGHTSRESERVEDAGILESOUTHCOAST 11 Let’s complete Day 1 • Dev Team Members – toss coin and make move • Don’t forget • Mark your initials on any card you pull from “Selected” to “Build” • Mark the date (“1”) in the box for the Build column • Metrics Recorder • In spreadsheet mark the “Build” column with “1” for those stories that have moved • Team – raise your hands when day 1 complete! Images courtesy of Ericsson Broadcasting Media Services

12. ©2016ANDYCARMICHAEL&JOHNCOLEMANALLRIGHTSRESERVEDAGILESOUTHCOAST 12 Does your board look like this? • On one of the other laptops: Open hidden tab – “Stories Board” View -> Hidden sheets -> Stories Board • Number of items in the “Build” column should equal number in team (because there were no stories to block) • Check: no stories are blocked • OK? • Let’s do Day 2 & 3, then first review

13. ©2016ANDYCARMICHAEL&JOHNCOLEMANALLRIGHTSRESERVEDAGILESOUTHCOAST 13 End of Day 3 • Check Stories Board in spreadsheet. Does it look like physical board? • Do you have blocked items? • Recap rules & policies (change policies?) • Have you delivered any stories?

14. ©2016ANDYCARMICHAEL&JOHNCOLEMANALLRIGHTSRESERVEDAGILESOUTHCOAST 14 Day 3: Let’s look at some graphs Show the Graphs • On one of the other laptops: Open hidden tab – “Story Graphs” View -> Hidden sheets -> Story Graphs Scatter Plot • For every “Done” story you should have a dot showing • its delivery date • its “Time in Development” Cumulative Flow Diagram (CFD) • Shows the cumulative totals that have passed various points in the process What’s the difference between Lead Time and Time in Development? Approx Av Lead Time WiP

15. ©2016ANDYCARMICHAEL&JOHNCOLEMANALLRIGHTSRESERVEDAGILESOUTHCOAST 15 Lead Time Delivery Rate Describing kanban systems Time in ProcessLet’s do Days 4-6 and review! From Essential Kanban Condensed David J Anderson & Andy Carmichael Work in Progress

16. ©2016ANDYCARMICHAEL&JOHNCOLEMANALLRIGHTSRESERVEDAGILESOUTHCOAST 16 End of Day 6 • How do you feel? • What’s going right? What’s going wrong? • What could you do about it? • What policies might change?

17. ©2016ANDYCARMICHAEL&JOHNCOLEMANALLRIGHTSRESERVEDAGILESOUTHCOAST 17 WiP Limits turn a PUSH system into a PULL system From Essential Kanban Condensed David J Anderson & Andy Carmichael Let’s crack on! Review and revise your policies. Days 7-9 Expect another interruption soon! PO’s come to front.

18. ©2016ANDYCARMICHAEL&JOHNCOLEMANALLRIGHTSRESERVEDAGILESOUTHCOAST 18 WAIT!!! What are we working on??? • Features – Epics – Initiatives • Things that are valuable to the business and its customers • Not all Features are created equal • Stories are part of Features/Epics. They usually have limited value themselves • Product Owners – why have you been keeping this to yourselves!? • Review the Features tab View -> Hidden sheets -> Feature Cards View -> Hidden sheets -> Feature Board • Contains information about each Feature: • Size – in stories • Dependencies – what must be complete before you can realise its value (next slides) • Delay Cost Profile (next slides) • Value – maximum business value • Urgency / Cost of Delay – how much value is being lost per day • Review Story Run Charts for Delivery Rate and Lead Times (tab: Story Graphs)


20. ©2016ANDYCARMICHAEL&JOHNCOLEMANALLRIGHTSRESERVEDAGILESOUTHCOAST 20 Kanban suggests 4 archetypes for categorizing items by Cost of Delay • Expedite: Very high urgency – no end point in sight • Fixed Date: One off impact on fixed date • Standard: Regular urgency; may tail off as value is lost • Intangible: Low urgency, may be followed by high urgency DelayCost/Impact($) Delay (time) Intangible DelayCost/Impact($) Delay (time) Standard DelayCost/Impact($) Delay (time) Fixed Date DelayCost/Impact($) Delay (time) Expedite We can define different “Classes of Service” for these archetypes

21. ©2016ANDYCARMICHAEL&JOHNCOLEMANALLRIGHTSRESERVEDAGILESOUTHCOAST 21 Review the Features and what are the priorities for delivery • Consider ordering of Features and therefore Stories using… • Dependencies • Delay Cost Profiles • Maximum Values (the value if had been available on Day 1) • Urgencies (Cost of Delay) • Consider policies for • Replenishment • Work • Pull • WiP The goal is to deliver maximum value in the long term by minimising delay costs. The score is based on delay cost savings up to the end of the game. No more interruptions (probably) until we time- out and begin the wrap- up. Call us over for Q’s. Go for it!


23. ©2016ANDYCARMICHAEL&JOHNCOLEMANALLRIGHTSRESERVEDAGILESOUTHCOAST 23 Let’s review how each team did… • Striking a balance between: • work starvation, • aged card movement, • finishing features, • class of service, • abandoning work for now, and • cost of delay / urgency • How much value realised? (and how calculated?)









32. ©2016ANDYCARMICHAEL&JOHNCOLEMANALLRIGHTSRESERVEDAGILESOUTHCOAST 32 Results Summary Team 1 Team 2 Team 3 Team 4 Average Delivery Rate (Stories pd) 1.36 1.19 0.91 1.53 Average Time in Dev (days) 3.00 5.42 5.93 3.93 Average WiP (in Dev) 7.00 6.75 6.32 11.9 Value Realised (up to Day 40) £6.9M £6.4M £6.3M £6.7M


34. ©2016ANDYCARMICHAEL&JOHNCOLEMANALLRIGHTSRESERVEDAGILESOUTHCOAST 34 Or visit leankanban.com/guide to download the free ebook. Physical book available now from Amazon and other booksellers. Be among the first to get a copy of this newly released book!

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