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Published on January 10, 2019

Author: CicelyMajeed

Source: slideshare.net

1. Fearless Fun I Love this ride!! My Bible verse today is found in Ecclesiastes 8:13 and yes, it talks about having fun. I know God is a fun God, not boring. I mean check out all she has created. What the heck! By the way, if you are wondering why I believe God is a female let me share a few verses from the Bible real quick to support my belief. The first one is found in Genesis 1:27 it talks about God saying, “Let Us make man in Our own image….male and female (read the entire verse). God is speaking to her other side, her male side otherwise why would she say “Us” and “Our image”. God is both male and female. And then read Galatians 4:26 where it states Jerusalem above is our mother, which means the new Jerusalem which is in the book of the Revelations 21:2 (the book of things to come). That is saying God is the new Jerusalem, she is our mother. So back to my article about fun….Some people find it hard to have fun in life because they stress over every little thing under the sun. I know Christians that believe it is a sin to go to a skating rink and have fun, or go to the movies and that is just ridiculous to me. God wants us to have fun. Life can be very tough and heart breaking so why would you deny yourself of a good time? If a pastor tells you not to

2. have any fun or don’t go to the movies, or don’t hang out with people at Starbucks, I would be suspicious of that pastor. In John 10:10 it says “The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows).” So as you can see God wants us to have joy and you can find so much joy when you have fearless fun. I do not mean to lose control and get crazy, take drugs and drink until you pass out or be promiscuous and go to clubs all the time. I actually encourage people not to drink and not to do drugs. What I mean is let your hair down sometimes and get silly. Don’t be afraid to show people your goofy side, they just may need someone like you in their life. Some people are too afraid to act like a kid again. I’m not, I love to color (in kids coloring books not adult ones all the time), to watch cartoons, get on swings at the park and get downright silly with little kids. It’s fun, it takes the monotony out of being a stuffy adult every day dealing with so many responsibilities. This is why so many people escape and become drug addicts, or alcoholics or end up involved in scandalous affairs when they get older. It’s because they don’t take time to be a kid again periodically or don’t find time to have much fun in their life. So they panic when they get a certain age and wish for their childhood again or wish they were a teenager again. You don’t need to wish for it, remember it and do something now you did then that wasn’t dangerous or illegal. People escape and lose their minds and do childish and immature things that harm themselves and maybe others because they refuse to take time out to have some fun or they think addictions and substance abuse are fun. How can altering your precious brain and not remembering where you were or what you did or putting chemicals in your body fun? Borrrring! Adults can get set in their ways and believe they may embarrass themselves if they get too silly, so what, embarrass yourself a little bit or don’t think about it so much, just do it. I say, get out there in life and be silly and goofy, swing on the swings, watch cartoons, play video games, go roller skating, sing out loud while driving your car or waiting for the bus, laugh out loud when you watch comedy shows or movies (why are people so afraid to laugh out loud, it’s refreshing), blow bubbles in your beverage, watch those animated movies that people think are for kids only, blow bubbles in your office when you take a break, it’s a stress reliever, skip when you walk down the street or down the hall (I have an adult friend who did that this morning and I thought it was cute and funny), buy cute stuff that someone may say is just for kids or too childish for an adult (so what, really?), roll around in the grass with your significant other or your kid, have date nights that go beyond dinner and a movie, drink hot chocolate with giant strawberry marshmallows in it (yum), collect stickers, rough house with your dog or chase him or her around the yard. When I did yoga my dog would get on the floor with me and start getting in my face and rolling around because he thought I was down there to play with him so I say do yoga with your dog, he or she will love it and have fun. So, don’t wait for someone to pull you out of your “adult zone”, go have fun alone and take pictures, isn’t that what Facebook is for….Happy Funning! (lol, I just made that up)

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