Fearless Forgiveness

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Information about Fearless Forgiveness

Published on January 9, 2019

Author: CicelyMajeed

Source: slideshare.net

1. Fearless Forgiveness Today’sverse isfoundinMatthew6:14 andis aboutforgiveness.Iencourage youtoreadit. Forgiveness isone of those difficultthingsthatnoteveryone wantstodo.Whensomeone comesupagainstyouin any way, youautomaticallywanttohurt themback or cut themlose andholdon to the angerand hurt theycausedyou.Thisis veryunhealthytoyourbody,mindandspirit.Itseemsnormal at firsttoholdon to the hurt because youare prettymuch saying,“how dare you dosuch a thing,I will neverforgetit,I hate you.” Butthat is notconducive tohealingfromthe hurtor slight.Whenyouholdonto somethingit causesa cancer to grow internallyandthatdoesn’tnecessarymeanyouwill have the actual disease cancer, itjustmeansyou are allowingahole togrow inside of youthatis eatingawayat your emotions. That can kill a person.Itcan set youback and hinderyoufrommovingforward.Ichose three images withquotesaboutforgivenessbecauseforgiveness ishuge anditcan make or breakyou,your relationshipsandprettymuchyourlife.If youholdonto whatwas done to youit festersandyouspend sleeplessnightsrememberingwhathappenedtoyou.Youplayit overand overandover againinyour mindand itcan cause angerto buildup.People,mostlymen,rape othersbecauseof some emotional turmoil theyare goingthroughthat theyhave notreleased.Theydonotknow how to control their

2. emotionssotheywantto take itout on someone theycaneasilytargettofeel better.A lotof timesitis unforgivenesstheyare holdingontobecause of somethingbadortraumatic thathappenedtothem. People take gunsandshootor kill othersbecause of some unresolvedemotionalturmoil theyare experiencinginside. Thatunforgivenessturnsintorage andall theywantto do isset outto harm someone,anyone torelease whattheyare feelinginside. That is whyyouneedtoforgive assoon as youare able to soyou don’tholdonto it. You are doing yourself afavorif you letitgo. I have beenhurttimesinmypast and whenIwas youngerIwas inclined to holda grudge because Ithoughtif I holdonto it I wastellingmyself Iamnot goingto letthat person getaway withwhattheydid.I have to stay angryand frustratedandI will notlistentothemif theyever approach me to talkto me.It was pure foolishness.Butas I have gottenolderIhave learnedthatthe bestwayfor me to heal from a bad experience istoletitgo.That doesn’tmeanyouhave to be friends withthe personwhoharmedyou,youdon’thave to talk to them, youdon’thave to eversee them again.You justneedtobe fearlessinyourapproachto lettingthe hurtgo.That means,dealingwith whathappened,acknowledgingthatithurtyou prettybad, and thenlovingyourself enoughtosay,“I have to letthisgo or it can kill me or make me sick.” Or I may endup tryingto hurtthe personbackfor whattheydidto me.And youall knowthat vengeance isthe Lord’s!(see Romans12:19) I readthis booka while agocalled“HurtPeople,HurtPeople”.WhenIreadthe title,Iwas like “wow” that’shuge and so verytrue.Whenyouare hurt youare sometimesinclinedtogoout andhurt someone else.Ithappensall the time.Thisbooktaughtme thatI don’tneed to lookdownonothersif theyslightme,Ican rememberthattheymay be goingthroughsomething,ortheymaybe feeling intimidatedornotunderstandme andbecause of that theychose to treat me a certainway.Then,I can say,that is theirissue.If someoneevertellsme theyhate me,Iwouldsay,“thatis yourproblemandyou have to deal withit.”It doesn’thave anythingtodowithme because Iknow who I am andI know I don’t setout to harm anyone forany reason,norhave I givenyoua reasonto hate me.I letthat persongo deal withtheirangstor emotionsandIhave to forgive themforsayingsucha thingsoI can move forwardand still live ajoyful life.Youhave more peace whenyoupractice fearlessforgiveness.AndI don’tknowanyone whodoesn’twanttolive withpeace.Itisthe cornerstone forliving.Peace helpsyou grow andpeace givesyousolace andwarmth.So you are actuallytakinggoodcare of yourself whenyou forgive like Godforgives.It’snoteasy,andnoone can be God but God,but youcan practice forgiving othersas soonas possible.If youfindyoujustcannotdoit, askGod for help.We all needhelpwithour emotionsandwithdealingwithwhatothershave done tousoutof jealousyorotherissuestheyare dealingwith.Soaskforhelpfromyour Creator,that iswhat she isthere forso you can have that inner peace that makesyousmile andgreeteverydaywithgratitude andhope.Withouthelpingyourself heal the holesthatare burningwithanger,resentment,rage,hate,and painyoulive alife of sufferingand that isno way to live.Goeasyonyourself,letgoof whatwas done to you,forgive thatpersonorgroup of people,andmove forward.If ithappensagain,forgive again,overandoverandoveragain,so you can have peace.You maynot understandwhysome thingshappen,butatleastyoucan letit go and learnfromthe experience. Checkoutthiswebpage withthe Bible storyfromMatthew aboutforgiving overand overand overagain…https://www.lds.org/bible-videos/videos/forgive-70-times-7?lang=eng For more informationaboutmyworkand credentialsyoucanvisitmyPinterestpage here https://www.pinterest.com/angelicrainbow/cicelys-portfolio/

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