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Published on December 5, 2007

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East Asia: Pagodas


Stupa ( Sanchi, Madhya Pradesh state, India) Monument erected in memory of the Buddha or a Buddhist saint, often marking a sacred spot, commemorating an event, or housing a relic.

Pagoda -- a tower in eastern Asia with divisions of each of several stories and erected as a temple or memorial. Towerlike, multistoried structure of stone, brick, or wood, usually associated with a Buddhist temple complex and enshrining sacred relics.


Pagoda, Korea

Beijing Pagodas

Bronze Pagoda

Wood Pagoda

Pagoda at Datong, built over 1,000 years ago without a nail and still standing

Famen Temple  

HORYUJI, aerial, near Nara Horyuji Temple Nara, Japan 607 CE

Hôryûji , aerial

Hôryûji , plan


Hôryûji , outside gate

Hôryûji temple

The oldest Nio king statues in Japan. The oldest Nio king statues in Japan at Horyuji Temple South Gate

Hôryûji , Gatehouse

Hôryûji temple.

Horyuji Temple houses the oldest wooden structures still standing in Japan today. The five story pagoda (shown below) is said to date back to 607 although there has been some recent discoveries that have cause controversy over this date.

Hôryûji , The Buddha's statue

Hôryûji , Joinery

Hôryûji , interior

XI’AN MOSQUE, gate (early 17 th century)

Xi’an Mosque

Xi’an Mosque

Xi’an Mosque , The large "Prayer Hall" ( eight bays-wide) with a capacity for 1000 worshipers, features a triple roof of turquoise tiles on a wide platform dating from the Ming dynasty . Prayer Hall - the complete Quran is carved in the 600 wooden boards in Chinese and Arabic characters.

Xi’an Mosque, Mihrab The mihrab is of wood, decorated with carved and painted motifs which are Central Asian in color, though the floral patterns lend the design a distinctive Chinese flavor

Xi’an Mosque

Arabic Plaque, Great Mosque, Xian

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