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Published on April 15, 2008

Author: egs

Source: slideshare.net


Icebreaker show

Our Home Is Our Ship! December 26, 2007  

These are pictures taken from the Coast Guard ship Sir William Alexander during the search for “El Loda Cash”, a fishing boat which sank in the Bay of Fundy a few years ago. Heavy ice buildup probably sank El Loda. Watching the ice build up on Sir William Alexander, you can see why. A tragic event... This could happen to YOUR home? Watch, and see how!


Think of YOUR home as a ship… … a ship just like the coastguard icebreaker here … a vessel on which you make YOUR life journey.

Just like ice building up on a ship, "stuff" builds up in our ship... our home!

Wave after wave after wave... it comes.  More stuff... building up on our ships!

Christmas gifts... a huge wave of "stuff" coming on to our ships.  More load... more heavy buildup.

Boxing Day sales.  Another wave of "stuff"... more load.  It just keeps coming... wave after wave after wave... relentlessly...

Building, building... added burden, load, clutter... non-stop it comes

Finally... enough is enough! Enough is TOO MUCH!


Time for action!!

Chip it away!  Get rid of it! Sell it... give it away... Freecycle it...

Your home is YOUR ship… … a ship just like that coastguard icebreaker … The vessel on which you make YOUR life journey.

You travel through time on YOUR ship… … YOUR journey ... YOUR life ... YOUR family’s life ... YOUR trip!

YOUR “ship” gets weighed down with “ice” on your journey. This next slide shows a junk room in a typical young couple’s house.  Out of sight, building up with “ice”.

300 sq ft of unwanted, surplus stuff... Household “ice”... junk... The junk gets this large room.  The two boys get the smallest bedroom. Something's drastically wrong with this picture!

Get the Full Circles habit Watch for continuous build up on YOUR ship! Chip off the surplus “stuff”– toys, clothes, books, all that other “stuff”. Give it away on Full Circles . Get it out! Don’t let continuously accumulating household “ice” sink your ship. Remember, there are always many folks in your circles – friends, families, neighbours, co-workers – at different stages of their lives who would actually want , welcome , use, and value your unwanted stuff. Travel lightly… Full Circle …

www.FullCircles.org 2007 For more information, contact [email_address] Fullcircles... affiliate of:

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