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Published on November 14, 2007

Author: Haylee

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“Targeting decision takers and opinion leaders” Germany´s quality news portal 2006 preview :  “Targeting decision takers and opinion leaders” Germany´s quality news portal 2006 preview Slide2:  Our online-dedicated editors deliver news and background information from 6.00-22.00 o`clock minute-by-minute Intensive cooperation with the worldwide network of F.A.Z. print-journalists Our aim: high-quality journalism in the German speaking web FAZ.NET has appr. 1.700.000 Unique Visitor (Nielsen) FAZ.NET counts more than 265.000 subscriptions to the online portal FAZ.NET has over 45 Mio. PageImpressions per month FAZ.NET counts over 6 Mio. Visits per Month Facts about FAZ.NET FAZ.NET – Quality online Slide3:  Our site. http://www.faz.net Strcture of FAZ.NET usership - 2005 :  Strcture of FAZ.NET usership - 2005 FAZ.NET users the majority is male (59,9%) aged 20 to 49 years (71,6%) well educated (bacalaureat or university degress) (62,1%) advanced job positions often with teamresponsibilty (25,8%) enjoy high net incomes (51,6 % > 3.000 €; 13,2% > 5.000 € Haushaltsnettoeinkommen) source: ACTA 2005 By advertising on FAZ.NET, you reach committed, affluent and discerning individuals, who use the Internet for both private and professinal purposes. Crossmedial opportunities:  Crossmedial opportunities Intersection of target groups within F.A.Z. publishing group 10,5 % of FAZ.NET-users read also the print edition of F.A.Z. 5,7 % of F.A.Z.-readers use also the online-edition FAZ.NET Advantages for advertisers Running campaigns on FAZ.NET and F.A.Z. advertisers reach additional 650,000 attractive smart users; meanwhile the FAZ.NET usership is 15 years younger in average. FAZ.NET always offers the most favorable discount that advertisers have reached in the F.A.Z. group. source: ACTA 2005 Slide6:  Online property market Relaunch Investor user´s comments Homepage-Facelift Teasers topic structure navigation (u.a. markets) travel center / book shop current peak: 75 Mio. Impressions (in September 2005) IAA (car fair in Frankfurt) hurricane „Katrina“ election to the Deutscher Bundestag Development FAZ.NET 2005 Slide7:  The german market for onlineadvertising is very competitive. A clear positioning and innovative attitude are winning strategies. Market positions and current reach Slide8:  Clients & turnover 2005 FAZ.NET meets onlinemarketing needs. That makes our clients and us happy. Why should you use FAZ.NET:  Why should you use FAZ.NET FAZ.NET is the strongest growing general interest news portal in Germany The only nationwide used premium news portal Strong presence in the big cities i.e. Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg, Berlin, Ruhrgebiet Our users visit FAZ.NET daily because of quality content (and not just data searching for low price offers). They stay on FAZ.NET for 8-far-above-the-average pageimpression. This is due to our journalism which delivers new insight and valuable explanations to a huge variety of topics. Recent clients of FAZ.NET :  Recent clients of FAZ.NET Deutsche Bank Dresdner Bank Fidelity Investment HSBC Deutsche Lufthansa British Airways Swiss Air Quantas Airlines Thomas Cook BMW Volkswagen Toyota HSBC DWS Fonds IBM Microsoft Vodafone SAP Dorint Hotels Intercontinental Hilton BASF Allianz Insurance Deutsche Postbank DaimlerChrysler Jaguar BMW Slide11:  Banner positions on FAZ.NET. The Wallpaper.:  The Wallpaper. This extraordinary format offers a strong and remarkable appearance. Integration of Leaderboard and Skyscraper enables graphically sophisticated solutions. Nice feature: the wallpaper of FAZ.NET is clickable. Slide13:  formats Fullsize Banner (468x60) Skyscraper (140x600) PopUp (200x300) Content-Ad (MPU) (300x200) FlashLayer (shaped Pop-up) Rectangle-Ad (172x172) Newsletter-Anzeigen (newsletter ads) Leaderboard (728x90) Microsite Advertorials Sponsoring (z.B. polls and tools) Streaming-Ad-Technologie topics Politik (politics) Wirtschaft (incl. Investor und Finanzen) (i.e. economics and finance) Feuilleton (culture) Sport (sports) Reise (travel) Technik&Motor (cars, bikes, ships) Wissenschaft (science) Stellenmarkt (job market) F.A.Z. Hochschulanzeiger (students corner) Overview of possible formats and topics Specials / Advertorials*. :  Specials / Advertorials*. Specials F.A.Z. regularly publishes specials in the paper. These specials can be transferred to FAZ.NET, where they usually are online for a period of 4 weeks. Clients Opportunity All adformats in the special are exclusively covered by one client. Traffic in the special: Banners (cobranded by partner) supplement to sidenavigation Redirect www.faz.net/topic * The concept above also applies for advertorials. For advertorials the clients deliveres texts and photos. F.A.Z. Specials in 2006.:  F.A.Z. Specials in 2006. Februar 08.02. Internate und Privatschulen 23.02. Wellness, Fitness, Gesundheit März 01.03. Derivate I – Innovative Kapitalanlagen 08.03. CeBIT 2006 10.03. Industrie- und Gewerbeimmobilien (zur Mipim) April 05.04. Bank der Zukunft 26.04. Energie – Ressourcen, Märkte, Service 28.04. Golf International Mai 09.05. Leasing 16.05. Telekommunikation 2006 24.05. Investmentfonds Juni 06.06. Bildung und Karriere 13.06. Franchising You will find even more topics following this link: www.faz.net/anzeigen Juli 04.07. Die 100 größten Unternehmen August 25.08. Golf International 30.08. Consulting September 06.09. Unternehmer heute – Ideen, Wachstum, Märkte 20.09. Finanzmärkte 21.09. Wellness, Fitness, Gesundheit Oktober 10.10. Derivate II – Innovative Kapitalanlagen 13.10. Industrie- und Gewerbeimmobilien (zur Expo Real) 18.10. Private Vorsorge November 15.11. Pharma International – Medica 2006 Dezember 06.12. Chancen 2007 – Börsen, Märkte, Geldanlage 29.12. Jahreschronik 2006 Specials – starting page:  Specials – starting page Alternative: Advertorial, below: startingpage:  Alternative: Advertorial, below: startingpage This format offers complete content integration on FAZ.NET. The client delivers texts and photos. The complete fullfillment is done by FAZ.NET. Clients brands are supported by the untouchable image of F.A.Z.. Alternative: Microsite :  Alternative: Microsite Clients who want to present themselves in their own look&feel may use a microsite. It offers more flexibility. Clients can do content updates autonomously and more often than with the advertorial. Teaserbanners – e.g. Advertorials:  Teaserbanners – e.g. Advertorials Teaser-Banners (Run of site volumes or fixed positioning) and supplements to sidenavigation (alway fixed positioning) lead users to the clients advertorial or to a special. supplement to sidenavigation Teaser-Banner Teaserbanner – e.g. specials:  Teaserbanner – e.g. specials Promoting specials. Cobranding of exklusive partners is welcome in banners. Seitennavigationsergänzung Teaser-Banner Slide21:  A selection of FAZ.NET newsletters www.faz.net/newsletter FAZ.NET Frühaufsteher (stock market information): (PD: Mon-Fri, 08:30; circulation 10,500; 1,000 Euro) The morning´s first global stock market reports, up-to-th-minute and analytical, with previews of the stock trading day. FAZ.NET Wirtschaft (Business) (PD: Mon-Fri, 15:00; circulation 12,500; 1,000 Euro) The key business topics of the day in perspective, plus news from the global financial markets. FAZ.NET Investor-Analysen (Investor Analysis) (new) (PD: Mon-Fri, 17:00; circulation 4,200; 1,000 Euro) Newsletter Börsenspiel (stock Exchange Game) * (PD: Mon, 07:00; circulation 150,000; 1,000 Euro) * Text adverts only Finally. What we will do for you is ...:  Finally. What we will do for you is ... prominent positioning in affluent usership huge share of voice in relevant topics provide adspace close to content premium branding regional targeting (optional) flexible ad-management, transparent reporting co-branding of tools Newsletter-advertising favorable crossmedial discounts Thank you for your attention.:  Thank you for your attention. Slide24:  Gerrit Nagel Pierre de Grandmaison Head of onlinesales Directeur associé phone ++49 (0)69 75 91-2842 phone ++33 (1) 56 88 20 80 fax ++49 (069) 75 91-2590 fax ++33 (1) 56 88 20 88 e-mail g.nagel@faz.de e-mail pdegrandmaison@worldwebnetwork.com F.A.Z. Electronic Media GmbH Worldweb Network Hellerhofstraße 2-4 5, Rue de Washington D-60327 Frankfurt am Main F-75008 Paris Please find uptodate information about online-advertisment on: http://www.faz.net/sales Kontakt & Informationen

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