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Published on March 3, 2014

Author: ShavkatKarimov

Source: slideshare.net


FavoriteWords.com connects you with like-minded people through your common favorite words. It also lets you better understand yourself, improve your mood, learn new words, and have fun. And it's free. Signup today.

Favorite Words Connecting People with Words by Shavkat Karimov email: shavkat@shavkat.com phone: 818-468-6938

At FavoriteWords.com you can: Add your favorite words and find like-minded people! Play with your added words and: Discover yourself Choose your career Improve your mood Boost your creativity Learn new words Have fun HOW DOES IT WORK? by Shavkat Karimov email: shavkat@shavkat.com phone: 818-468-6938

PROBLEMS: USER: SOLUTIONS: Lots of random irrelevant connections on social sites? No idea what to do in the next 2 minutes or generally in life? Brainstorm with your favorite words Feeling down or depressed? No time to learn and improve yourself? Think about your favorite words one by one and enjoy the outcome Quickly see what you love in life and where to move forward No ideas for a new project, service, product, brand or name? Can’t sort out the endless stream of new info and stuff? Seeing ads that you are not interested in? Connect only with people like you at FavoriteWords.com Get ideas from your favorite words Get recommendations from your like-minded contacts on books, movies, activities, sites, and more. Only see ads relevant to your favorite words. PROBLEMS & SOLUTIONS by Shavkat Karimov email: shavkat@shavkat.com phone: 818-468-6938

THERAPEUTIC VALUE: SELF-DEVELOPMENT VALUE: SOCIAL VALUE: Words heal. Science confirms: Knowing your favorite words helps with understanding your preferences, likes, and interests. People favoring same words are more likely to have more in common. Proven with small group experiments. Stereotype priming; Linguistic wave genetics; Ideomotor phenomenon; The better you know yourself, the easier it is to develop and improve. Word therapy; The power of positive thinking. Vocabulary and success are connected. BACKGROUND & RESEARCH Universal method. Collaborative filtering. Social trends. by Shavkat Karimov email: shavkat@shavkat.com phone: 818-468-6938

overcrowded by strangers and unwanted friends Social Networks Facebook, Twitter, etc. serious privacy concerns Dating Sites eHarmony, Match.com, etc. only likeminded people no personal details needed too complex, lots of scam expensive ads OR ads don’t work Advertising Networks high conversion & low costs Google, Bing/Yahoo, Facebook, etc. Favorite Words fast and easy-to-use no brainer, matching results can be as great COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE Complicated and hard to use takes time to get any results SelfImprovement Sites Lumosity, 43things.com, etc. by Shavkat Karimov email: shavkat@shavkat.com phone: 818-468-6938

- Self-help: Popularizing the process of working and playing with favorite words for self-improvement, ideas, meditation, career choice, and more. - Information: meaning of words, examples of use, user thoughts, ideas and associations, web info. - Recommendations: sharing similar users’ choices for books, movies, sites, products, services, videos, photos/images, news. STAGE 3: ADS & STATS STAGE 2: USER ENGAGEMENT - Advertisements: affordable relevant ads with higher conversion rates - Global stats and social trends: both private and public. STAGE 1: SOCIAL GROWTH - Gaining users via viral contests and invitations; popular wordrelated sites acquisitions; mobile word-games sponsorship; video promos, social media marketing; paid advertising, blogosphere coverage, major media arrangements. - Connecting users with similar or identical lists of favorite words through internal algorithm. GROWTH STRATEGY by Shavkat Karimov email: shavkat@shavkat.com phone: 818-468-6938

It’s free for everyone to use. Revenue will come from:  Targeted Ads  Premium membership (extra features, no ads; less limits)  World of the Word ownerships  Mobile word games ads  Personalized apparel and merchandise MONETIZATION by Shavkat Karimov email: shavkat@shavkat.com phone: 818-468-6938

In the next 3 years we expect to: …get this social network based on common words become known and useful (500K+ users). …popularize this unique tool to be used on a daily basis for self-improvement, creativity boost, and so on (50K+ dedicated users). …create a simple and effective advertising platform for Internet and mobile (1K+ advertisers). …gather unique data and insights on what people love categorized by demographics, languages, age groups, education, and professions. …establish a solid recurring income from multiple sources. …become a known brand and a strong player in the social arena and among mobile apps. EXPECTED RESULTS by Shavkat Karimov email: shavkat@shavkat.com phone: 818-468-6938

Contact Information: Name: Shavkat Karimov Phone: 818-468-6938 Email: shavkat@shavkat.com Site: www.FavoriteWords.com Connecting People with Words. by Shavkat Karimov email: shavkat@shavkat.com phone: 818-468-6938

© 2014 FavoriteWords.com. All Rights Reserved. Favorite Words - Connecting People with Words.

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