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Published on January 10, 2009

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Slide 1: Creative Career Curriculum in the Core Classroom Marty Faulkner martybb@aol.com Clusters Conference Phoenix, Arizona Slide 2: Traditional High School (12 years ago at South Grand Prairie High School) Social Studies Mathematics Career & Technology Language Arts Science Slide 4: Rigor Relevance Relationships Slide 5: Career Academies/Clusters Creative & Performing Arts Math/Science & Engineering Business & Computer Technology Communications, Law, & Military Science Health Science & Human Services Slide 6: English Science Sociology, Psychology, Biology, Culinary Arts, Medical Terminology, Criminal Justice, Ready, Set, Teach Social Studies Mathematics Curriculum Integration Discover Personality Traits : Discover Personality Traits People and Relationships Help others, Work together, Make a difference, Improve conditions, Fix injustice Things and Functions Plan it, Design it, Fix it, Organize it, Solutions, Logic, Order and closure Creativity and Expressive Artistic expression, Original thinking, Question authority, Recognition Discovery and Processes Proof, Open inquiry, Clear explanation, Challenges, Weigh Options Slide 8: MOVIE CLIP GOES HERE Slide 9: Sociology Intro Psychology and AP Certified Nurses Assistant Emergency Medical Tech Personal and Family Development Ready, Set, Teach Weight Training Anatomy and Physiology Cosmetology Health Medical Terminology Medical Microbiology Pathophysiology Chemistry I,II, and AP Culinary Arts Biology I and AP Discover a pathway! Slide 10: MACBETH BCT: run off play bills; create accounting for producing the play CPA: recreate a scene from the play; create costumes; draw a movie poster for the play HSHS: discuss ambition/stress; delineate the mental illness illustrated in the play; marriage counseling between Macbeth/Lady Macbeth. MSE: chart layout of the play in a theater; create a graph/venn diagram illustrating each character’s influence on each other or the play CLAMS: hold a mock trial for Macbeth; research historical implications in novel Slide 11: STUDENT BENEFITS TEACHER BENEFITS School to work education Skills based Engaged learning Motivation Sense of belonging Student motivation Appreciation Engaged learner Fewer discipline problems Decreased failure rates Collaboration Slide 12: Results Equal Awards George Lucas Educational Foundation filmed school as a model for school innovation. www.glef.org Gold Performance Acknowledgment for the number of students graduating on the Recommended High School Plan. Texas Blue Ribbon School and Secondary School of Excellence. One of seven schools in the nation to work in partnership with the Public Relations Society of America. Created one of the nation’s first high school Certified Internet Webmaster classes. National High Schools That Work Showcase Site New American High School Slide 14: Cheering Video goes here Slide 15: INTERDISCIPLINARY PROJECTS Slide 16: Health classes researched information for pamphlets Art/media/printing classes create pamphlets using information Science and/or statistics classes create charts/diagrams English classes edit all material Drama students host booths STUDENT HEALTH FAIR : Bioethics Project “To Be or Not To Be: That Is The Question.” Cloning and all the issues surrounding it are in the news almost daily. The questions that arise from the very concept of cloning are complex and not easy to answer. Even the scientists involved in research of this type do not agree on the moral or social ethics of experiments of this kind. Online at gpisd.org, click on “campuses,” click on “high schools,” click on “SGPHS,” and go to “resources” or “library” to find the Bio Ethics Unit Slide 18: True Colors Personality Inventory Mixes characters in literature with psychology and personality testing Slide 19: Gatsby Says It Wasn’t Her Fault Don’t Drink and Drive with Gatsby Drinking Historically with Gatsby Crime Scene Analysis Pandemics Affect Everyone (1920s Influenza Outbreak) Sound Track for the Twenties Map Gatsby’s World Slang and You – Jargon of 1920 Compare/Contrast Gatsby’s Enterprise with Today’s Corporations Slide 20: Gatsby’s Fashion Designer You have been selected as one of the foremost fashion designers for THE GREAT GATSYBY fashion police. Choose a character from the novel as listed on the back of this page. Create a paper doll of the character using the pattern given to you by the teacher. Follow the verbal instructions as well as these written ones. FOR THE BODY: You may use construction paper or a lightweight poster board. If you want color, I would suggest pink, black, or brown – whatever ethnicity you want. FOR THE CLOTHING: You will need two pieces of “undergarments.” Computer paper works best, so you aren’t adding bulk to the dress of the doll. DIRECTIONS: Even if the doll is adorable, points will be taken off if you do not correctly place each of these. (Continued on CD) *Adapted assignment from Reni Cook who adapted it from a conference lesson. Forensics: Character Autopsy : Forensics: Character Autopsy Groups of 2-4 Students, Butcher paper, Assigned novel One group member lies on the floor while others draw an outline of the body. Find quotes/passages to illustrate the following body parts for our autopsy. Place these strategically on the body outline. Write chapter and page number in parenthesis after each quote. Head: What are his dreams, philosophy, vision? Eyes: What or who affects him? Ears: What does he notice/remember? Mouth: What does he argue/debate? With whom does he communicate? Arms: What physical activity or work does he do? Hands: What conflicts does he deal with? Heart: Who/what does he love? Torso: What doesn’t he like about himself? What does he fear? Legs: What does he do for fun? Feet: Where has he been? Where is he going? Slide 22: MASLOW MEETS the MONSTER Slide 23: Individual Classroom Projects Gatsby Dolls Lord of the Flies PowerPoint Macbeth Mosaic Canterbury Tales Updated Rime of the Ancient Mariner Travel Brochure Character Biopoems True Colors Personality Inventory Slide 24: I Am a Character! I am a _____. I wonder _____. I hear _____. I see _____. I want _____. I pretend _____. I touch _____. I feel _____. I worry about _____. I cry _____. I work _____. I live _____. I understand _____. I try _____. I hope _____. I dream _____. I am _____. I am a female. I wonder why my husband appears spineless. I hear the king is coming tonight. I see guards around the king. I want to be queen. I pretend to be kind to the visitors in my castle. I touch a nerve in my husband. I feel sad and worried because my husband isn’t telling me everything. I worry we will be found out soon. I cry because the king looked like my father. I work hard to avoid suspicion. I live a life I did not bargain for in the beginning. I understand what we did was very wrong. I try to explain my husband’s “illness” at a banquet. I hope my husband will stop hearing voices. I dream and sleepwalk. I am Lady Macbeth. Slide 25: I AM A PSYCHOLOGIST (Of course, you could always do this same poem with a character in a novel or a social studies figure or scientist or something in another subject area.) I am a _____. I am a psychologist. I wonder _____. I wonder why unconscious memories affect people. I hear _____. I hear the voices of Carl Jung and Karen Horney around me. I see _____. I see dead people (no, just kidding, Mrs. Faulkner). I want _____. I want to know about your childhood. I pretend _____. I pretend to counsel my own daughter. I touch _____. I touch all parts of my body. I feel _____. I feel superior. I worry about _____. I worry about the cancer in my mouth. I cry _____. I cry when I hear about your dreams. I work _____. I work with people who lie on a couch.I live _____. I live to understand people. I understand _____. I understand your Oedipus complex. I try _____. I try to analyze everyone. I hope _____. I hope your unconscious childhood memories are good. I am _____. I am Sigmund Freud. ELA LESSON PLANS with a CAREER FOCUS : ELA LESSON PLANS with a CAREER FOCUS Gatsby Gala Frankenstein Career Puzzle Pick-A-Project Macbeth Marriage Counselor Julius Caesar Amusement Park The Crucible Slide 27: School to Work Opportunities Emergency Medical Technician Ready, Set, Teach Cosmetology Culinary Arts Certified Nursing Assistant Pending: Pharmacy Technician Travel Agent Veterinarian Technician HSHS Academy/Cluster Slide 28: Glef.org (search the site South Grand Prairie High School for video) Slide 29: Ready to copy assignments for your classroom! There are more assignments on the CD you have been given. Feel free to email me if you have any questions. Please turn in evaluation form. Thank you for your attention! : Thank you for your attention! Marty Faulkner martybb@aol.com Career Curriculum Consultants

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