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Published on February 22, 2014

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''What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?''

EVALUATION #3 ''What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?'' FATEH KHALED 8703

POSSIBLE OUTCOMES After completing the opening title sequence and thinking of which media institution might distribute my media product and why has become quite clear; Because my opening title sequence is an independent British film it has become quite apparent that this is based on the fact that our film is low budget film. More specifically I think Vertigo Films or Film 4 would be ideal to distribute my media product.

VERTIGO FILMS The reason why I believe Vertigo Films would be an ideal distributer for my opening title sequence is because Vertigo Films are ‘championing new talent’ and it has been key to them. I believe that our opening title sequence showcases the talent as our opening title sequence stands out and creates a great sense of storyline. Furthermore the company distributes a wide range of genres which suggests that a thriller genre could be as success as they are not as frequent making the film unique.

FILM 4 The other alternative company that could be an ideal distributor is Film 4, the reason why I believe Film 4 would be an ideal distributer for my opening title sequence is because similarly Film 4 are trying to develop new British talent and be a leader of innovation in the British film industry. Furthermore they are known for distributing films for growth in comparison to Warner Brothers and other big distribution companies who distribute for the gross revenue.

PROMOTION After doing some research about promotion it has become apparent that our media film could be successful. For example Streetdance 3D which was distributed by Vertigo Films has been successful and has been nominated for ‘best achievement in production’. Film 4 is a cross media convergence, this means that it belongs to the sister network Channel 4. Therefore if Film 4 decides to distribute our film; it can be advertised via channel 4’s break advertisements.

PROMOTION CONTINUED As well as being promoted via Channel 4’s advertisements, our film can be promoted via the internet. Nowadays the majority of people are on the internet with millions of people on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Therefore the film can be promoted on sites such as Facebook and Twitter, this could generate a lot of interest and create a ‘trend’ creating demand for people to watch the film. As well as this the film could be advertised on YouTube, this could again create a large demand and also if other film distributors are interested they could contact and possible increase the budget for our film to be distributed.

CONCLUSION Overall I believe that my film has definitely got the potential to be contacted and distributed by film companies; more specifically independent British film companies. I believe the fact our genre is thriller and consists of faced action packed scenes it will ‘catch on’ quickly and be discussed a lot via social networking sites and the audiences thoughts can easily be tracked just by entering the name of our film (Vindicate). Furthermore if our film was to be promoted even further we could create a website for it and see demographic trends and views of the trailer to see how much potential it has to be successful.

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