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Published on March 9, 2014

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Fateh Khaled

EVALUATION #3 ''What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?'' FATEH KHALED 8703

POSSIBLE OUTCOMES After completing the opening title sequence and thinking of which media institution might distribute my media product and why, the options available have become quite clear. As my opening title sequence is an independent British film and of low budget, I think Vertigo Films or Film 4 would be an ideal institution company to distribute my media product.

VERTIGO FILMS The reason why I believe Vertigo Films would be an ideal distributer for my opening title sequence is because Vertigo Films are ‘championing new talent’, this information was retrieved from their website. I believe that our opening title sequence showcases the talent as it stands out and creates a great sense of storyline. Furthermore the company distributes a wide range of genres which suggests that a thriller genre could be as success as they are may not be as frequent.

FILM 4 The other company that could be an ideal distributor is Film 4. This is because like Vertigo, film 4 like to develop new British talent and like to be leaders of innovation in the British film industry. Furthermore they are known for distributing films for growth in comparison to Warner Brothers and other big distribution companies who distribute for the gross revenue.

PROMOTION Film 4 is a cross media convergence, this means that it belongs to the sister network Channel 4. Therefore if Film 4 decides to distribute our film; it can be promoted via channel 4’s website which is linked to Film4, E4 and more four. Furthermore, if the film has a lot of potential other distributers can help distribute the film, if so than other companies may be international leading to more screenings in different countries with the final result of greater revenue and audience figures.

PROMOTION CONTINUED For example, Slumdog Millionaire (British independent film) was distributed by several distributers such as: - Pathé (UK) - Eros Entertainment (India) - Warner Brothers and Fox Searchlight Pictures (US) - Icon Film Distribution (Australia) Slumdog Millionaire is known as a ‘sleeper hit’ because it had little promotion and was not expected to be so successful. The fact that Slumdog Millionaire was released by multiple distributers from different countries making it international meant that the film reached a more widespread audience resulting into winning 7 BAFTA’s and nominated for 10 Academy Awards in 2009 (winning eight).

PROMOTION CONTINUED After researching films that have been distributed by Vertigo films I have discovered that many have received high accolades. For example ‘Streetdance 3D’ has been nominated for ‘best achievement in production’. As well as ‘Monsters’ winning multiple awards and ‘The Football Factory’ which is the biggest independent DVD of all time; all which have been distributed by Vertigo films.

PROMOTION CONTINUED Another way of being promoted is promotion via internet and social networking sites. Nowadays the majority of people are on new media websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Therefore the film can be promoted via these sites, this could generate a lot of interest and create a ‘trend’ creating demand for people to watch the film. For example, the Facebook Page for ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ has generated over 7 million ‘likes’, they update regular status’ in order to tease the audience and build the adrenaline.

PROMOTION CONTINUED As well as Facebook, there is a Twitter page for ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ which has over 150,000 followers, the moderator of the account again teases the fans and also asks regular questions such as ‘What are you looking forward most about Amazing Spider-Man 2?’, this is a form of feedback so the film developers know what the audience are most excited about.

PROMOTION CONTINUED As well as Facebook and Twitter, YouTube is also a very effective way of promoting films, there are over millions of users on YouTube and the website gets visited around 200 Billion times a day. Many films are promoted on the YouTube homepage across the banner at the top (pictured below), it automatically plays the video which can instantly gain an audience’s attention, this can create a large chain of audience and also it could potentially interest other distributors who could expand the budget.

YOUTUBE ADVERTISEMENTS ‘Book Tickets’ this can create more revenue as the audience can instantly buy tickets to watch the film. ‘Share Video’ you can also share the trailer instantly with the click of a button onto social networking sites such as Google+, Facebook and Twitter You can also click on ‘Apps’ or ‘Games’ which diverts you to an online playable game As you can see the advertisement from 300: Rise of an Empire, there are various types of social media, this is a form of synergy (more specifically a tie in) where synergy products are released together which have been produced by other companies which are related to the film. In this case, the film, the app which is available on iPhone and Android and the online games.


CONCLUSION I believe that my film has got the potential to be distributed by film companies; more specifically independent British film companies. As our thriller contains a lot of fast paced action it will immediately gain the attention of many viewers on social networking sites. This new media enables audience’s thoughts to be tracked just by entering the film name ‘Vindicate‘, by doing so this will help increase viewing figures as it will pass on from one person to another.

CONCLUSION CONTINUED If our film was to be promoted further we could create a website to track demographic trends and views of the trailer to see how much potential it has to be successful. For example the filmmakers of ‘RoboCop’ (2014) created a website called ‘OmniCorp’ based on the film and teased different robots from the film before its release, this generated ‘hype’ and instantly grabbed the audiences attention; Just by this the developers can track demographic trends.

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