Fat Sacs – Durable And Fully Tested By Barefoot International

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Information about Fat Sacs – Durable And Fully Tested By Barefoot International

Published on December 29, 2008

Author: lanedawgster



Fat Sacs – Durable And Fully Tested By Barefoot International Fat Sacs are highly durable and long lasting tools. They are made from Valmex, a white water rafting material. The Quick Connect Valve system makes filling and draining the fat sacs a trouble-free job. With the presence of valve holes in the fat sacs, creating the ideal automatic integrated fat sacs system has been made possible. A vast variety of fat sacs are available in numerous colours including yellow, red, blue, black and grey. This endless assortment of colours allows you to give your system the look of your own choice. Fat sacs are designed with the same durability used in white water rafting. Imagine the abuse when it slams into sharp rocks while it is exposed to water and scorching heat. Barefoot International fat sacs provide the ultimate in durability. These fat sacs hold up better than ballast tanks made from fibreglass or plastic. There is simply no substitute for fat sacs constructed from Valmex. Do you know that fat sacs are highly customizable? Yes, that is one of the outstanding features of fat sacs. For this reason, their shape and size are not a concern since they will conform to the compartment into which they are placed. Isn’t that amazing? If you want to max out the potential weight in any compartment, the ideal thing is to buy a fat sac designed for that space, but the good news is that you can buy a bigger fat sac and it will simply conform to the compartment that it is going into. Some people even use fat sacs big enough to push the seat cushions up when the seat is vacant. Fat sacs are also extremely user friendly. Its quick connect cap and chain allows you to quickly fill and empty by using tsunami pump. The cap also remains hooked to the chain so that you may not lose it. The Tsunami Pump is mush faster than the average plastic pumps that are used for manual filling and emptying fat sacs. All you need to do it to put the pump in the water outside the boat. Then join the other end to the quick connect and plug it into the cigarette lighter plug. The fat sac will be filled within minutes and your boat will be ready to blast! When you are done, all you need to do is to fix the Tsunami Pump to the fat sac quick connect. Then, put the end of the hose outside your boat and plug it into the cigarette lighter plug. After this, push down on pump into the fat sac to create a prime. You will be amazed at the pace the Tsunami Pump will empty your fat sac! The fat sacs are also compatible with any pre-installed ballast system. This means that fat sacs can tie into these existing systems and be filled automatically along with the factory installed ballast systems.

Barefoot International Fat sacs have all these benefits, which make them ideal for maxing out your wake for wakeboarding and wakesurfing. So get a fat sac and experience a whole new world of adventure!

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