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Published on July 22, 2013

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IFLS156 (03) Advanced English Discussion - LIKE TALK GROUP PRESENTATION - Misconceptions about Health with the case of Fast Food Consumption

• Introduction : Health? • Cause : Marketing • Analysis : Fat & Natural - Case 1. Salad - Case 2. Sandwich - Case 3. Smoothie • Significance : Do You know What You Eat? CONTENTS

INTRODUCTION IFLS156 (03) Advanced English Discussion

What’s the definition of ‘HEALTH’?

CAUSE IFLS156 (03) Advanced English Discussion

‘Super Size Me’ (Morgan Spurlock) The film is meant to criticize the fast food industry, with a special focus on McDonald's. McDonald's are entitled to sell junk food in exactly the same way that chocolate or cream cake manufacturers do: if people want to buy it that's their decision. MCDONALD’S HAS NO INTEREST IN CONSUMER HEALTH McDonald's states that health is not only an issue of food but also of a balanced active lifestyle.

 Misleading labels (Ingredients, Made with, serving size)  Suggestive Science  Enticing Prices  Marketing to Children  Manipulative visibility  Marketing to parents HOW MARKETING DO THIS Strategy:

Since the concept of health itself is ambiguous Restrictions cannot be made toward advertising unhealthy foods.

ANALYSIS IFLS156 (03) Advanced English Discussion

Healthy means low fat? Many people think that healthy food is low-fat food - and vice versa - but this is actually not a valid equation. Natural means healthy? Just as a low-fat label does not automatically signal a healthy snack, neither does an "organic" or "natural" one. IFLS156 (03) Advanced English Discussion

Fat Fallacies A healthy diet means eating ‚low-fat‛ and ‚fat-free‛ food products. We don't need Fatin our diet

Items that are labeled "low fat" are also low-calorie options. Food manufacturers replace fat with things that could have in the same way many calories.

Food companies may replace trans fat with saturated fats, which could also raise the LDL (bad) cholesterol levels. Foods labeled "trans fat free" usually are healthy solutions. IFLS156 (03) Advanced English Discussion

Fallacy of the term ‚Natural ‛The term ‚natural‛ is so loosely defined by the government

Is Salad a healthy Food? Look at the salt, carb, and fat information to determine if any food choice is healthy.

Healthy trend Fast foods are now available in healthier alternatives "Making food fun and nutritious is the key"  Grilled veggie melt  Garden side salad  Apple dippers  Fruit bag  Milk IFLS156 (03) Advanced English Discussion McDonald's premium salads.

Fast refers to service, not food Fried (which makes them very high in fat) or served with toppings (like cheeses, sauces, and dressings) add lots of extra calories Use of added sodium (salt), added sugar, and refined grains (instead of whole grains)

410calories 170come from fat. 440calories 180come from fat It is McDonald's clever marketing that allows them to get away with selling a salad that is worse for your body than a large burger, but people eat it right up. IFLS156 (03) Advanced English Discussion McDonald's Quarter Pounder Southwest salad with crispy chicken Add creamy Caesar dressing extra 190calories. 410vs 630

Supermarket salads vs Big Mac and fries Smedleys Atlantic prawn marie rose salad, from Morrisons, contains 855calories and 66.3grams of fat. IFLS156 (03) Advanced English Discussion 550 calories 30grams of total fat 10grams of saturated fat Big Mac

Olive Garden [610 calories, 40 g of fat] Ruby Tuesdays [786 calories, 28 g of fat] Chili's (1,360 calories, 88 g of fat) Applebee's (850 calories, 42 g of fat). ‚Southwest" salad Crispy chicken Caesar salad IFLS156 (03) Advanced English Discussion 550 calories 30grams of total fat 10grams of saturated fat Big Mac IHOP [1440 calories, 78 g of fat] Cheesecake Factory [1,513 calories, 16 g of fat]

Applebee's offender at 1,290 calories, 81 g of fat. Chili's (920 calories, 63 g of fat) Buffalo chicken salads "Asian" grilled chicken salads IFLS156 (03) Advanced English Discussion 550 calories 30grams of total fat 10grams of saturated fat Big Mac

Wendy's (730 calories, 47 g of fat) On The Border (1,280 calories, 85 g of fat) Cheesecake Factory (1,130 calories, 15 g of saturated fat). Taco salad Cosi (652 calories, 52 g of fat) Panera (790 calories, 54 g of fat). Steak salad IFLS156 (03) Advanced English Discussion 550 calories 30grams of total fat 10grams of saturated fat Big Mac

Tuna, chicken, and egg salads Delis : 700 calories each Cobb salads TGI Friday's (590 calories, 36 g of fat) IFLS156 (03) Advanced English Discussion 550 calories 30grams of total fat 10grams of saturated fat Big Mac

Case : Subway SANDWICH

Nutritional Guideline for Daily Amount for optimum health in Adults

Subway: Eat Fresh (?)

Nutritional value recorded by Subway chart + average nutritional value of sauce + average nutritional value of cheese = Accurate nutritional value Calculating the correct nutritional value of Subway sandwiches The nutritional value (including calories and fat content) recorded on the charts excludes the content contributed from the sauces and cheese, which accounts for most of the calorie and fat content. Therefore, in order to get a more accurate nutritional value we need to add the average nutritional value contributed by the sauce and cheese. IFLS156 (03) Advanced English Discussion

How healthy are they in reality? Meet your Meat in Subway Subway has admitted sourcing its chicken and meat from ten different countries including Thailand, Uruguay, Germany, Denmark and the UK. The imported meat is frozen and can take at least a month to reach the UK. Subway confesses its ham contains pork rear-leg meat, water, salt, stabilisers, dextrose (sugar), lactose, smoke flavouring, preservative and antioxidant. Processed meat is too dangerous for human consumption. Studies have shown it may only take 1.8 ounces of processed meat (about half of what is in a typical 6 inch sub) daily to increase the likelihood of cancer by 50%, heart disease by 42% and diabetes by 19%. Subway says by ‘fresh’ it means that the sandwiches are freshly made in front of customer, not that the ingredients are fresh. Subway admits more than half of its customers go for the non-healthy options — yet it still claims to be the healthier fast-food chain.

The 9 grain wheat bread might look and smell freshly baked but it contains close to 50 ingredients including refined flours , dough conditioners, hidden MSG, refined sugars, etc. The breads include a chemical ingredient called azodicarbonamide, which is banned as a food additive in the U.K., Europe , and Australia Preservatives and even artificial colors are added to many of their ‚fresh‛ vegetable offerings – like the banana peppers an d pickles. The ingredients for the black olives unveiled a new additive ‚ferrous gluconate,‛ which is an iron based preservati ve that helps keep olives black. While the ‚6 grams or less‛ menu says the totals don’t include cheese or salad dressings, it is important to know that some of the cheeses offered at subway also have artificial colors, preservatives, and even cellulose that’s made from wood pulp. How healthy are they in reality? Beware of the bread in Subway

Jared Fogle: The Mascot of Subway’s Healthy Image Subway's marketing director expressed doubt that a fast food chain could successfully promote healthfulness as a marketing vehicle IFLS156 (03) Advanced English Discussion Since Fogle's advertising campaign began, Subway sales have more than doubled to $8.2 billion

IFLS156 (03) Advanced English Discussion ‘It is working towards further reductions in salt, new healthier bread options will be tested, the chain is working closely with suppliers to develop meat products with reduced fat and it will use posters in stores to communicate healthy lifestyle messages to customers.’ Advertising Claims "Eat Fresh"

Smoothie King: Be Good to Yourself (?)

What is ‚Turbinado sugar?‛ Produced from the first crystallization of the sugar cane. Based upon weight, unrefined brown cane sugar, when fully refined, yields about 70% white sugar. Brown sugar has a slightly lower caloric value by mass than white sugar due to the presence of water. 100 grams of brown sugar contains 373 calories, as opposed to 396 calories in white sugar. However, brown sugar packs more densely than white sugar due to the smaller crystal size and may have more calories when measured by volume NATURAL BROWN SUGAR IFLS156 (03) Advanced English Discussion

Does sugar type make a difference? The very deceiving organic brown sugar, is not all that different from white sugar There are only two natural, organic sugar alternatives that can truly be considered less harmful (in moderate amounts) – stevia and xylitol. Xylitol is a five-carbon sugar, which means that it is anti- microbial (prevents the growth of bacteria), whereas all other forms of sugar are six-carbon sugars, which cause bacterial and fungi overgrowth.

SUGAR CONTENT AND ITS EFFECTS ON HEALTH Increase your chances of developing type 2 diabetes Sugar-loaded drinks can lead to insulin resistance and inflammation excess sugars form triglycerides, which are then stored in fat cells. Insulin resistance may force the release of the stress hormones cortisol and GLP-1 when your blood sugar is particularly high, the extra sugars in your saliva and urine provide a perfect breeding ground for bacteria

* Sugar can decrease growth hormone (the key to staying youthful and lean) * Sugar feeds cancer * Sugar increases cholesterol * Sugar can weaken eyesight * Sugar can cause drowsiness and decreased activity in children * Sugar can interfere with the absorption of protein * Sugar causes food allergies * Sugar can contribute to eczema in children * Sugar can cause cardiovascular disease * Sugar can impair the structure of DNA * Sugar can cause hyperactivity, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, and crankiness in children * Sugar contributes to osteoporosisa More dangers of overdosing on sugar

SIGNIFICANCE IFLS156 (03) Advanced English Discussion

Theory of Healthy Relativity Why we want to believe that some fast food is healthy When we measure one food product that is inherently bad for you against another that we perceive as being worse, we choose the former with a certain self assurance that we have made a healthy choice.

Knowing what we eat is critical for our health, especially for children. So we should investigate all the misconceptions about food. We have right to know what we eat. Let’s be healthy!! Do you know what they are? Significance:


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