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Published on March 31, 2009

Author: arussica



The Free Lesson Fashion Design Course of Milan Fashion Campus .
Lezione Free Corso disegno di moda

MILAN FASHION CAMPUS® Professional Fashion Design Course NEW !!!! With Video Tutorials !!! Video: How to use the MFC rendering technique !! Video: How to make a Briefing –Trend directions - Season Key Words –S a o t n C lr … e s n r d oos e Video: How to plan a Collection - Season key items - K yF bis……. e ar c Milan Fashion Campus Milano 1 - Italy -

Your dream is now just a click away - may it be to become a fashion designer, with the Milan Fashion Campus Fashion Design Course You will not only improve your fashion taste and sensibility, but also open opportunities for a wonderful career in fashion World Business. Which are the job opportunities ? Career Opportunities •F s inI g C n utn a ho ma e o s l t a •F s inD sg e/ sitn D sg e a ho e in rA ssa t e in r •F s inMa a ieS yit a ho g zn tl s •F s inE te rn u a ho n rp e e r •F s inT P o rm S yit a ho v r g a tl s •F s inTe dF rc se a ho rn o e a tr •F s inJ u n l t a ho o r ai s •F s inI u tao a ho l srtr l •F s inP ro a s o p r a ho es n l h p e •F s inP oo rp yC o dn tr a ho h tg a h o r iao •F s inD sg e a ho e in r •F s inS yit a ho tl s •F s inC n a ho o sultant •P tenD sg e atr e in r •Quality Controller •P tenMa e atr kr •P o u t nS p r d ci u ervisor o The Creator Angelo Russica, a seasoned fashion guru who has more or less 20 years of experience in the fashion world, created the course with his aim of not only coming up with an Internet-based fashion design school that will teach the history, aesthetics, and skills required of Italy's fashion, but extending the Italian fashion sense to the world as well. With more than 15 years of collaborative experience as a creative assistant to different companies like - Versace assistant for 5 years – Angelo Russica at Work Gruppo Max Mara, Marzotto, Miroglio Vestebene in Italy; Induyco and El Corte Ingles in Spain; and Fujii, Chori, King Company, and World Company in Japan, Russica was able to talk to numerous young students from an array of famous fashion design schools who complain about having spent lots of money on more or less three years of study, only to find out in the end, that it is hard to find a job and almost impossible to make a name. This is also one reason why Russica developed the first online fashion design school in Italy –he wants Milan Fashion Campus to give many aspiring fashion students a chance to learn about the wonders of Italian fashion without having to spend so much. 2

“ L NF S I NC MP S ” h pe N1 F c MIA A HO A U ® C a tr .: a e The Eye Example: details of eyes drawn inside a structure Observe the Eye on the left site Exercise :  Complete the picture (See the example above) 3

“ L NF S I NC MP S ” h pe N1 F c MIA A HO A U ® C a tr .: a e Special TIP ! The Eye See the Video Tutorial Click on the Link !! Clicca sul Link ! Vedi il Video Clique no link! Veja o Vídeo ‫ﻧﺮﺍﻔﺪﻮﺍﺮﺍﻂﻋﻰ ﺿﻂ‬ ‫ﺍﻈ ﻟﻴﻳ‬ ‫ﻟﻭﺑ ﻠ ﺍﻐ‬ のリンクをクリックしてみよう!ビデオを参照してくださ い Exercise: • h d o th E e S a e u te y s (Have a look to the Video Lesson, Use the shade out technique coloration) 4

“ L NF S I NC MP S ” h pe N2 : h Is i t n MIA A HO A U ® C a tr .0 T e n p ai s ro The Street Exercise:3  Copy the pictures of this page; draw them on the whole body base.  Now take a photographic camera, find an interesting position in your city, take some pictures of the people that are fashionable. (Of course ask for the permission to make pictures)  From the pictures that you have done, choose those the one you like most, draw them. 5

“ L NF S I NC MP S ” h pe N2 : h Is i t n MIA A HO A U ® C a tr .0 T e n p ai s ro Use this base to make the Exercise N: 3 6

“ L NF S I NC MP S ” h pe N2 : h Mak t e e rh MIA A HO A U ® C a tr .1 T e re R s ac As previously seen, every input can be a source of inspiration, for a personalized original and development. In this case the idea of the Volant, as you can see in the following page has been developed on a shirt and a dress. 7

“ L NF S I NC MP S ” h pe N2 : h Mak t e e rh MIA A HO A U ® C a tr .1 T e re R s ac Blouse with Volant Exercise: 4  Use this Volant inspiration, draw 3 new solutions  ·Analyse some fashion magazines pick out 10 new Dress with asymmetrical solutions and draw them. Volant  Inspiration comes from your accurate Market Research, you have to be able to identify the new details for example, embroideries - cuts - new pockets - stitches - new fs n g ……. at i s en 8

“ L NF S I NC MP S ” h pe N.25: The Coloration Technique MIA A HO A U ® C a tr Artistic rendering technique - take few minutes, analyse all steps all steps of the rendering technique …………. or …. reL s o . Sr y Fe e s n . discover more in the complete course This is only one example of the Coloration Technique Section ! 9

Exercise: Use colored pencils colour & shade Out - the design on your left site 10

“ L NF S I NC MP S ” h pe N1 : h C e ti MIA A HO A U ® C a tr .8 T e rait vy Exercise:  Draw your version of your Siren  Use the full body Template This is only one example of the Creativity Section ! 11

“ L NF S I NC MP S ” h MIA A HO A U ® C apter N.26: Collection Briefing Collection Briefing In this section you will see how to plan a collection, 1. You have to plan a general key word of the collection 2. You have to plan a general color card divided in the 4 themes 3. You have to identify with a name every single theme 4. Dividing the collections in the different seasons: spring - summer autumn –winter 5. You have to divide the collections for different product, different volumes 6. You have to divide the collections also for the different fabrics that will be used through the different climatic temperatures of each season. This Section is combined with a Video Lesson ! Sorry the Video Lesson is not available with the Free Tutorial !! 12

“ L NF S I NC MP S ” h MIA A HO A U ® C apter N.26: Collection Briefing Analysis of a Collection Fashion Briefing Which are the Key Points of a Briefing Season Key Word Concept –Mood of each Theme Main Colours Accent Colours Fabric - Knit - Print inspiration Key Items Key Volumes –Silhouette Accessories Workmanship 13

“ L NF S I NC MP S ” h MIA A HO A U ® C apter N.26: Collection Briefing Theme Mood Direction Files Theme –Mood Direction Files & Illustration 14

MILAN FASHION CAMPUS® Complete Course Program The sections of the complete course Le sezioni del corso completo

MILAN FASHION CAMPUS® On-line Courses Learn how to create a Fashion Figure Templates Book ! Learn how to create the Face drawing is vital for Handbag Collection ! The E-book contains 50 postures! Celebrity Oscar Fashion Style ! Fashion Designers, because.. Corsi disponibili On-line - Cursos disponibles On-line - Cursos disponíveis On-line Professional Video Fashion Lesson Discover The Italian Fashion Improve your Fashion Design Learn to Design Men's for your professional growth - Rendering Technique Fashion at Professional level ! System Complete Fashion Designer Course ! Now with Video Lesson ! Video lesson! How to make a Body figure Template Video lesson ! The Milan Fashion Campus coloration Technique Video lesson! How to shade out with a Crayon Video Lesson ! Collection Briefing Video Lesson ! Collection Planning This unique fashion design course gives you the opportunity to keep in touch with Italian Fashion Design Learning Methods. The On-Line intensive fashion design course aims to produce highly skilled professionals for the challenges associated with fashion designers of the future. The individual lessons build upon each other so that the student can easily follow the whole course. The lessons require being active; they show how to analyze the market, how to find sources of information and how to get inspiration. The student will learn what professional fashion designers do and how they do it. Take a look on the streets, look at the fashion story, look at the world of music, look at the opinion leaders. This On-line fashion design course has 7 Sections- 27 Chapters - more then 200 Pages and more then 250 Exercises, 5 Video Lesson, which guide the student from the first sketch to the Fashion Show.

MILAN FASHION CAMPUS® They Talk about Us !! Parlano di Noi !!

MILAN FASHION CAMPUS® Milan Fashion Campus “ World Italian most professional On-line the Fashion Design C us “ o re During his years in fashion, Angelo picked up many complaints from young people who frequented famous fashion schools. Unfortunately the students realized that after years of study, they had just spent a lot of money, but found no place to work. Often graduates did not even have the possibility to make a stage. This is the reason why this course has been created. Milan Fashion Campus gives young people the possibility to learn about the world of fashion without spending a fortune Money back if you find a similar or better online fashion design course !! Perché questo corso ? Usare Internet per df n eel s ein aacquisita durante 25 an i i tv à…. io d r ’ p r z f e e n d at i it Il creatore di questo corso quot;Angelo Russicaquot; ha più di 20 anni di esperienza nel mondo della moda. Durante tutti questi anni Angelo ha raccolto molte lamentele da parte di giovani che hanno frequentato scuole di moda famose. Gli studenti dovevano sfortunatamente rendersi conto che dopo anni di studio avevano speso molti soldi, per ritrovarsi con un pezzo di carta in mano, senza nemmeno avere avuto la possibilità di fare uno stage Questo è il motivo dell' esistenza di questo corso! Dare ai giovani la possibilità di avvicinarsi al mondo della moda, senza spendere delle cifre assurde.

Your Summer Fashion Design Course 2009 in Milano ? Course Frequency 100 hours + final exam day (morning & afternoon) 50 hours + of final exam (either morning or afternoon) Duration 3 hours lesson Classes are held Monday through Thursday. Morning: 9:00 / 12:00 afternoon section: 14: / 17:00 DATE Summer Course June: 1-26 of June DATE July Summer Course: 6-30 July Enrollment COST: EURO 400 COURSE COST: 100 hours - EURO 1400 (thousand four hundred –euro ) COURSE COST: 50 hours - EURO 800 (eight hundred) Language: Italian, English, Spanish Corsi Estivi 2009 Frequenza corsi 100 ore + girono di esame finale ( mattina & pomeriggio ) 50 ore + Giorno di esame finale ( a scelta mattina o pomeriggio ) Durata lezione 3 ore Classi si svolgono da Lunedì a Giovedi. Mattina : 9:00 /12:00 Ppomeriggio sezione: 14: / 17:00 DATE Corso Estivo Giugno: dal 1 al 26 di Giugno DATE Corso Estivo Luglio: dal 6 al 30 di Luglio COSTO ISCRIZIONE: EURO 400 COSTO CORSO:100 ore - EURO 1.400 (millequatrocento ) COSTO CORSO:50 ore - EURO 800,00 (ottocento) Job opportunity Milan Fashion Campus Is looking for Translators for our main course the following languages from English to Portuguese from English to Arab from English to Chinese from English to Spanish from English to Russian Ask for more info Via Broggi 7 - 20129 Milano ITALY Tel.0039.02.26822730 Mail :

The Course This one of a kind fashion design course provides students with the opportunity to be professionally in touch with Italy's Fashion Design Learning Method. The intensive online fashion design course of Milan Fashion Campus also serves as a venue for the realization of dreams –may it be to become a professional figure or the famous designer of the future. The lessons are sequenced in such a way that the students can easily follow them. The course requires active student participation since lessons are geared toward teaching learners how to do market analysis, how to locate valuable sources of information, and how to discover inspiration. Students of Milan Fashion Course will also learn the tricks of the trade, just like what professional fashion designers do: examining the streets, examining fashion stories, examining the music world, and examining the opinion of fashion leaders. The Milan Fashion Campus Online Fashion Design Course, which can be downloaded through, has seven sections, 27 chapters, almost 250 pages, and more than 220 exercises that will serve as guidance for students from their first sketch to their first fashion show. The course also gives a chance to students to specialize on different areas, like celebrity and men fashion design, handbag design, colour and rendering technique, and fashion figure template. One may buy the course chapter per chapter, too, especially if you just want to try out the course first. The course is in English and downloadable once you have paid the amount stated in, may it be through Paypal or money transfer. This also means that you may start with the course anytime you want. For more information regarding fees and FAQ's, just visit You will not only improve your fashion taste and sensibility, but also open opportunities for a wonderful career in fashion. How to download ? Once you by credit card you have to login with your mail & password –go to download area click on the documents purchased –the download begins ! Download by Bank Transfer after Milan Fashion Campus mail confirmation use the same procedure to download your Course.

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