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Information about Farringdon AM - Press Release

Published on October 10, 2016

Author: DuncanCameron6

Source: slideshare.net

1. Farringdon Asset Management is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a Capital and Market Service Licence by the Monetary Authority of Singapore on Friday the 7th of October. Farringdon Asset Management (FAM) is an associate office of Farringdon Group, which was set up in Kuala Lumpur in 2007. FAM is headed by Martin Young who was one of the founders of Farringdon Group. The company will mainly focus on providing expatriate clients with discretionary portfolio management services, both through personal portfolios bonds and private banking platforms. Martin Young, FAM’s CEO said the following “We have studied the Singapore regulatory regime for some time now and as such have decided to set the company up as an Asset Manager rather than a Financial Adviser. The Singapore FA market is heavily focused on long-term contractual insurance plans and historically Farringdon Group has generated less than 10% of its revenue from such policies. The company has always focused on providing discretionary portfolio services, for single premium investments and felt that in Singapore that asset management license was a better fit for our business model. We see a lot of potential in Singapore, as there are no other company’s able to offer the kinds of services that we do in the expatriate space. As a financial hub we find Singapore investors are quite sophisticated and tend to shy away from the traditional IFA model, which is based on portfolios of managed funds. We prefer a more bespoke offering, which is based on investing into direct securities.” Stuart Yeomans the Marketing Director also commented by saying; “We also have a number of big announcements in the coming few months, which will certainly shake up the investment sector throughout Asia and we believe that our business model will be pioneering a few new ideas that the market has not yet seen, but sorely needs! It will be interesting to see how other firms react when we come to market with our new strategies and offer advice in a unique and lower cost format” Please follow the links to some exclusive strategies: Farringdon - Large Cap Master Select Portfolio Factsheet Farringdon - Master Selective - Balanced/Cautious Portfolio Factsheet Farringdon - Master Selective - Aggressive Portfolio Factsheet Farringdon - Master Selective - Balanced/Aggressive Portfolio Factsheet Farringdon - Master Selective Balanced Portfolio Factsheet Farringdon - Master Selective Cautious Portfolio Factsheet If you would like to speak with our Directors of Analysts please contact me directly at dcameron@farringdongroup.com

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