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Published on March 7, 2016

Author: FarnoushGhaheri

Source: slideshare.net

1. + Using video In Action Research Presented By: Farnoush Ghaheri March 6, 2016

2. + Action Research Definition  Action research is a type of research that contributes on practicality aspect for solving problematic situation. In another word, Action research is learning by doing several steps, such as: planning and identifying problems, take an action to solve them, observing and analyzing the process, and in the end reflect and evaluate implemented plan, and try again if the result is not satisfying. Action research Also Known as:  Participatory Research  Collaborative Inquiry  Emancipatory Research  Action Learning

3. + Process of Action Research Planning Acting Observing Evaluating Revising Identify problem Collect & analyze data If not satisfied

4. + Action research is & isn't about… Action research is about:  Citizen of a community  Inside Goals that determined by community  Seeking for improvement  Looking to alteration  And asking questions Action Research is not about :  Having Scientists working in a laboratory  Spending many hours researching in the library  Writing the notes that could fill a book

5. + Video Technology for Action Research  Video as Tool for Observation and Analysis  For Research  For Documentation  Video Used for Feedback  Performance assessment feedback  Interactional assessment feedback  Situational assessment feedback Video Use in Plan Evaluation

6. + Advantages of using Video in Action Research Enhance Analysis Create Essential data Video As a observation tool As Tool for Planning Development As Tool for Observation and Analysis Enhance Personal development Increase Self-Reflection Video Video Recording

7. + Significant use of Video in Action Research Video • Can enhance Reflection By • producing more informed critique Among group Members That • increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the process

8. + Case Study Using video as an action research tool in the New Teacher Center (NTC) In 2012, New Teacher Center in U.S. has proposed new strategies, in order to improve teacher effectiveness and student learning. One of the most important component of proposal was about using the video as an action research tool in the schools. The mentioned benefits of using video observation in the schools was:  Allowing more flexibility to mentors and new teachers  provides immediate feedback  observe real teaching and learning environment  Assessing teaching capabilities of new teachers

9. + Discussion …  What are the merits of using video in plan evaluation?  It can provide immediate feedback  What more ??? Video can enhance reflection by producing more informed critique Among group Members, therefor it will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the process, but:  what are the difficulties it may cause?  Conflict among group members  What else ??? ?!? ?!?

10. + References  O’Brien, R. (1998). An overview of the methodological approach of action research. Faculty of Information Studies, University of Toronto.  Rosenstein, B. (2002). Video use in social science research and program evaluation. International Journal of Qualitative Methods, 1(3), 22-43.  Gutberlet, J. (2008). Empowering collective recycling initiatives: Video documentation and action research with a recycling co-op in Brazil. Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 52(4), 659-670.  Brydon-Miller, M., Greenwood, D., & Maguire, P. (2003). Why action research?. Action research, 1(1), 9-28.  Lewin, K. (1946). Action research and minority problems. Journal of social issues, 2(4), 34-46.  New Teacher Center. (2012). Improving Teacher Effectiveness and Student Learning Through Comprehensive Induction. Retrieved March 05, 2016, from https://www2.ed.gov/programs/innovation/2015scale/newteachernarr.pdf  Clark, K. T. (n.d.). USING VIDEO FOR ACTION RESEARCH. Retrieved March 05, 2016, from https://www.teachscape.com/.../usingvideoforactionresearch.pdf

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