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Published on October 31, 2007

Author: Techy_Guy

Source: authorstream.com

Far Away Places; Strange-Sounding Names:  Far Away Places; Strange-Sounding Names An Introduction to Ancient Civilizations Lets Preview::  Lets Preview: Some Places We Will Visit Some Things We Will See Some People We Will Meet Ancient Mesopotamia:  Ancient Mesopotamia Mesopotamia mean “land between the rivers.” What are the names of these two rivers? Tigris and Euphrates More Mesopotamia:  More Mesopotamia This “mountain in the desert” Was built by King Nebuchadnezzar To soothe his wife’s homesickness What was it? Hanging Gardens Much More Mesopotamia:  Much More Mesopotamia This king Issued laws Based on the concept of “An eye for an eye. . .” His name was? Hammurabi Ancient Egypt:  Ancient Egypt The three great pyramids still exist After 45 centuries The are located at a place called? Giza More Egypt:  More Egypt This monument Had the body of a lion The head of a king It was called the? Sphinx Much More Egypt:  Much More Egypt This woman pharaoh Ruled while wearing a false beard As a symbol of her authority Her name was? Hatshepsut Ancient Greece:  Ancient Greece This ancient Greek city Was a center of Learning, culture and beauty Its name was ? Athens More Greece:  More Greece This temple Built to honor the goddess Athena Was located on the Acropolis Its name was ? Parthenon Much More Greece:  Much More Greece This great military leader Conquered a large empire Died at age 33 His name was ? Alexander the Great Ancient Rome:  Ancient Rome This area of ancient Rome Had temples, palaces, And government buildings It was called the ? Forum More Rome:  More Rome Roman society Was divided into two groups The wealthy, upper class And the common and poor These were called ? Patricians and Plebeians Much More Rome:  Much More Rome This military leader Summarized his conquest of Gaul With three phrases: “I came, I saw, I conquered” His name was ? Julius Caesar And Much, Much, More:  And Much, Much, More End of the Preview:  End of the Preview

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