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Information about FAQ's Digital Footprint | Antivirus Tech Support

Published on January 23, 2018

Author: antivirussupport247

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Slide1: BITDEFENDER ANTIVIRUS TECHNICAL SUPPORT CANADA ** AVAILABILE SERVICES 24/7 ** 1-888-479-2017 TOLL FREE Slide2: HOW TO MINIMIZE YOUR DIGITAL FOOTPRINT 1-888-479-2017 TOLL FREE Slide3: HOW CAN I ENSURE THAT NO HACKER IS ABLE TO GET ACCESS TO MY DIGITAL FOOTPRINTS? The  Bitdefender Antivirus Customer Support  has come up with a list of tools that can help secure your online presence. Kindly choose any of these applications to ensure total online privacy. www.antivirussupportcanada.com/bitdefender-technical-support.html CONTACT : +1-888-479-2017 TOLL FREE Slide4: ANTI-TRACKING TOOLS Every time you are visiting a website, whether it is Facebook or Instagram; your data is at the risk of being tracked. Connect with Bitdefender Technical experts to know the best tool to catch these companies and individuals from hacking your data without your permission. www.antivirussupportcanada.com/bitdefender-technical-support.html +1-888-479-2017 TOLL FREE Slide5: PRIVACY SEARCH Whenever you search for any piece of information on Google, Yahoo, Bing ; your IP address and other personal data is being tracked by cybercriminals. We at the Bitdefender Technical Support recommend that you install the best privacy search engine where you can search what you want and remain anonymous. www.antivirussupportcanada.com/bitdefender-technical-support.html CONTACT : +1-888-479-2017 TOLL FREE Slide6: WEBSITE ENCRYPTION TOOLS THE BEST WAY TO SURF THE INTERNET IS TO VISIT WEBSITES THAT HAS AN HTTPS LINKED TO ITS ADDRESS. AN EFFECTIVE WEBSITE ENCRYPTION TOOL REROUTES THE WEBSITE FROM HTTP TO HTTPS AND PROVIDE A MORE SECURED CONNECTION TO THE USERS. WE AT THE BITDEFENDER CUSTOMER SUPPORT ARE HERE TO OFFER YOU THE BEST TOOLS FOR KEEPING YOUR ONLINE PRIVACY MAINTAINED. www.antivirussupportcanada.com/bitdefender-technical-support.html +1-888-479-2017 TOLL FREE Slide7: VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK Having a VPN installed on your system provides you an edge over other internet lovers. You can anonymously exchange emails, download files from public networks without making your computer’s IP address visible to others. Connect with the highly skilled Bitdefender Technical Support to get the best assistance to keep your online presence a secret. www.antivirussupportcanada.com/bitdefender-technical-support.html +1-888-479-2017 TOLL FREE Slide8: BITDEFENDER TECHNICAL SUPPORT NIGHT DAY AVAILABLE 24 X 7 YOU CAN EASILY CONNECT WITH THE HIGHLY SKILLED AND TRAINED BITDEFENDER ANTIVIRUS CUSTOMER SUPPORT www.antivirussupportcanada.com/bitdefender-technical-support.html +1-888-479-2017 TOLL FREE

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