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Published on May 17, 2009

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Slide 1: 1 FAMOUS MATHEMATICIANS Slide 2: CHARLES BABBAGE Slide 3: 3 Father of modern computers English mathematician First step towards the automatic computers in 1823. He gave the models of two mechanical computers : Difference Engine and Analytical Engine. CHARLES BABBAGE Slide 4: THALES Slide 5: 5 Greek philosopher who studied Mathematics. Measured the height of a pyramid using similarity. Predicted the date of an eclipse of the sun. Lived during 640 – 546 B.C. THALES Slide 6: 6 EUCLID Slide 7: 7 Greek Mathematician lived in Alexandria. Famous for geometry. Born in 300 B.C. Wrote 13 volumes on geometry. EUCLID Slide 8: 8 PYTHAGORAS Slide 9: 9 Philosopher who studied Mathematics. Lived during 580 – 500B.C. He is famous because of the theorem named after him. PYTHAGORAS Slide 10: 10 NICOLAUS COPERNICUS Slide 11: 11 Famous astronomer, mathematician and physicist. Born in Poland. Lived during 1473 – 1543. Primary founder of modern astronomy. Told the earth revolves around the sun. NICOLAUS COPERNICUS Slide 12: 12 ARCHIMEDES Slide 13: 13 Famous Greek physicist and mathematician. Lived during 287 – 212 B.C. Made discoveries in geometry, hydro statistics and mechanics. Invented the principle of lever and gave the concept of density. ARCHIMEDES Slide 14: 14 GALILEO Slide 15: 15 Famous mathematician, physicist and astronomer. Lived during 1564 – 1642. He revolutionized scientific thought and prepared the ground for Newton. GALILEO Slide 16: 16 RENE DESCARTES Slide 17: 17 French mathematician. Lived during 1596 – 1650. Discoverer of Analytical geometry. Founder of the science of optics. RENE DESCARTES Slide 18: 18 LEIBNITZ Slide 19: 19 German Mathematician. Lived during 1646 – 1716. Formulated basic ideas of calculus. Invented a symbolic mathematical Logic. LEIBNITZ Slide 20: 20 BLAISE PASCAL Slide 21: 21 French mathematician. Lived during 1623 – 1662. He discovered that the sum of interior angles of a triangle is 180? Contributed to the development of calculus and probability theory. BLAISE PASCAL Slide 22: 22 NEWTON Slide 23: 23 Famous mathematician and physicist of England. Lived during 1642 – 1727. Discovered laws of gravity. Developed theories about natural forces, motion and light. Invented reflecting telescope. NEWTON Slide 24: 24 INO TADATAKA Slide 25: 25 Japanese mathematician. Lived during 1745 – 1818. His contribution was to the making of the map of his whole country. INO TADATAKA Slide 26: 26 JOHN GAUSS Slide 27: 27 Famous German mathematician. Lived during 1777 – 1855. Contributed a lot in the fields of astronomy and surveying. Worked on theory of numbers. Worked on non-euclidian geometry. Worked on electric and magnetic theory. JOHN GAUSS Slide 28: 28 S.N.BOSE Slide 29: 29 Indian mathematician. Declared as national professor in 1958. Developed Bose-Einstein statistics. He was elected as Fellow of Royal Society of London. He was awarded Padma Vibhushan. S.N.BOSE Slide 30: 30 SRINIVASAN RAMANUJAN Slide 31: 31 Famous Indian mathematician. Lived during 1887 – 1920. Famous by his Theory of Numbers. He worked with great mathematician G.H. Hardy at Cambridge University. SRINIVASAN RAMANUJAN Slide 32: 32 MAHALANOBIS P.C Slide 33: 33 Famous Indian statistician. Lived during 1893 – 1972. Invented Mahalanobis distance and Fractile graphical analysis. Founder of Indian Statistical Institute in Calcutta. He was elected as FRS in 1945. MAHALANOBIS.P.C. Slide 34: 34 D.R.KAPREKAR Slide 35: 35 Famous mathematician of India. Born on Jan. 17, 1905. He discovered Kaprekar Constant in 1976. Kaprekar constant is 6174. D.R.KAPREKAR Slide 36: 36 C.S.SESHADRI Slide 37: 37 Indian Mathematician. He is distinguished for his valuable contribution to algebraic geometry, vector bundles, moduli problems and algebraic varieties. He was elected as FRS. C.S.SESHADRI Slide 38: 38 C.R.RAO Slide 39: 39 Indian mathematician. He is famous for his contributions in the areas of statistical theory and applications including characterization of probability diatributions, matrix algebra and analysis of diversity. He was elected as FRS. C.R.RAO

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