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Information about Family in the UK

Published on September 12, 2011

Author: Nguvananh_07b


Family in the U.K: Family in the U.K Slide 2: Marriage Divorce Family in the U.K Marriage: Marriage The wedding Where? A church, chapel or registry office Slide 4: Marriage The bride’s parents organize the wedding ceremony and the reception. The bride’s parents usually pay the bill for all the celebrations. Slide 5: Marriage Nuclear family Source : by ONS, PFMA, Sheffield University in 2009 Slide 6: Children Marriage Slide 7: Parents have become more indulgent to their children in every way Serious misbehaviour, including vandalism, by young children, increased then times over in twenty years, and is often blamed on weak parental control. Children Marriage Slide 8: Family visiting People do not visit members of the family as often as they once used to. Families have been getting smaller since World War 1. there are not so may aunts, uncles and cousins to visit in any case. People move away from home in search of work ; Marriage Slide 9: Marriage Family holidays Being at British resorts or going abroad. A camping holiday Slide 10: Spain is a popular holiday country with the British, both in, summer and in winter. it costs the same amount to go to Spain for the month of February as it does to stay in Britain and pay the bills for heating the house.. Marriage Slide 11: Marriage Marriage rate National statistics 2006 Divorce: Divorce Until 1971 divorce was obtainable without much difficulty on the ground of ‘matrimonial offence’, but then a new law allowed divorce by agreement, defined as ‘irretrievable breakdown of marriage’. Relate : When married people have difficulties they may ask for help and advice from the unpaid consellors of a private organisation, the former Marriage Guidance Council, Slide 13: Divorce The divorce rate doubled in ten years, The highest in any Western European country. About a third of all marriages end in divorce, and a much smaller number in legal separation Slide 14: The legal costs are often funded from the legal aid system, paid out of tax revenue. The father to pay a weekly allowance to the mother Divorce Slide 15: One-parent families . A one-parent family may be headed by a divorced father or mother, by a widow or widower, by a married woman separated from her husband, Or it may be headed by an unmarried mother Divorce

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